The morning was a bit drizzly, but still managed to be warm and somewhat sunny. The whole crew stood at the shoreline, observing the little inlet they had stopped at.

Nami clamored on, taking control as usual, "Ok, we're out of water and Sanji-kun pointed out that we're getting a little low on fruits and veggies. I think we should all search for food and supplies, and at least two people should stay behind and re-fill the water barrels."

"I volunteer for water duty, Navigator-kun." Robin raised her hand calmly, a familiar, mysterious smile playing on her lips. She was showing absolutely no signs of the night before. She even had the nerve to wear a teasingly-short top that casually showed off her toned stomach.

"Ok, who else wants water duty?" Nami stated, hands on hips.

"Let's draw straws!" Luffy pulled out a mysterious pile of twigs, holding them up excitedly.

"Uhhmmm….I don't think you should get the straws, captain," Sanji glared. "You always use nothing but short straws."

Luffy pouted, "Isn't that the point?"

Everyone simultaneously sweat-dropped, then quickly got back on-topic. They were used to this sort of thing, after all.

Franky acquired some useable straw-like-material, and one-by-one they all drew straws, save for Robin.

The swordsman stared in utter disbelief at the straw he had drawn, which was a good ten inches longer than everyone else's.

"H-how it that even possible? " Zoro gawked, "We would have all noticed him holding a straw this much bigger than the others…"

"Well ok, that settles it!" Nami proclaimed, fully ignoring the green-haired man, "Let's head out everyone!"

Zoro watched his hope and nakama walk hand-in-hand, into the trees and out of eyesight. He took a deep breath.

"OK," Zoro turned to face Robin, "We need to talk."

Robin glanced over at him. "I fail to see what we need to discuss." She stated, matter-of-factly. "We want each other. It's obvious."

How could she make it sound so…simple? He sighed audibly, realizing that he would need to explain some things to her.

He hated long explanations.

"You're…" He struggled for kind words, failing, "A distraction to me. Past experience with sex has taught me it's nothing but a distraction from the more important things in my life."

Robin, arms crossed, looked out to sea. A soft breeze made a few strands of hair dance around her face. "Sometimes….distractions from life can be nice." She sounded a little forlorn.

Rain slowly pittered down to earth as an almost nonexistent mist. The breeze picked up a bit, making Robin shiver. Zoro frowned, something about this new, slightly vulnerable Robin was even more enticing than her normal, straight-forward self.

"I'm just worried that opening up to someone might interfere with my practicing….my thoughts…my meditations..."

Robin walked over to him, placing her right hand gently against his cheek. "I know, Swordman-kun, but sometimes lovemaking can be its own form of meditation, don't you agree?" Her smile was wistful, playful. She was realizing her exposed vulnerability, and working quickly to cover it back up.

Zoro realized he had to make use of this susceptible side of her while he had the chance. Maybe if he was in control, it wouldn't turn into a total disaster. All he needed was a quickie to get it out of his system, right? Then he would be good for another year or so, and everything would go back to normal. He might even convince Robin that this was all his idea in the first place, and that it wouldn't be a good idea to continue their personal affairs.

Zoro took Robin's hand from the side of his face, and pushed her index finger into his mouth. He sucked gently, his tongue massaging in slow, circular movements. Robin moaned, a throaty noise escaping her lips. She closed her eyes.

They sunk to the sand below, obscured by little more than palm trees. Robin pulled away, scooting backwards to a tree behind her. Her eyes looked intense, even wild. She held up a hand to stop his advances.

"Let me undress you, Swordsman-kun."

He glared at her; this was not happening. She was attempting to once again gain control of the situation. He lunged at Robin, pinning her thin body against the tree trunk as several arms blossomed over his body. He sucked at her earlobe while undoing the tie on her shirt. She moaned into his ear, voice full of pleasure. The phantom arms ripped through his clothing, tearing the useless material from his body and tossing it away in chunks of fabric. His belt and swords flew off with a reverberating kling, falling several feet to his left. He felt vulnerable from the sudden total exposure to the elements, but didn't let is faze him. He pulled her top off, hands going to her breasts.

Just as the phantom arms on Zoro's body disappeared, more appeared on the ground behind him, grabbing his back and shoulders from all angles. The swordsman cried out in surprise as he was pulled backwards, constrained flat on his back. As he struggled, Robin calmly, seductively untied and pulled off her pants. She straddled his naked torso, an unseen hand grabbing his manhood. He moaned with pleasure, despite his captive circumstances.

She smiled coquettishly, "I want you inside me now, Swordsman-kun".

Zoro suddenly tore free, the surprised hands disappearing in a cloud of sakura. He dove upwards, Pinning Robin against the sand. The rain began to fall harder, water drops thudding visibly on and around them.

"You underestimated me, woman," He whispered in her ear as he plunged into her. She cried out, hands-more than two- clutching his back tightly and probably leaving marks that would remain for more than a few days. It felt like at least four different women were clawing at his back. She liked it rough? So be it.

Zoro pumped into her faster. She yelled inaudible noises, wrapping her legs around his torso. He moaned in time with her, losing himself in the moment.

As soon as he felt Robin's muscles clutch and her rapid, orgasmic spasms cease, he pulled out and let himself go on the sand between her legs. He sighed, feeling a contentment he had denied himself for a long time. Zoro lowered himself to the warm sand, arm resting over Robin's Torso.

Robin gazed calmly upwards, at a sky that seemed to pour its heart out to them. One thing he had noticed, it was definitely much better to make love with someone he knew and trusted than a perfect stranger. Maybe he had been missing out on this all along.

He smirked at her perfect profile, "I need to be careful; this could become habit-forming."

"See, Swordsman-kun?" She continued gazing lazily upwards. "It's the oldest form of meditation known to man."

When the rest of the crew got back, they noticed Zoro awkwardly clothed in nothing but a pair of boxers, his swords and a tank top. Robin and the swordsman were playing a card game at the table. Robin, of course, was winning.

"Damnit, woman!" Zoro growled, slamming his cards down on the table. Robin giggled politely, putting a hand to her mouth.

Luffy blinked, "Uhhm, Zoro…? Where are your normal clothes?

Zorro sweat-dropped, eyes on his cards. Robin kept her hand to her mouth in an attempt to suppress the stream of laughter that poured forth. Zoro blushed furiously. Everyone else blinked, confused.