Chapter 26


Sherry jolted awake, her body was tired and her mind was hazy. The last thing she remembered was looking at Claire and Leon while feeling intense pain.

"Where am I" she thought

She scanned around the room she was in, it was a white hospital room with light curtains surrounding the windows and a soft breeze flowing in with rays of sunlight that were currently illuminating the room. She scanned a bit further and found both Leon and Claire sitting off to the side of the room. Both were asleep with Claire's head resting on Leon's shoulder while he was in a straight up sitting position.

Sherry watched them for a few minutes with a smile on her face before she noticed Leon slowly opening his eyes. The moment he noticed Sherry was awake he motioned for Claire to get up as well. Claire woke up with a slight grouch before her eyes filled with joy at seeing Sherry awake. She immediately walked up and engulfed the younger girl in her arms.

"Thank God, thank god you're alright" said Claire as tears started to flow from her eyes.

Leon came up behind them and wrapped his arms around them both.

'You had us worried kid, I'm glad you're awake"

Sherry just smiled and stayed in their embrace. They stayed like that for several minutes before letting go.

"What happened?" Sherry asked

"Well to make a long story short you were dying, but we managed to revive you thanks to Trent and Alex" said Leon

"Wait a minute did you say Alex, but she was the crazy bitch that caused all of this in the first place why would she help me, and didn't I manage to kill her"

"Yea not quite, what you shot at her did manage to take her powers away though" said Leon with a grin

"As for her helping you, you should be grateful to that man Trent for being able to talk sense into her, I've got to admit that guy has some serious balls for what he did." said Leon as he recalled the drastic measures Trent had to take.

"I see"

"Were just glad you're alright Sherry, and thanks to Leon's connections you have been cleared to live a carefree and normal life back with us in D.C. Isn't that great news" said Claire

Sherry smiled in response, she had finally escaped the terror of Umbrella and all that it has done to her. She can now live the life that she had been dreaming of for the last ten years. Everything seemed too good to be true until the realization hit her. She had indeed managed to escape her previous life but at great cost.

She remembered the events from before as well. Waking up in an undead facility, meeting up with Steve, fighting their way through the vast amounts of BOW's and monsters, personally stopping Alex's rampage, and above all Steve's death.

The last thought hit her hard as the joy she felt was replaced with sadness. Tears started to pour from her eyes as Sherry began to weep at the loss of her loved one.

Leon and Claire simply pulled her back into their embrace, knowing full well what was going through Sherry's mind right now, the only thing they could do was offer her their support in her moment grief.


One year later:

"Claire would you hurry up, Chris would be extra pissed if his own sister were late for his engagement party."

"Hold your damn horses, I just have something to take care of and will be out in a minute"

Claire walked out of the bathroom in a radiant blue dress with a long open skirt, her hair was down and she was wearing a light wave of makeup to perfect her already beautiful facial features. Claire greeted her boyfriend who was wearing an expensive Armani designer's suit, and leather shoes.

"You look beautiful Claire" said Leon with a smile as he encircled his arms around her waist and started giving her small kisses on the lips.

Claire just giggled in response.

"Save it for tonight Kennedy, we have to go pick up Sherry and get there before my brother's roids start acting up again" said Claire sarcastically.

The two walked out of their newly bought two story house. After contemplating the two had decided to move in together. Claire was also given a job to protect the president's family so that she could work alongside Leon. They quickly entered Leon's R8, and the two were now off to Sherry's apartment.

"Um Leon, not that I mind the exquisite sexiness of this car, but don't you think it's about time we bought one that has more than two seats." said Claire as she watched Leon driving.

"Huh why, it's just the two of us?" asked a confused Leon.

"Umm, no reason" said Claire as she remained quiet for the remainder of the ride.

They both soon reached Sherry's apartment complex and walked up to get their adopted daughter. When Sherry opened the door, she was wearing a thin form fitting black dress that highlighted her body with perfection, and her long blonde hair was tied up in a bun.

"Wow Sherry should I be mindful of guys trying to hit on you tonight cause you look stunning" said Leon as he greeted her with a hug, Claire just shushed Leon off and followed in suit as she wrapped her arms around Sherry as well.

"Don't worry about him, I'll make sure he won't bother you during your mingle time tonight." said Claire as she gave her boyfriend a small glare.

"Hey I was just kidding" said Leon with his arms raised.

Sherry just giggled as she looked at the bickering couple. In reality she didn't think of getting together with anyone tonight anyway. Sure occasionally someone would ask her out but she would always refuse because her heart was still with the certain someone from her past.

"Did you pack a change of clothes for tonight, you know that were going to be staying at the hotel today right"

"Yea I have my change of clothes right here, let's get going"

The three then switched over to Sherry's Lexus GS in order to accommodate for the lack of space the R8 had, and were quickly off to Chris and Jill's engagement party. After a half hour of driving they had reached their destination.

The three entered the large dining room and were greeted with an extravagant setting of flowers and lights. There was a dance floor in the middle of the room and table settings everywhere. Guest from the BSAA and government operatives were scattered across the room with their dates and families.

The three walked to the main table and were greeted by Chris and Jill who were already there with Rebecca, Billy, Ark, Elza, Carlos, Ingrid, Lott, and Ashley. Even Barry and his family had managed to come to the party.

They all greeted each other with and chatted for about another half hour before Chris decided to make a toast.

"I would like to personally thank everyone for coming to this special occasion."

He then took Jill's hand and motioned her to stand up with him and directed his attention solely on her.

"You're still as beautiful as the day that I met you" said Chris silently before making his speech

"Jill you are my longest and most trusted friend in the world, I'm sorry that it took so long for me to realize my feelings for you but I knew that the moment I lost you to Wesker that night, my life was incomplete. When I found you in Africa words cannot describe the joy that I was feeling to know that you were alive. And even though I had to endure a very painful ass kicking to get you back, it was all well worth it. Jill I promise to spend the rest of my life loving and cherishing every last moment I have with you, and I'm honored that you have allowed me the opportunity to be your husband."

Jill had tears in her eyes as she embraced her fiancé and kissed him fiercely. She had been in love with him since their days in STARS and was overwhelmed that her long time fantasy had become reality.

Everyone cheered at the sight, most of them knew that the two partners would end up together at some point.

"Cheers" said Chris as he lifted his glass of Champaign and motioned everyone to follow. Claire unnoticeably to anyone else had a glass of orange juice instead.

"Let the festivities begin" said Chris.


After an exquisite dinner, the couples made their way to the dance floor. Leon was a little hesitant leaving Sherry by herself but Claire convinced him otherwise.

Sherry peered at the dance floor while drinking her glass of white wine. Everyone was having a good time and were enjoying themselves with carefree nature. She was happy for them, everything about tonight was absolutely delectable and she was not about to spoil the mood just because her mind was elsewhere. Occasionally there would be a guy to ask her to dance but she would just brush them off. It wasn't until Leon and Claire had finished their own dance that she acknowledged anyone.

"What's the matter Sherry go have some fun with the rest of us" said Leon

"I saw some guys asking you to dance before why not give them a chance" said Claire

"It's fine you guys, you two go have fun, I'll be fine by myself."

"Come on Sherry, at least have one dance with me I'm sure it will cheer you up." said Leon who offered her his hand.

"I don't know, I don't want to intrude on you and Claire's fun"

"Nonsense, you're practically our daughter, what's wrong with having a little fun. Besides I'm a little tired from all this dancing anyway. You and Leon have fun" said Claire as she sat down at the table.

Seeing no other option Sherry followed Leon to the dance floor. As they slowly waltz Leon couldn't help but notice her down state.

"What's wrong Sherry? You know you can talk to us about anything that's bothering you." said Leon in a fatherly tone.

"It's nothing, I'm just happy to see that everything worked out in the end and seeing everyone together" said Sherry through a small smile.

"BUT" said Leon with an accusatory tone.

Sherry just looked at him with an uneasy face before coming clean.

"But I can't help but fell a little bit envious, seeing all these couples in front of me just puts a sense of longing in my heart. I guess I'm still not over him" said Sherry as she looked down at the floor to hide her expression.

Leon just hugged her in return.

"It's ok Sherry, I know it must be hard for you to have loved and lost, but I'm sure he wouldn't want you to live your life like this" said Leon as he pulled her face up to meet his. Her face was noticeably glum and had a few tears in her eyes.

"Come now no more tears, I'm sure you will one day find the person you were destined for and you will find the same happiness that I have with Claire"

Sherry sniffled slightly before smiling back and returning Leon's hug.

"Thanks Leon, I can always count on you and Claire to cheer me up."

"Anytime kid, now come on lets finish our dance"

Sherry nodded and continued their waltz. After another twenty minutes of dancing they walked back to Claire.

"I think it's about time we called it a night" said Leon

"But it's only nine, why leave so early" said Claire in a confused tone

"It's nothing I just few a bit tired today that's all" said Leon

Claire just looked at her boyfriend strangely before nodding in acceptance.

"I guess we should go get our keys from the front desk then" said Sherry.

After bidding everyone a goodnight, the three went to retrieve their room keys.

It took them a few minutes to get to the lobby. The attendant (who was noticeably concealing her face beneath the hat she wore) handed Leon and Claire the key to their room first. Before leaving for their room they turned their attention to Sherry.

"Get some rest Sherry, me and Leon will come get you in the morning for breakfast ok" said Claire as she gave her a light hug and kiss to the forehead.

"Have a goodnight kid" said Leon as he wrapped his arm around Claire's waist and headed towards the elevator.

Sherry just smiled as she watched them. She was so glad that the two people she was closest to were together. That thought alone was enough to cheery her up.

"Excuse me miss here is your room key" said the attendant as she handed Sherry the key.

"Thank you, have a good night" said Sherry as she walked away.

The attendant smiled and as she watched the young girl go, her crystal blue eyes shining under her hidden face.


Sherry entered her hotel suite and dropped her bag of clothes near the closet. Grabbing a robe and her night clothes, she was about to head in and take a shower before she heard a noise coming from the other side of the suite. By instinct she opened her bag and pulled out her Matilda.

"Who's there, show yourself" she said as she raised her gun in the darkness.

"I thought you would be happier to see me" said a familiar voice.

Sherry's eyes widened, she knew that voice. She had thought about hearing it every night since the incident.

"No it couldn't be" she thought before flipping the light switch which illuminated the room.

As the light revealed the unknown figure Sherry's eyes widened and she dropped her gun in shock. Standing in front of her was a warm healthy and very much alive Steve Burnside. He smiled at her softly as he examined the shock in her eyes.

"Hey Sherry, it's been a while" said Steve

Before he could say another word Sherry lunged at him circling her arms around his body and crashing her lips against his with a long passionate kiss.

Steve returned the kiss in kind and their tongues continued to wrestle for the next few minutes. The tears were now freely flowing from Sherry's eyes. Even after they broke apart for air Sherry stayed in Steve's arms refusing to let him go. She looked deep into his eyes before resting her head on his shoulder.

"Are you real"

"I think so" said Steve

They both pulled back to look at each other again.

"Do I pass" said Steve as he started whipping the tears from her eyes. (A/N FFX reference FTW)

Sherry smiled widely in return.

"I, I thought you were dead" said Sherry with a snivel.

"How, how is this possible"

"Well according to them, Trent and Alex retrieved my body before the facility was destroyed. And well long story short Alex managed to use the Veronica virus she had previous extracted from me in her own blood to revive me. I would have come back to you sooner but the recovery process was very long and painful. I'm sorry for making you worry."

Sherry just smiled back at him and lightly kissed him again.

"I'm just glad you came back to me" said Sherry in-between kisses

Steve pulled her long blonde hair from its bun and let it flow back onto her shoulders. The kisses never stopping during the process. Before long Steve turned his attention away from her lips and started kissing Sherry's neck. This new sensation was very unfamiliar to Sherry but it felt too good to stop. She bent her head back to give him better access, and started relishing the feeling.

"I missed you" said Sherry in-between pants.

"I missed you too" said Steve

"I promise to never leave you again as long as I live." said Steve as he continued kissing her neck.

He then lifted her bridal style and headed towards the bedroom. The two would now spend the first night of passion either had ever had, the first in many that were to come.


Leon and Claire entered their suite quietly. Claire went over to the bed and laid down in relaxation.

"I'm glad Sherry is doing alright" said Claire

"Me too" said Leon

"She's no longer the delicate twelve year old we met back at Raccoon city, we can let her make her own choices" said Leon

"Yea, I guess you right." said Claire

"By the way Leon, why did decide to turn in so early, it's not like you to do so" asked Claire as she sat back up to face him.

"Well to be honest Claire there's been something I've been meaning to talk to you about in private." Said Leon as her took her hand and kissed it gently.

"Claire we've been through so much. Ever since I met you I've felt a connection to you that I've never had with anyone else before. I feel that I can trust you with my life and I know that you would do the same with me."

"Leon what are you saying"

"What I'm saying Claire is that I love you more than anything in the entire world and I can no longer imagine my life without you" said Leon as he reached into his pocket

He pulled out a small box and revealed a beautiful Diamond white gold ring. At the sight of it Claire immediately covered her mouth with her free hand and tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Claire Redfield will you marry me"

"Yes" said Claire in-between tears.

Leon slipped the ring onto her finger and kissed her passionately.

After a minute or so they let go of each other, and rested their foreheads together.

"I guess we have some planning to do huh" said Leon with a smile.

Claire returned the smile and opened her mouth to speak.

"Leon there's something I want you to know"

"What is it Claire"

"Well the reason I was taking so long to get ready today was because I was waiting for something." said Claire as she reached into her purse and pulled out a small white stick.

Leon examined the stick and found a large plus sign written on it. He looked up at his now fiancé in shock.

"Claire does this mean"

Claire just nodded with a smile on her face.

"Yup, you're going to be a dad Leon."

Leon immediately grabbed Claire and started twirling her around the room in joy, it lasted for about a minute before he laid her back down on the bed and gently climbed on top of her.

"I can't believe this, can a man possibly feel this much joy all at once" said Leon as he rested his head on Claire's soon to be large stomach.

"You are so cheesy Kennedy" said Claire as she smiled down at her fiancé.

Leon continued to rub her still flat stomach with care.

"Don't worry; daddy won't let any boys come near you. You will grow up to be a strong noble woman like your mother is."

Claire gave a light chuckle at this display

"How do you know it's not a boy" she said

Leon looked up and smiled.

"I just know ok, she's going to be daddy's little girl, won't you sweetie" said Leon as he once again talked to Claire's stomach.

Claire smiled and pulled her fiancé back in for another kiss.

They both now had a new goal in life. To live it to the fullest with each other and with their child.

That is their Final Mission


(A/N, Well at long last it is finally finished. Kind of a cheesy ending but I am very happy for what I have created and I hope everyone who has read it feels the same way. Thank you everyone for reading this story and to all of my reviewers. I hope I have made something you guys can remember)