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The Final Mission

Chapter 1

Claire Redfield woke up in the middle of the afternoon. She had not gotten any sleep last night over after hearing that Chris was returning from Africa after six long months.

She had spoken to Chris on the phone last night. He said that he would meet her at the airport today at five. He also said that he had a big surprise for her which had gotten her even more worked up to see him.

Claire got out of bed and went to freshen up for the big day. A half hour later she was fully dressed and with her hair tied back in her signature ponytail was off to the airport, of course she kept her blacktail tucked inside her jeans not forgetting her experience with airports.

It took her about an hour to arrive, it would still be about half an hour till Chris's plane would arrive so Claire decided to get some food before he came.

Flight 362 from Kijuju has just arrived.

With that Claire grabbed her sandwich and ran to the gate. She waited impatiently for about ten minutes before she saw the familiar bulky figure that could only belong to Chris.


She ran and jumped into the arms of her dear brother.

"Wow someone's on a lot of caffeine" Chris muttered

"Shut up" said Claire as they broke from their embrace.

"So I heard that you finally got rid of that asshole Wesker, care to fill me in on how you did it."

"Well that's what the surprise I promised you is about."

Claire watched as a familiar looking blond woman walked out behind Chris. At first she didn't recognize her but just like that it stuck her like lightning.

"JILL" she screamed, loud enough for the entire terminal to hear.

"I thought you were dead, how did you manage to get back Claire said while giving Jill the biggest most joyful embrace she had ever given."

"It's a long story;" Jill said,

"We'll have plenty of time to discuss once we get back to home."

Back at Claire and Chris's apartment Chris and Jill told Claire everything that had happened.

How Wesker had captured Jill and forced her to fight Chris, and how he was able to free her and in the end managed to defeat him.

"My God so how did you ever manage to survive that long with Wesker?"

"He actually didn't treat me as cruelly as some of his other test subjects, but either way I'm glad to be out of there."

"I have revealed the location of the facility where I was kept to the US government and they are preparing to send a strike force to exterminate the place as we speak."

"Jill" Claire asked,

"When you were in the facility did you happen to see a girl with blond hair around 22 years old, her name is Sherry Birkin and it is very important that I find her."

"I can't say, after they had finished planting that device in me they immediately sent me to Africa to guard that guy Irving."

"Well can you tell me where the location of the facility is I must see for myself whether or not she is okay"

"Wait a second" said Chris

"I'm not going to let my little sister go to that Hell hole, especially if it hasn't been thoroughly investigated yet"

Claire scoffed at Chris.

"Like you could ever stop me from doing anything."

"I mean it, I don't want you to get yourself hurt, or even get killed over this."

"Chris I'm sure Claire can handle herself just fine said Jill."

"She's been in situations like this before I'm sure she'll be fine. Besides she's got an entire government force to back her up this time you should let her do what she wants, this Sherry seems to mean a lot to her."

"Fine" said Chris

"The force is having a debriefing about the mission in three days at the Pentagon. President Graham is said to be making a personal appearance to boost morale for the troops so don't try to embarrass yourself in front of him ok"

Claire just snarled.



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