"Forbidden Love Affair"

A Contest of Hidden Desires

Penname: teacupsNmints

One Shot Title: Open-Door Policy

Pairing: Bella & Edward

POV: Bella

Rating: M

Theme: Adultery

Word Count: 7156

Summary or Description: Bella and Emmett were high school sweethearts. Five years later they are married and Bella considers herself content. When Emmett's brother Edward comes to stay with them, he's not the same misfit Bella remembers from high school.

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Disclaimer: Twilight and all Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I just like to bring them out to play occasionally!

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" I have a kind and beautiful heart therefore I deserve a happy life."

I repeated that mantra daily. If only I could believe it. Don't get me wrong. I've never purposely allowed myself to make a poor choice ever---not once. I was a good girl for my parents. I studied and made above average grades in high school. I got a scholarship to a state college and became a teacher. I even recently married my high school sweetheart. All just like my parents always wanted. Yep, I always made the good choices. Unfortunately none of them were ever my choices. I had lived my entire life, free of risks and satisfying everybody else. Just once I'd like to do something random---something irrational---something totally unplanned.

But here I sit every morning and every night, looking at my own face in the mirror, repeating a positive growth statement that I could never even believe.

Emmett and I had been together since my junior year at Forks High. He was a year ahead of me. My mom's best friend introduced us. I remember her exact words--- "Bella, I have picked out the perfect boy for you." And that she did. Or at least that's what I convinced myself. The truth was, how could I deserve a happy life if I am a coward without even the balls to choose my own husband.

Don't get me wrong. Emmett is a great guy and I was crazy for him when we met. Who wouldn't be---he was quarterback of our football team and Washington's High School State Champ in wrestling. He was every girl's dream and I was every girl's envy. It didn't exactly help me to become well-liked. I had few girl friends in high school. They usually only came around if they thought I could get their foot in the door with some other jock from the team.

I'm just lucky to have my cousin, Alice. She's always been quirky, but she's honest, loyal, and she's like an old soul---with uncanny insight into pretty much everything. She and I are still really close. We get together at least once a week for girl talk. I may need to increase it to 2 or 3 times a week.

Tonight, Emmett and I are getting a house guest. Or rather, we're getting a freeloader since I don't exactly know how long he's staying and he will be living with us rent free. Emmett's younger brother Edward needs a place to stay. I am not exactly looking forward to it.

Emmett and I have been together for 5 years, and I've never actually had a conversation with Edward. And he and I were in the same graduating class. In fact, I don't recall ever hearing the guy say more than maybe a one or two word response---and that is only if a question was directed to him specifically. I haven't even seem him since graduation which was right before he left to attend college in London.

And this is another one of those times that I allowed a decision to be made for me, regardless of what I really want. I am such a coward.

The conversation went something like this.

Emmett- Bella, is it okay with you if Edward stays with us a while when he returns to the states after graduation?

Me - Can't he stay with your folks?

Emmett - He could have, but I already told him he could stay here.

Me - Okay.

Pathetic, I know. It wouldn't be so bad if Edward were personable. But, he's actually kind of creepy. In high school he was very tall and thin and pale. He never, ever smiled. And he always looked like he'd just eaten a meal of bad fish or something. He wore this black Salvation Army trench coat with the collar up every single day, regardless of the weather. Granted it's usually raining, and never exactly hot in Forks, but this guy would wear his trench coat to the beach in July---if he were the type of guy to actually go out---in public---in the daylight---with real people around. He was definitely a loner. I'd see him sitting at an empty table during lunch, watching the goings on of every other student in the school with dark, haunted eyes. And in the mornings before school , everyday he'd stand alone under the stairs , ear buds in, fingering the strings of an invisible guitar. Edweird---that's what the kids all called him. And honestly, I'm a little freaked out about him staying here, in my home.

I looked at the clock as I heard Emmett's car pull into the drive. Perfect timing, of course. Emmett's mom had emailed me the recipe for Edward's favorite casserole earlier that day. She even told me which casserole dish from the set she bought us for a wedding gift would be perfect to cook it in. And the buzzer dinged as I heard the car doors shut. Perfect.

"Hey Babe! Come say hi. You've got to hear the accent on this guy now."

I headed into the foyer anxious to hear Edward's new accent, even though I had absolutely no recollection of what his voice had sounded like in the first place. I extended my hand.

"Hello Edward. It's so nice to…" Holy crap! He hugged me.

Not a huge bear hug like Emmett was known for, but his hands did touch my shoulders and he did lean in a little. Wow! Maybe London was good for him. "It's so nice to have you here."

"Thank you, Bella. I appreciate your hospitality and that you are willing to share your home for a bit." Wow. My heartbeat sped up just for a second. And I thought I might have to manually close my mouth. Emmett was right. Edward's new accent was something alright. Definitely an improvement over the old one---whatever it was.

I smiled at my brother in law and suggested he drop his bags in the guest room and then join us in the dining room for dinner.

Emmett was so excited to have his little brother home. He was like an over grown child, doting and carrying on. He was so proud. I liked seeing that excitement in Emmett. Things had been getting pretty bland around our house and I welcomed the change.

As Edward entered the dining room, his eyes became wide and he noticed immediately that I'd made his favorite casserole, for which he thanked me repeatedly. He even said that mine tasted better than his mom's. Edward spoke quite a bit during dinner. He filled us in on all the sites he'd taken in while abroad. He shared stories about how kind the people were to him there. As I watched him speak, my eyes kept moving to the area around his jaw,. I'd never noticed what a strong jaw Edward had before. Probably because it had always been covered by the collar of that stupid trench coat. He had a beautiful jaw that definitely warranted displaying.

One thing however, had not changed that I'd noticed. Edward had still not smiled. He spoke with happiness in his voice, but I'd yet to see real happiness or excitement on his face.

I headed up to bed early, after cleaning up the kitchen. I figured I'd allow the boys some time alone to just be themselves without having to worry about including or respecting me.

As I watched 20/20 upstairs in bed, I could hear Emmett's voice becoming louder and louder. That meant one thing. They were drinking beer. And that meant one thing. Emmett would be up here later and he'd be horny.

I sighed a long sigh. Lately, sex had been the furthest thing from my mind. Now Emmett was a considerate lover. He wanted very much to please me. Actually, he wanted too much to please me. It was as if the entire object of the activity was to see how well or with what intensity he could get me off. Not that that is such a terrible thing. But it was the jock in him---his competitive nature---it was like he was always trying to beat his old score or something. I'm sure he thought he was being caring and considerate. But it put tremendous pressure on me---and it hindered the process---if you know what I mean. If I didn't have what at least appeared to be an orgasm every time---he'd insist on going the distance until he thought I did. It seemed to have become more about him and his success than it was about me.

I must have dosed off because I didn't realize Emmett had come in until I felt his hand rubbing circles on the inside of my thigh. Oh boy, here we go.

"Hey babe, are you asleep?"

What the hell does he think I'm doing here with my eyes closed?

"Mmm. Well, that's good, because I plan to make you very happy."

I could hear the honest sincerity in his voice, even if it was a little slurred.

I laid there as my husband's hands moved straight up into my middle. No point in wasting time with all my other body parts. I felt his thumb move in slow circles around my clit. I liked this part. If only he'd stay there longer. He placed gentle kisses on my shoulder and I did like the way his warm breath felt as it made the fine baby hairs at the base of my head tickle my neck. I was actually feeling kind of turned on--- something I'd not felt in a quite a while. Emmett's other hand cupped my breast and I gasped just a little as he squeezed my nipple between his fingers. His fingers, moving softly and steadily around my source of all arousal, was causing my hips to stir some. This provoked my husband to speed up his pace just a little, still breathing hard on my neck. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and let out a quiet little moan.

The next thing I knew his thumb is suddenly deep inside of me going the distance, or trying to. I wanted to shout "Too fast, slow back down"---but I wouldn't ever want to hurt his feelings---so I just went with it. I continued moaning, apparently rather convincingly. That was all Emmett needed. I could already feel his rock hard erection thumping into my belly. He tore off his pants, positioned his body on top of mine, and slipped himself into me.

"Come on baby" he said "I want to feel you tighten around me cuz it feels so good."

I was in trouble. I could fake the noise, but I couldn't fake that.

All of a sudden, I noticed from over Emmett's shoulder that he'd left the bedroom door open and standing right in the doorway, leaning against the frame was Edward Cullen.

I gasped and Emmett must have taken that as encouragement.

"That's right baby, just keep going--we're almost there---we can do this."

I can't imagine the horror Edward must have seen on my face. But nonetheless, he wasn't bothered by it, nor did he move. In effect, he looked straight into my eyes with the most soothing expression. He just stood there and continued watching us. At first I was horrified, appalled. But once he had captured me within his gaze, I was actually---aroused. My heart was racing. The pace of my breathing increased.

Emmett panted "Did I find a good spot?"

Just then, Edward Cullen still glued to my eyes, stretched his arms high grasping each side of the door frame and leaned his head so that it rested on his arm. His nonchalance seemed to excited me even more and I heard a loud gasp escape my lips.

Emmett moaned "Bella, I've never heard you so excited!"

That did it. Upon hearing those words, the corners of Edward Cullen's mouth traveled north and he smiled the cockiest little crooked smile. Something inside me exploded. It was like nothing I'd ever felt. It was so hot I shivered. I was no longer in control of anything. My hips were bucking, my legs were trembling. My fists were balled into the sheets. Gasps and moans and "Oh God!" coming from my lips. All the while, my eyes locked in the sparkling green of Edward Cullen's, as he stood there smiling from the doorway. And I stared into his eyes over my husband's shoulder as I had the first real orgasm of my life.

The sun streaking through the sheer drapes forced me from my peaceful unconscious. It was morning---and eventually I would have to get out of bed. I looked at the clock. 7:45. Emmett would be leaving for work in about half an hour. I removed my blanket and cool air reminded me that I hadn't bothered to redress last night. Last night. I got a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't even look at Emmett. I'd completely betrayed him and it made me sick. Why hadn't I just spoken up last night? Why didn't I let Emmett know? Instead, I just allowed it. I allowed his eyes to envelope me. I allowed his mind to enjoy our intimacy, mine and Emmett's. I allowed myself to want him there.

I had to tell Emmett. He had to know. Edward could not stay here. And Emmett needed to be the one to throw him out.

I put on my robe, pulled my hair into a knot on top of my head and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I could smell the coffee brewing, and a cupful would help me to organize the thoughts I'd need to handle the task at hand.

As I walked into the kitchen, Emmett was bustling about the kitchen with added enthusiasm. I moved to the coffee pot with my eyes fixed on the floor. Suddenly I was met with a firm slap on my backside. "Mornin' sweet thang" Emmett greeted me as he raised his eyebrows a few times, making a less than subtle reference to our activities the night before.

I glanced to Edward , sitting at the table in sweatpants and a plaid flannel shirt, his eyes in the newspaper, eating a bowl of Rice Krispies. I felt a strange coldness in my chest and it felt that my heart might completely stop altogether. My face felt hot and my ears felt cold. My throat became incredibly dry.

I wasn't expecting it when Edward said "Morning Bella" and glanced up to meet my eyes.

I quickly darted them away. "Good morning."

Who the hell did he think he was sitting at my kitchen table, eating my cereal and speaking to me with my husband right in the damn room ---after he spent the entire night ------eye fucking me!

Emmett sat in the chair across from Edward while I was pouring my coffee. He made an exaggerated performance of pulling the chair between them out and gestured that I sit there. Not sure what else to do, I sat down. Emmett was busily scouring the sports page. Edward was closing up the business section. Just as I reached for the front page, Edward did too, brushing my hand with his fingers. The most gentle shiver trailed up my arm.

"Oh---I'm sorry." he said to me in a very soft voice---one corner of his mouth curving into a crooked smile.

I didn't say anything I just looked down into my cup of coffee. How was I supposed to live like this---uncomfortable in my own home.

Emmett grabbed his briefcase and kissed me on the cheek as his free hand slid down my side and grabbed at my backside. "I'll see you tonight" he said and winked. Then he waved at his brother.

"Edward---Bro---I am so glad you're here." Emmett walked out the door and closed it behind him.

Edward and I both sat there at the tiny table in my small kitchen, our bodies just inches apart. I could feel heat radiating from him. I couldn't tell if it was drawing me near or scaring the hell out of me. Probably a little of both.. I knew I had to get up from that table. I stood at the counter, refilling my coffee cup when I heard the chair legs drag across the tile. Please let him leave---I need him to just go somewhere---anywhere.

Immediately Edward's body, towering over mine, was standing directly behind me.

He leaned over my shoulder so closely that I could feel his breath on my neck as he whispered "Excuse me Bella. I need some sugar."

I stood frozen. My knees trembled and my heart raced. Then Edward's well-defined arms reached past me and I watched his hand grab several sugar packets from the bowl on the counter.

But Edward did not move away. He just stayed there---so close I could feel his heat. I turned to try and get away, but Edward's body was right there blocking me. I waited as patiently as I could, my heart trying to beat its way right from my chest. I made the mistake of looking up toward his dazzling green eyes where his gaze was waiting for me.

"So, Bella, how long have you been faking orgasms with my brother?"

I felt every ounce of blood drain from my face. Then it was replaced with rage.

"That's none of your business--- and I'm doing no such thing!"

One side of his mouth turned up into a slight half smile and he let out a breathy chuckle.

I became even more angry.

"Exactly how long were you standing in your brother's doorway before you started ----eye fucking his wife?"

My attempt to disarm him only fueled the intensity of his stare and his smile stretched a little wider.

"About as long as it took her to enjoy being eye fucked."

Oh my god. As furious as I was, just hearing him say "eye fucked" made my clit twitch.

"I'm not discussing this with you any further." I said.

I had to get out of that tiny immensely hot, suffocating room.

"Admit it--- you liked it." he taunted.

I turned to leave.

"I noticed you haven't said that you didn't like it."

Without looking, I could hear the smirk in his voice. Unfortunately, I also heard the truth.

I stopped. I turned. I looked back at him ---defeated. He was right---I couldn't say I didn't like it. The truth was I loved it. I fucking reveled in the incredible awe-inspiring beauty of it. I couldn't stop thinking about it---his haunting eyes etched eternally in my soul. But one thing was for certain. It could never ever happen again.

My eyes dropped to the floor as I shook my head. Edward mumbled something as I began ascending the stairs. I didn't dare look back. Taking the stairs two at a time, I headed for the solitude of my bedroom, anxious to get dressed and out of that house.

I spent the day at the mall---anywhere but home. Alice agreed to meet me for lunch. I waited at the table 20 minutes for her to arrive. It was comforting to know I could finally share what had happened with someone.

"Hey Bella. You sounded like a wreck when you called. What's going on?"

"Edward got here yesterday." I said.

"That's right, ol' Edweird is back in town. Is he still the wearing that stupid coat? Looked like he stole that thing from Jack the Ripper."

"No. No coat. Umm. He's not very much the same at all."

"Really. What, is he like totally hot now? I always thought he had the potential to be a Goth God. Just gain control of the acne---include a workout routine and some tanning sessions…"

"No. I mean---I don't know. I didn't notice. But he's not the least bit shy anymore ---and he has an accent." I felt a warm blush paint its way throughout my face.

"Oooh---well, feel free if you want to set me up..."

"No!" I said on impulse and quickly raised my hand to my lips, s to contian anything else that might slip out. Alice looked at me with wide eyes as I tried to smooth the line I knew to be furrowed between brows.

Softly I said "That's not why I asked you here."

"O-kay. Then why don't you just tell me."

I breathed in a deep breath and tried hard to expel every dirty word in that one breath. "Last night, Emmett and I were--well, you know. And I was trying really hard to get into it---and I finally was---and then.."

Alice interrupted. "Ya know I'd have thought Emmett to be awesome in bed. Hmmm---disappointing."

"Alice, please---just let me say it."


"Well, I was finally getting kinda into it and I look up over Emmett's shoulder and he'd left the bedroom door open and…"

"Bella--Edward's a big boy. I'm sure he can handle hearing you guys doing the deed."

"Alice. Please. He was standing in the doorway---watching us doing the deed."

I saw my cousins eyes roll. "Holy shit! What did Emmett do---kill him?"

"Ummm. No. --- He doesn't know."

"How could he not know…? Unless---unless ---you didn't say anything!"

I was staring at my menu---although I couldn't even think of food. I simply shook my head in shame.

"Did Edward freak when you caught him looking?"

"No. He just kept looking---right into my eyes."


"Then he leaned against the doorframe and rested his head on his arm."


"Then he smiled."

"Holy shit. What did you do?"

I fought a smile trying desperately to sneak its way onto my face, stared down at the table and said "I had the most incredible orgasm."

"Oh honey, you had an orgasm! ----Shit, you had an orgasm?"

Then all Alice could say for several minutes was "Holy shit", although each time she said it, it meant something totally different.

Finally, she pulled herself together.

"Damn Bella. I always knew he was hot for you in high school, but I didn't think he'd try to dupe his own brother for you five years later."

"What are you talking about? Edward Cullen was never hot for me. He never liked anybody or anything. He just sulked around and stared at everyone with brooding eyes."

"No Bella. Edward stared at you with brooding eyes. Nobody else. And now we know exactly what he was brooding about."

Later, I called Emmett and arranged for us to meet for dinner at our favorite bar and grill. I couldn't handle another family meal at home. I sat at a table in the corner reading and rereading the menu, trying to decide how I would tell my husband about what had happened. I heard Emmett's boisterous laugh before I saw him. I watched as Emmett came toward our table---followed by Edward.

"Hey Babe. I've got bad news. The boss needs me to work late on some reports, so I'll have to grab something to go and head back to the office. But, lucky for you Edward happened by and agreed to keep you company and be your dinner date."

Then my husband kissed me, playfully punched his brother's shoulder, grabbed a brown bag from the bar and left.

Edward sat in the seat across from me. His eyes focused on the table. We sat in silence until the waiter came to take our orders.

Once the waiter walked away, I heard Edward's soft voice. "I didn't plan it."

"What?" I heard what he said, but answered out of reflex.

"I was heading to the bathroom. I'd had a few beers---and needed to take a leak. I passed your door. I heard the sounds. I shouldn't have looked in---I knew that. But I couldn't help it. And I saw you---and I couldn't stop looking. I know I should have moved on---or closed the door. But I couldn't. I didn't want to. Then I saw--- your face. Bella, you looked so sad.

"You shouldn't have been there. He's your brother for Christ's sake!"

"I know. My behavior was deplorable. The problem is---I'm not sorry---and I can't guarantee I wouldn't do it again."

An unfamiliar impulse took over and my arm took a swing for his cheek. It was intercepted as Edwards hand caught my wrist. His thumb slid down my palm, and clasped my hand into his.

"Bella, you deserve pleasure."

Heat rose from my toes all the way up into my cheeks, pausing momentarily at every erotic zone. My breathing was almost as rapid as my heartbeat--- and I had to struggle to stifle a moan. I was held captive by Edward's sensual eyes until he finally blinked. Quickly, I pulled my hand from his and grabbed my purse.

As I jumped from the table to make my escape, I heard my brother-in-law say, more to himself than to me, "I should've just let you hit me."

I got home, quickly made myself a sandwich, and carried it along with a large cup of ice and a 2 liter of diet soda up to my room. I had no intentions of coming out for any reason until Emmett got home.

I got undressed, slipped into a nightgown, and grabbed a book. I propped up my pillows and settled down on my bed to read. My eyes wandered over to the closed door. Why should I have to close myself in my room, like a trapped animal, in my own house? I dropped the book on the bed, marched across the floor and opened the door forcefully, causing it to bang loudly into the wall behind it. I got back in bed, readjusted my pillows and picked up my book. My eyes moved into the hallway. I wondered when Edward would get back. Would he actually eat dinner, or just pay the check and head here. The thought of him walking in any moment prompted me to get up and close the door.

My mind moved to last night and how incredible it felt to be ravished by his gaze. It's not like he even touched me. Perhaps I was making more of it than it was. I always could be a bit old fashioned about some things. I decided I absolutely had nothing to be ashamed of and I got up and opened the bedroom door. Just as it opened, there he stood. Edward Cullen. He handed me a to go box from the restaurant. He was looking all brooding and needy--------and he was walking into my room!

"Uh--Edward. I --I --don't think this is a good idea."

"Bella, I was wrong. I was wrong to put you in an awkward position."

He sat down next to me on the bed. I could smell wine on his breath. I was afraid my heart would thump right out of my chest.

"I have a confession to make. I've been furious with Emmett for years. Everything that was difficult for me came easily to my big brother. I walked in his shadow and I was okay with that ---until winter break ---junior year. It was a rare occasion. He and I were bonding over a Grand Theft Auto video game we'd gotten for Christmas when he asked me why I never dated. Actually he said "You don't date. Don't you like pussy?" I confided in him that there was only one girl and that she didn't even know I existed. I told him it was you. I'd never told anybody else. He gave me a bunch of bullshit advice about being patient and waiting for you to come to me. Then---I start notice he's talking to you at school. At first I thought he was trying to help me out. Then he brought you home to meet the family in February. I was really pissed for a long time and I guess never forgave him for betraying me."

He stared at the blue bedspread as he rubbed a length of it nervously between his fingers. He almost looked like he wanted to cry.

"Edward, I had no idea." I reached over and laid my hand atop of his to try to comfort him.

"But what I experienced with you last night, had nothing to do with my brother---or revenge---or anything. I'd love nothing more than make you feel like that every single night. Bella, you deserve so much more than what you have."

I felt the need to defend my situation. I didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me.

"Emmett is a good man and a wonderful husband. And he is very considerate of my needs."

"Bella, I heard him ask you three different times how HE was doing---not how you were doing."

His words hit me hard. My defunct sex life was no longer a figment of my imagination or a product of my being selfish. It had been acknowledged by someone else and officially said out loud, therefore it was real. My chin started to shake and my eyes filled with tears.

Without saying a word, Edward gently pulled me to his shoulder, rubbed his fingers in my hair and made quiet shushing noises, encouraging me not to cry. His cheek rested warmly against mine and he smelled so---so nice---like soap---and wine. I was surprised how my body molded so naturally into his arms and I could hear the soothing beat of his heart. I turned my head towards him to find that he was looking at me. I felt the space warm as he tilted his head toward mine.

Without any other thought crossing my mind, I leaned in and met his lips. They were soft and warm and oh-so-inviting. I accepted his invitation as his tongue tapped my lips, opening them up and allowing him in. It felt right. It felt more right than anything else I'd ever done.

What happened next was a frenzy of want and need and pent up emotion. Fingers gripping hair. Hearts beating fast. Teeth nibbling . Tongues flicking. Hands wandering. Pulses racing. I felt so alive---and wonderful---and God I didn't want to stop. His breath was warm tickling at my skin, causing me to shiver. The occasional moan escaping from his lips. All the while his eyes fixed on mine. It was intense and God I wanted this man. I wanted him more than anything I'd ever felt before.

My fingers found there way to the hem of his shirt and he helped me as I lifted it over his strong shoulders. He leaned his chest into mine and I could feel the heat of his skin through my thin nightie causing my nipples to harden. Edward's hand slowly drifted down until he held my breast cupped carefully in his hand. He lowered his head and just ---admired it. He watched as his finger rubbed lightly over the hardened point through the thin fabric. His eyes were fixed as he caressed my covered flesh in his hand. Then he looked into my eyes again, groaned quietly and once again began ravaging my mouth.

Suddenly I heard the front door shut. We both froze there on the bed, breathing hard, eyes glazed. Finally, I pushed Edward from the bed and mouthed "Go!"

He stood, grabbed his shirt and left the room. I quietly closed the bedroom door, propped myself against the pillows and picked up my book.

It was official.

I had now officially done something to be ashamed of.

I could hear Em and Edward talking downstairs. I was terrified. Edward had proven to be completely unpredictable so far. Of course, it was more likely just my own paranoia---since Emmett was twice Edward's size it was unlikely he'd say anything---unless he was a masochist.

I heard heavy feet climbing the stairs and mentally prepared myself. I stared into my book. When my husband threw open the bedroom door, I simply looked up and smiled. He grabbed some sweats and an old jersey.

"Hey Babe. Hitting the sack early?"

"No, just reading."

"Edward and I are going to play cards. You want join us?"

"No, thanks. I think I'll just stay up here. I'm enjoying the quiet."

When he finished changing clothes, Emmett kissed me on the cheek and headed downstairs.

As I lay there I could hear the low rumble of the brothers' voices coming from the kitchen. They were talking almost nonstop. It made me wonder what they were talking about. I tried really hard to hear them. I could make out only voices---no words. Every now and then I'd hear something a little louder and then laughter or shouts. I couldn't stand it. I pulled on my robe and headed downstairs. I'd just go down to the kitchen to get ----something.

Emmett was sitting in his normal seat at the end of the table with Edward across from him. Emmett was busy studying his cards, it must have been his turn. So, it was Edward's eyes I met first. His eyes stared into my soul, without faltering---then the intensity lightened just a little and his lips hinted slightly of a smile making my stomach flip and my face blush. Needing to busy myself with something, I grabbed a box of crackers from the pantry and set it on the counter. I opened the fridge and pulled out a block cheese. I cut it slices as I listened to the conversation behind me.

"C'mon Edward. There had to be some European women.

"No, nothing worthy of sharing."

Aw---give an old married guy something to envy."

"I assure you, there was nobody better than what you have, Bro"

I felt my face blush again and a smile crept across my face although I was trying to fight it.

"Ahh--smooth answer! Smart man---Bella must have something you want."

Edward just laughed a deep throaty chuckle.

I didn't dare turn around.

"C'mon Bella I know you're not going to eat all that."

I looked down and saw that I'd sliced the entire block without realizing.

I took a deep breath and set the plate of cheese along with the crackers on the table.

Emmett patted the chair next to him as he raised a bottle of beer to his lips. More beer---I knew all too well what that meant was coming later. I attempted to excuse myself and leave, but Emmett wouldn't have it.

"Come on Babe. You didn't come down here just to fix us a snack. Eat. Play. And just maybe you'll get lucky." His tone was playful, but his words were meaningful beyond his understanding.

I sat. I don't know why I sat, but I did. Emmett dealt me in.

We were playing poker---9's were wild. Emmett must have called it, because his old baseball number was 9.

Edward got a beer from the fridge and asked if I'd like one.

"No, Bro---Bella doesn't drink beer." Emmett interjected.

I spoke up. "Actually I could really use a drink and we're out of wine. So, yes, Edward I'd love one." I needed something to calm my nerves.

I knew I should leave. I should grab my beer and go upstairs. But, honestly, I didn't want to…so… I stayed. What could it hurt to play a hand or two before I went upstairs?

Several hands and several beers later, I was winning. Too bad we weren't playing strip poker. I'd have truly been in a position to enjoy the show.

Emmett and Edward had both put away quite a few bottles of beer as well. The more Emmett drank, the more his hands were on me. The more Edward drank, the quieter he was---but his eyes became liquid sex. The more I drank, the more I wanted to venture upstairs with my husband's brother. Oh Emmett could come, too---its only fair---maybe he could learn a thing or two. I smiled at that thought.

"Ahh---she must have another good hand." Emmett said as his thumb awkwardly rubbed my cheek. "She's smiling."

"I don't know." Edward interjected. "That looks like a frisky little smile. Perhaps you ought to take your wife upstairs."

I couldn't breathe. What was he doing?

"Bro---how hospitable would that be? The game isn't even over." Emmett said.

"Don't worry about me." Edward chuckled. " Just consider me a good EFing brother-in -law."

Emmett let out a boisterous laugh.

Edward looked directly at me and raised one eyebrow. "Bella is the big winner tonight. Perhaps she should decide."

I was confused and a little hurt that Edward would willfully suggest that Emmett and I go upstairs for sex after what had happened earlier….but when he peered at me through lustful lids and his lips curved up into that sexy smile, I would have agreed to anything.

"Okay. If you're sure you don't mind, Edward."

"Like I said---Don't worry about me---just thank me---I'm a good EFing brother-in-law."

As I climbed the stairs with Emmett, I replayed Edward's words in my head trying to make sense of them. Then I realized exactly what he was saying. He was the EFing brother-in-law---the Eye Fucking brother-in-law. He wanted me to leave the door open---again! Just thinking about it sent a wave of excitement completely through me.

My hands began to quiver and my knees became Jell-O. I sucked on my lip as I tried to keep my composure, hoping Emmett would not become suspicious.

Half way up, Emmett grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder like some sort of primate. He had himself so worked up by the time we reached our room, that he didn't even notice that I had bounced the door off my foot on the way in---making certain it remained open.

Once he threw me down on the bed, he did not look back. Emmett immediately untied my robe and I quickly removed it and discarded it next to the bed. Then, my husband , straddling my body worked his way down toward my feet. He grabbed the hem of my nightie between his teeth and worked his way back up until, other than my lace panties, my body was completely exposed. He was giggling and I was, too. He was being so playful that it was rather exciting. I quickly pulled my arms out of the nightie and laid it with the robe on the floor.

Emmett placed gentle kisses from my forehead, down my nose, onto my mouth, to my chin, down my neck---in a line between my breasts---to my navel and down to the waistband of my panties. He took them in his teeth and carried them down to my toes where I helped them to be removed. With both hands he made his way back up my body and took one of my breasts into his mouth. He toyed with my nipple until it hardened. Then his other hand worked its way down to my most erotic little spot---which he proceeded to circle gently. I was concentrating closely on Emmett's actions because it was so out of character for him. He was taking it so slow and gentle and fucking erotic. It was like he'd been reading or practicing or taking lessons, or something. Everything felt so----gooood. I let out a gentle moan.

Then, it was evident that if he had been taking lessons, he hadn't graduated yet.

At the moment I made a sound----his thumb entered me hard and continued to jab in and out of me like a jackhammer.. SO much for slow and gentle.

Remembering the door, I moved my eyes there---and I was not disappointed. Edward was there in white thin cotton sleep pants and no shirt. He was already biting his lip---eyes fixed on mine. Immediately my thighs trembled slightly and I let out a quiet shiver.

Emmett moaned "Oh yea."

Edward's beautiful mouth gave just the slightest hint of a smile as he continued to chew on his lip. I smiled back at him and it was the most liberating feeling. Yes, it was wrong. It was horribly wrong. But what Emmett had done to Edward all those years ago was wrong, too. And dammit I had no idea how repressed I'd been all this time.

I looked into Edward's eyes---and there I was alive. I was free. I was even naughty. And I friggin loved it! My eyes widened as I watched one of Edward's hands move from the doorway down to his center, rubbing his hands against the thin white fabric to create his own pleasure. My thighs quaked for the second time.

"Oh Bella, I can't wait." Emmett said as he moved his way on top of me and slid inside.

Just as he made entry, my breath caught----because standing in my doorway, Edward reached into his white cotton pants and held his breathtaking shaft in his hand---for me to see. His strokes were gentle and slow---in the exact rhythm that I was moving my hips against Emmett's ferociously irregular thrusts.

I thought I'd lose it right there---I whimpered---but I had to wait for him. I wanted to share an orgasm with Edward. I just hoped Emmett could hold out that long.

I watched as Edward's brow furrowed in concentration, never once leaving my gaze. I sped up my movements and watched as his rhythm stayed with mine. I saw his chest heaving more rapidly. I watched as he bit his lip harder, appearing to restrain a moan. I moaned out for him, loudly, continually. I watched as he responded to my sounds and just as Edward's grip on the doorframe tightened and his legs stiffened, I felt my own body tighten against my husband as the most overwhelming orgasmic rush forced its way through me. I took a few moments for me to catch my breath and regain control of my thoughts and body.

"Bella, that was so damn good" Emmett claimed as his head collapsed onto my chest.

When I looked back to the door, Edward was gone. Sadly, I smiled in that direction anyway as I ran my fingers through my husband dark curls.

Edward was right. He was a good EFing brother-in-law. And from now on the door would always be open for Edward Cullen at our house. However, I knew deep down, that there was no way it could ever just stop there.