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I sat in the tub letting the warm waters relax all my tense muscles. It was silent except every so often when Jacob would rinse off his razor in the sink. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be…but he still didn't trust me to be alone. Understandable…I guess. I glanced at him, he had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and shaving cream on his face. Kind of reminded me when I would sit on the toilet and talk to papa when he shaved. I folded my arms on the side of the tub and set my head atop them and I just watched him. It wasn't anything fascinating, okay, yes it was, to me Jacob was very fascinating. I really did not deserve him, he was perfect being, the fact he loved me of all people was beyond me. What did he see in me? I was nothing special. I was a very suicidal with horrible a tendency to hurt people.

He looked at me when he was done shaving and raised an eyebrow. I didn't say anything and just kept staring.

"Lee? Something wrong?"

"No," I spoke softly shaking my head. "I'm just wondering why you're so perfect."

he walked over to me and kneeled next to the tub and looked me in the eyes. I couldn't read what he was thinking.

"You're such an oddball."

I blinked, what the hell? Oddball? Honestly, what an asshole!

"Oh my gosh, you're su-"

Sparks flew when he kissed me, of course I couldn't stay mad at him, especially when he was doing this. Pulling back he looked at me and what he said made me wanna punch the shit out of him.

"Sorry, Lee, but I don't think I'd be able to control myself if I kissed you anymore…seeing that both of us aren't exactly clothed."

What a tease. I sat up and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Asshole, we aren't kids, doesn't matter."

"I know, but I want you to wait."

I growled when he stood up. What an asshole that's not fair. He walked out the bathroom closing the door behind him leaving me there glaring. I stood up and wrapped a towel around myself. I began viciously brushing my hair and muttering.

"Who the hell does he think he is? No one teases Leah May Clearwater and gets away with it…"

I brushed my teeth and walked out the bathroom and looked around. I huffed and walked into our room and got dressed into a pair of Jacob's basketball shorts and a tank top. I put my hair up into a pony tail and walked into the living room where I found him eating Cheez-Its. That fat ass. I sat next to him and pouted. He ignored me, so I groaned a little and he ignored me.

"I said POUT damn it!"

He looked and me and frowned.

"Leah what's wrong?"

"You're an asshole."

He grinned that cocky ass grin, he enjoyed toying with me. He went back to eating his stupid cheesy crackers and I growled. His grin got wider and I punched him in the arm and he winced and looked at a black and blue mark formed. He looked at me and back at then mark then back at me.

"What the hell?"

I grinned and walked away. Paybacks a bitch. I walked into the kitchen and stared out the window. My mind wandered to Patch…who was he? He has alpha status like Jacob…but…he was alone…


I stared out the window leaning on the counter. flashes of images going through my head. I was suddenly pulled back, but it didn't phase me in the slightest. It'd been two weeks since Jacob found me in the middle of the woods. Christmas was drawing near and I didn't have anything for him. I leaned back into him when his hands wrapped around my waist. I felt Jacob kissing my exposed neck.

"Jacob,, what are you doing?"


"Thought you wanted me to wait." I said poorly imitating his voice.

"Well, who said we were doing that?"


Was all I said when I pushed away from him and walked into the living room. Damn him and his lecherous, teasing ways. he sat down on the couch and looked at me. I turned my head away staring at the TV which was on something or other. Even when he pulled me into his lap I completely ignored him.

"Leah, aw, c'mon don't ignore me."

I still did not acknowledge his presence. I felt him kissing my neck and shoulder, using all my restraint not freakin molest him right there. He huffed giving up and I looked at him.


I spoke calmly and he glared at me. His brows then furrowed and I cocked my head to the side.

"You OK? You haven't seen Nessie in awhi-"

"No, its not her, its you!"

He pushed me over and tickles me and I begin laughing. I was soon gasping for breath.

"J-Jacob I can't….breathe!" I gasped out when I sudden something break. Standing the door way was Seth with his eyes as wide as plate. Jacob back off and looked at Seth sheepishly.

"Hehe…Hey, man…"

"Hello Seth!"

I chirped in happily and Jacob glared at me. Seth glared at Jacob and then kneed him in the nuts.

"What the fuck, dude! She's my sister!"


I watched as Jacob fell like a tree and Seth walked over to me. He was still having trouble trusting Jacob and he checked me over and sighed.

"You ok?"

"I nodded I'm fine…but Jacob…"

"Who cares about him, have you been eating?"

"I nodded yeah, Jacob makes me eat."

"I don't care, as long as you're eating."


"I had brought you some soup ma made…but…"

He looked over at a puddle and broken glass laying in the door way. I smiled and then looked at Jacob who was still holding his family jewels. I got up and kneeled next to him and whispered in his ear in a slow husky voice.

"Karmas a bitch, sweety…it's a shame I can't heal them back to health."

I stood back up and walked over to Seth. Seth then looked at me seriously.

"Lee…what were and Jacob doing…?"

"Oh, he was tickling me."

Seth then visibly paled and looked at Jacob who was giving us the biggest death glare ever. I smirked and Seth stood up.

"I…I think I should be leaving…"

Jacob staggered to stand up and used the couch to hold him up. He spoke in a low growl.

"Seth…if junior down there is injured, so help me God. You better pray you're a fats runner." he then looked at me a growled low. "And you need to stop being a damn tease."

I looked disinterested and spoke casually.

"So says the guy who likes flaunt off his sexy, toned, totally rapable body."

Seth gagged and Jacob literally fell to his knees. I just stood up and walked out of the room. It really did feel good being myself again. I heard a growl of frustration and then I heard them talking, or more like Jacob was ranting and Seth was just agreeing. I walked to the back porch and looked out at the woods. We were in the Cullen's land so I didn't really have to worry about Sam appearing. I smelled a familiar scent and stood up, I walked tot hr front of the house and saw Edward with his daughter.

"Hi Edward and Renesmee."

He nodded to me and Renesmee wrapped her arms around my legs. I tensed and she let go. I opened the door inviting them in. Renesmee ran right into the living into Jacob's arm. I could feel possessiveness creeping in. I leaned against the door way hearing his laughter, which abruptly stopped when he saw Edward.

"Hey, Edward…"

"Jacob, being away from her is hurting you, I hear it every time we're near each other."

My brows raised and Jacob looked at me.

"Jacob…why didn't you tell me?"

"Because right now, you're at the top of my list, sweety."

Renesmee smiled and spoke happily.

"Jacob, if you two get married will she be like my big sister? Because you're like my brother and if you marry her it'll be like having a big sissy!"

Jacob smiled weakly at her and I grunted. Why didn't he trust me enough? I would have let him see her…

"Jacob, I'm going to talk to Leah for a bit."

I looked at Edward with a 'wtf' face. Edward just grabbed my hand and pulled me another room. He spoke to me in a hushed tone.

"He's trying to break the imprint by not seeing her…"

I shook my head.

"Breaking an imprint is impossible unless the imprintee is dead or something."

Edward shook his head and looked at me.

"Actually from hearing his thoughts, his urge to be around her is less and less…his thoughts are saying he feels like the strings are slowly breaking and with each breaking rope, he floats higher and higher.

"Also with that, he feel like his strings are reattaching to someone else…to you…"

My eyes looked to him and then back to the wall in front of me. I could feel tears running down my face. Was he really going though all that physical pain for me? I quickly wiped my eyes and turned on sink splashing water onto my face. Just as fast as my life had spun into oblivion, it quickly rushed back out. Its like that one song by Journey. I dried my face off and walked back into the living room. I sat on the couch and leaned onto Jacob who glanced at me and kissed me on top of the head. Renesmee touched my hand, showing me she was happy for me and Jacob. She then touched Jacob's face and he smiled at her.

"Thanks, Ness."

She nodded and hopped over to Edward. She glanced at Seth and smiled at him and then turned away.

"Come on papa! Nahuel's coming over! I want to see him!"

"Ok, Renesmee, let's go."

I watched at the they left the house and Jacob looked at me and chuckled.

"Ironic, even though I'm imprinted on her she doesn't seem the least bit phased by it. We're each suppose to have a yearning to be near each other and neither of us feel it any more."

Seth looked at us and then walked towards the door.

"Uhm…I promised ma I would help her with something…bye you two!"

I heard the front door close and I looked at Jacob.

"So. Edward told me what's been going on with you…Jacob, I am so sorry. All I ev-"

His lip were on mine and I was totally caught off guard. He nibble my bottom lip asking for access that only an idiot would deny. Pulling back for air I gasped and looked at him.

"You're gonna get me arrested for statutory rape, you know that right?"

"I'm seventeen, you're twenty, three years, lets cry about it."

"…damn right I'll cry about it…and other things…"

He looked at me turning bright red. Aww, forgot the poor little baby still had virgin ears, My bad.

"But that Jacob is going to have to wait till you know where babies come from."

I stood up and walked in the bedroom to take a nap. The winner for biggest tease goes to Ms. Leah May Clearwater.

"Damn it!"

Was what I heard before I headed off into the world of dreams. Put that in your juice box and suck it, Black.

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