Kittens were dancing in the rain, puddles forming around their delicate paws. A Rainbow stretching overhead as the adorable animals danced in the warm wet heavy air that followed the Texas downpours. The earth was so unused to soaking up the crystalline drops that it pooled on the surface instead of immediately seeping into its dry parched crust. How odd to watch kitties dancing in the rain, I sat on a rock not minding the drops soaking my hair to my scalp or my clothes to my skin, smiling in delight at the view before me.

A shriek boiling up my throat to my lips when darkness suddenly dropped down and my opened eyes found nothing to view and not finding my voice or air to draw a breath with. Fear overwhelming me as that tenth of a second of complete disorientation began to recede and I realized it was night, I couldn't see because the lights were not on. I couldn't scream because someone had my mouth and nose covered by their large hand and was pulling me out of my bed as if I were a ragdoll– which meant only one thing, Vampire. I was in deep trouble, and couldn't even warn Eve, Michael of Shane. Oh god, what if the Vampire had gotten to them first! How did one get into the house? I knew the Glass House protected us, I guess now that Michael was a Vampire it was easier for them to get in. Oh Crap, what could I do to get out of this, my attempts to break his grasp were like striking a statue. One arm under my knees the other behind my back, the hand wrapped around my face, pulling me securely into his chest as he swiftly left my room and descended down the stairs. Amazingly I heard a lullaby coming from his lips where he was singing into my hair, "Hush little baby, don't you cry, Daddy loves you and so do I". Holy Cow, I knew who this was. And while this wasn't good by any stretch of even Eve's imagination, this was a mostly known element. I knew who was 'kidnapping' me now, and he probably didn't intend to eat me or my housemates. Probably, because well, Myrnin had his good days and his bad and with this as the starting point, it wasn't looking like one of his more rational ones. On the other side, Myrnin knew Amelie wanted me alive, so I didn't think he'd kill me.

Relaxing into his arms I decided to see what happened, no surprised when he paused before the living room wall, breaking in his lullaby to focus a moment on the wall and awaken the portal before slipping us both through. I didn't think anyone in the house had awakened; really, it had taken him 30 second tops to grab me from my bedroom, and escape through the portal. In the morning no one would know where I was. Kicking myself, would they even realize something was wrong, probably not, most likely they'd think I had an early class and walked to campus before the rest Eve or Shane, the sleepyhead even crawled from their beds. Michael as a Vampire would be in hiding the entire day, unaware rather I was home or not. Probably no one would worry or notice I was under the radar until dinner tonight, and then Myrnin wouldn't be the first though for where I would be. Really on Michael knew I worked for Myrnin and he wouldn't awaken till twilight. Shane would be frantic, which would make Eve frantic, but no one knew where to look for me. No, I would have to keep Myrnin calm and get myself home as soon as I could.