Chapter 11


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After we went out of Ramen Don, faces still red from embarrassment, I decided to break the tension a little.

"Hey, Shiki! Wanna fight off that meal?"

Shiki grinned, despite our previous awkwardness. "You know me, I'm always up for a battle. Just don't run away this time."

I rolled my eyes. "One day. I was having one off day and you never let me forget it."

Shiki snorted. "But you ran, like, 12 times in that one day."

I had long since stopped listening to her, and was changing pins. I switched everything in my current roster out, settling on a Big Bang/ Big Crunch Combo, a Vulcan uppercut, shockwave, aqua core, and lightning arrester. Then, I turned my attention to the Noise. I netted two in my mind, causing them to float towards us in that eerie way they had.

I felt us getting transported to the battlefield and smiled. I didn't know why, but fighting Noise always had a calming effect on me. It was a great way to unwind, at least.

I almost felt sorry for the noise, poor little frogs forced to take the brunt of my anger.

Then I saw the noise, and smiled. It was on.

The welcome party there seemed pitiful compared to what I had just faced. Approximately 20 pieces of assorted Noise met us with a bang. Sprogs were racing across the mass of Rhinos, Nefastravens, Boomers, and several minks. Booooriiiing…

I immediately set to work, striking them all once with my Nexus Ray. This got rid of a couple, leaving most scurrying around us. 5 Boomers in a row jumped into the air, forcing me to take leave of my assault as I felt Shiki's level one fusion pin on my side. I began to run as I saw the boomers fall down behind me. I grinned… and fell as one of the Kangaroos slammed into me from above, knocking me to the ground.

Instantly, I was swarmed by sprogs, all intent of leeching off of me. Ravens plucked at my skin, hoping to get some lucky shots in. I gasped. I couldn't take much more of this…

I closed my eyes and used my shockwave psych to instantly disintegrate all of the sprogs crawling over me. I then used my Vulcan Uppercut to leap above the throng of Noise, clipping some Boomers in the chest as I went. I grabbed onto a Raven, which began to flutter in panic, flapping frantically and propelling us both upwards. I quickly touched my aqua core psyche, spraying water up into the air. The Noise were becoming sprinkled in a nice shower as I felt the pin on my belt transform. Level two…

I looked down to see a group of particularly pissed off Noise, dripping wet and standing in a shallow pool of water. I laughed at their stupidity and touched my lightning arrester psych. I spread my fingers out and thunder crackled from it, leaving my fingertips and traveling towards the puddle.


The Noise were instantly disintegrated, and the smell of barbeque was in the air. I used shockwave to end the life of the Raven I was riding on and leaped to the ground to take on the rest.

No sooner than I had landed then I felt a sharp pain in my back. I stumbled and saw a Raven making off with all my pins! I swore in frustration, but couldn't do anything.

"I got it, Neku!"

Mr. Mew leaped into the air and clawed at the Raven. It was actually a bit frightening to see Mr. Mew at full intensity. He? She? It? Grabbed on to the Raven's neck and climbed on to it's back. It then began whaling away at the back of its head until the raven disappeared in a blast of static.

"Nice one, Shiki!" I grinned at the new Level 3 weight on my side.

Shiki smiled wanly. "Yeah, I'm fighting too, you know."

I blushed. "Sorry. Guess I got a little carried away."

Before she could respond, we were whisked into our next reduction.

We were greeted by a force of noise so vast that it was hard to comprehend.

Ravens littered the skies en masse, maybe over 50 in all. Boomers lay in wait, hoping for quick shots. Shrew eyes poked out of holes, popping out of the ground in huge numbers. 40 frogs stood in a phalanx, with 10 times their numbers in sprogs, lying behind them. Rhinos were everywhere, a huge amount that-

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and touched the fusion pin.

I think you can guess for yourself what happened next.

2 hours later, sunset…

I yawned, worn out after a long day of shopping and kicking ass.

Shiki stretched her arms and said, "Well, that was fun."

I decided to go with the 'exasperated' mood again. "If you like shopping your brains out."

She giggled. "Oh, come on. I know you thought it was fun."

She was right, of course, but I wasn't about to tell her that. "And what makes you think that?"

Then she did something that I didn't expect. She stepped right up to me, smiling. "Because I know you, Neku." She whispered.

She closed her eyes and I did too. We leaned in…


I rubbed my head, breaking out of our would-be embrace. "What the hell?"

Sitting on the ground, slightly bruised from whacking my skull at supersonic speeds, was a bright yellow lemon.

"Life, why do you hate me?" Shiki began to laugh at my comment, and wouldn't stop for a long, long time.


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