A/N: I got the idea from a song called 'The Last Night' by Skillet, so I had to write it…well I didn't have to, but I did XD Warnings: Contains self harm and angst themes.


I was running patrols by myself and it was the same, I was running past the Cullen home and I saw Jacob giving his imprint a piggyback ride. Everyone was turning into imprint love zombies and I say Seth and I lucked out. I trotted deeper into the woods and felt the familiar tingle of someone phasing.

Hey, Lee,

Hello, Almighty Alpha.

Lee, don't do that.

Do what, Almighty Alpha?

You know what I mean, Lee, anyways I'm here to relive you, thanks for patrolling for eight hours straight.

Yeah sure, I'm going home and taking a nice long shower and curling up in an oversized t-shirt.

Wow, Lee, TMI.

You know you love it.

Okay, sure, Lee, sure.

When I got back to my house I phased and put on my bra, under, shorts and t-shirt. I walked in and headed straight towards my room and grabbed a fresh bra and underwear and then I found one of my dads old t-shirts. I walked to the bathroom and stripped down to my birthday suit and turned the water on lukewarm. I stepped in and began cleaning the grim from my skin and hair; I used my lavender scented shampoo and washed my body with pomegranate scented soap. After I cleaned my self I stepped out and dried off, brushed my hair and put on my clothes. I walked out and into the kitchen and grabbed the cheerios and walked into the living room and sat on the couch and turned the TV on. I flipped it through till I found something decent, it was Nancy Grace and it was about the Sandra Cantu case. I laid my head on the couch and pulled the blanket over me and curled into a ball. I then remember falling asleep

I woke and heard muffled voices and I opened my eyes, I didn't remember using a pillow…now I wondered if I got drunk and ended up sleeping with someone. I looked around and saw Seth watching some movie on the TV and then I looked up and saw Jacob…

"Ah! What the hell!?"

"Whoa, Lee, what's wrong?"

"What the heck, Sis?"

"How the hell did my head end up on your lap and you better not be going commando!?"

"Ew, Leah, gross!"

"Lee, I just back from house, after a shower and changing into some PJ bottoms a white shirt and I am not going commando."

"Good, now why was my head on your lap? Were you trying to rape me?"

"No, you would kill me if I even thought about naked…"

"Jake! Ew, that's my sister!"

"I already caught you thinking about it like ten million times, my pack is full of hormonal boys who hit puberty to early."

"EW! Leah! I don't want to hear about that!"

"Ah, puberty, especially for girls, periods, cramps, bloating…"


"Okay, Lee, we get it."

"But I no longer have, I just experience hot flashes since I am menopausal! Anyways Jacob, how did I end up on you lap? Seth be honest, was he trying to rape me?"

"No, he wasn't, because I would kill him."

"Good, now spill, Black."

"Well, I sat on the cushion you weren't on 'cause you were asleep in a ball and then you ended up using me as a pillow, ask Seth, he told me not to move you because you are monster when you wake up."

"Oh, thanks Seth, really."

I stood up and stretched, not caring that I was in nothing but a t-shirt, bra and underwear. I was far from caring, they've all already seen me naked so what did it matter? I saw Seth was looking at the TV and I heard Jacob gasp, ooh, my purple underwear, such a turn on.

"Gees, Jacob, take a picture it'll last longer."

I looked and he turned his head towards the TV with a blush on his face. Boys will be boys. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water. As I reached for a something fuzzy touched my hand spooking me and I slipped, causing a knife from the strainer to fall and lodge itself into my wrist.

"Ow! Dammit!"

"Lee! What happened?"

Jacob and Seth came running into the kitchen and Seth's eyes widened in horror and Jacob kneeled in front of me and grabbed an old dish towel and wrapped it around my wrist.

"Lee, this will hurt a little, okay?"

"I don't care; just get the knife out of my wrist."

"Alright, hold my left hand with your right and squeeze if it hurts."

"I am not going through labor."


With his right hand he slowly pulled the knife out and I bit my lip to keep from crying in pain. When the knife was pulled out he set it on the ground and covered my wrist with the dishrag. He pulled me up gently and turned the water on and put wrist under it, slowly the cut healed itself leaving a pink scar. Yet the pain felt…good, I stared at the scar and then dropped my wrist and I shook my head that was weird.

"Lee, you okay?"

"Yeah, just still in shock."

"Alright, Lee, why don't you rest, take a few days off, you've been patrolling the most. I'll call you in a few days to let you know when to patrol again."

"I'm not helpless, Jacob."

"I know, Lee, but even you deserve to rest."

"Fine, I'm going to be bed."

"Alright, night, Lee."

"Night, Almighty Alpha."

He scoffed at that then poked me and I glared, as I walked out I said night to Seth who was in the living room and I could have sworn Jacob said 'love you, Lee' but my mind always played tricks on me. But that can't be helped when you fall in love with your Alpha who already has a soul mate. But fate hated me and did these things to, after all it only takes eight point two seconds to fall in love, but one second for some cosmically fate thingy to pin to someone for the rest of your life. But fate made fall in love with men with soul mates, just my luck.


A/N: Short, but it will get longer if you want it to! I have always waned to do a story like this and I got the idea after listening to 'The Last Night' by Skillet, it kept going through my head for a week so I had to type it! I hope I don't end up neglecting this story (I have horrible ADHD/ADD). Anyways, BYE!