Let's try this again! See the first time I uploaded this fic something happened and only two words came up. This is my first Princess Diaries fic. I can only seem to write fics about the main characters' kids. Oh well. This is a fic about Michael's and Mia's daughter Rebecca. She has a pretty normal life until the Christmas after her 15th birthday. I hope you like it! Let's also hope this works this time.

Disclaimer: I own only Rebecca and her enemies and friends. The rest sadly belong to Meg Cabot. Well except maybe New York city, but you get my point.

Tuesday December 13th bedroom.


Happy Birthday to me! I got a journal from my friend Aaron. So I decided to use it. Lemme introduce myself. I am Rebecca Moscovitz. Bec for short. I am an only child and live with my dad in Philadelphia. I've never met my mother. She lives somewhere in Europe. My dad is the manager of a magazine called Crackhead and a professor at the local college. My aunt Lily Pelkowski is a famous news broadcaster. I am a freak, geek, nerd, whatever you want to call it. See I am the tallest person in my grade. My best friend Aaron is a half an inch shorter than me. I was on the basketball but since I'm a total clutz I was kicked off. I have really frizzy light brown hair. It was blondish brown, but after Desiree the biggest snot nosed prissy cheerleader said it was piss colored blonde, or something like that. Anyway I'm too smart for my own good. Already my teachers have either asked me not to raise my hand, not to call out the answers in class, or just plain ignore me during class. I'm a freshman, but I take classes with juniors and sophomores. Aaron does too.


My best friend is Aaron. He is a freak like me. We have all the same classes together and also have lunch and study hall. We go to Franklin Private High School. Which means we have to wear uniforms. Luckily I got to help design this year's uniform since my dad is on the school officials' board. I want to be a fashion designer when I graduate.

My other friends are Katie, Tara and Sarah. They're all rich. I mean extremely rich. Every time I go over to their houses they eat off of this really fancy china. When I'm at home my dad and me eat off of paper plates and stuff. That's because my dad can't cook and last time I tried the firemen came to visit. And we don't have a maid like most of my friends. I clean the house. Oh well I need some sleep. I'll write more tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 14th Bus Stop.


I just found out something that is both frightening and exciting and really strange. My mom is coming to New York. I don't know why though. My dad told me over breakfast. She's coming over my winter break. I've never spoken a word to her in these past 15 years of my life, why would she finally be coming around now? I told Aaron about it as soon as he came out of his apartment.

"Hey Bec." Aaron said to me as he spotted me sitting outside his door.


"Alright what's wrong?" See how he is? Always knows when something is wrong. That's what I hate about him.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing.

"Yeah right."

"Alright, I just found out my mom is coming over Christmas break."

"Whoa, the non-existent mom is showing her face.

"I know. Am I supposed to be glad to see her or hate her for not being around?"

"I'm not sure."


Later on Wednesday, After Dinner

My Mom called me today. She wanted to apologize for never being around. She has really missed me, but thought it was for my own good that I didn't live with her. What I wanted to ask was "What? Were you an alcoholic or something?" But I decided against it. She told me she has something really important to tell me when she comes to see me, and that it will explain everything. Aaron asked me if she sounded like one of those phone sex women. I smacked him over the head and called him a pervert. She had a very nice voice though. I bet she's beautiful, unlike me.


Thursday, December 15th, Breakfast.


Omigod. Now my grandfather is coming. I have one really screwed up family. I have 5 grandparents, 4 in which I've met. I have the 2 psychoanalysts that are my dad's parents, the famous artist and an Algebra teacher, now I have a grandfather I've never heard of and a mother I just talked to for the first time in my life. Until my 12 birthday I though every one had a dad and an aunt. Never a dad and mother. It was very hard for me to understand all the sex talk that we had to go through in elementary school and middle school. I knew had a mother.

The only reason I know about my other grandparents (the artist and Algebra teacher) is because I over heard my aunt and dad talking about what to get my grandparents for Christmas. Then they brought up my mom's mother and her husband. Now I go to New York to for the holidays.


Later on Thursday, Lunch.

That's it. Desiree has gone too far! 1st, She was hanging by my locker waiting for Aaron for some reason. 2nd, She closed my locker on my skirt and it ripped. 3rd, When Aaron gave me his jacket to wrap around my waist she asked him out. 4th, After he said no she tripped me and my bag went flying, dumping everything out including my journal and some unmentionables. 5th, She picked up my journal and started reading it out loud. Aaron grabbed it and shoved her against the lockers. 6th, She went and told her dad her version of the story and now he is suspended for sexually harassing her. This is just great; who am I going to talk to during class now?


Even later on Thursday, In bed.


My mom just called again. I told her what happened today and then asked her if I could invite Aaron to come with. She thought he was my boyfriend so I got a 'no' at first. Then after I explained to her I got a 'go ask your father.' I called Aaron after my mom talked to my dad. They said he could come with us if his parents said it was okay. Aaron had to convince his parents (it took an hour) to let him come. They finally said yes. They wanted to go on a cruise during winter break anyway. Aaron asked me to write down all the assignments and hand them in for him. I don't understand him. He's suspened but he's still wants to do school work!


Friday December 16th. After dinner.


Pointless boring day. Only 2 more days of school and then it's Winter Break. I have to go Christmas shopping this weekend. I never knew how boring it is without Aaron around. Lunch was theonly time that I had someone to talk to. Tara and Katie were cheering me up by talking about their new crushes. That's when Jamie walked by. He is a really hot junior that's in some of my classes and in my homeroom. The only down side about him is that he is popular. I wold never have a chance with him. We all stoped talking when he walked by. He grinned at me and said 'hi'. I almost fainted. I wish Aaron was there. He didn't belive me when I told him.

I took over Aaron's homework. He invited me to eat dinner with him. Dad had a school board meeting so I agreed. They had Mexican food. Real Mexican food, not the take out stuff from Taco Bell.

When I got back, I found a message from my mom. She called when I was over at Aaron's. She dind't leave a number and someone else called after her so I wouldn't be able to do *69. I wonder what she wanted. Oh well I have homework to do.


Saturday December 17th Morning.


My dad is mad at me because I wasn't here when my mom called. "I have a life you know!" I wanted to tell my dad, oh well. I'm going to the mall with Aaron today to by Christmas presents for the homeroom secret santa. I got Jamie's name. See since our school is stupid, they make our homerooms our first period classes. That's why I'm stuck with Desiree.


List of Homeroom

Rebecca Moscovitz- Freshman

Aaron Miller- Freshman

Jamie Boyer- Junior

Desiree Paine- Sophmore

Tara Nuena- Sophmore

Katie Austin- Freshman

Brian Paddler- Junior

Timothy Patterson- Junior

Rachel Carpenter- Sophmore

Henry Sherman- Freshman

Justin Smith- Sophmore

Lindsasey Quincy- Junior


Aaron's here. I'll write later.


Later on Saturday- Girl's Bathroom at Mall

I hate Desiree. I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her! I can't believe she just did that. Okay, so maybe I should write down what happened. Me and Aaron were sitting by the fountain on the bottom floor. We were talking about what we wanted to do while in New York. Just then a red slushie came pouring on top of my nead. I looked up after it was all done and there was Desiree and her copy cat clone club standing up on the third floor laughing. She then dropped the cup and it landed on my face. I ran to the bathroom to try and get some of the stuff out of my hair. Aaron went to call my dad to pick us up. My shirt is stained, my hair, my jeans, evertything is stained.


Even later on Saturday. At home.


My dad is letting me stay home on Monday and Tuesday. He says it's so I can pack to go to New York. I know it's because he knows I could never show my face when my skin and hair are still stained from the slushie. My dad is the greatest. I wonder if my mom is like him. Only three more days and I'm on my way to New York and don't have to look at Desiree's bleach blonde hair for 2 weeks. And no school next week. My dad plans to call in the school and tell them I've come down with the flu. Maybe I should let Desiree dump stuff over my head more often. On second though maybe I won't. Dad says Tara's on the phone wanting to talk to me. I'll write back later.


December 19th Morning.


I had to go to church all day yesterday. So I wasn't able to write. Aaron's is here keeping me company. Oh he wants to write something.



Things to Do When You're Suspended

1.       Plot Desiree's demise

2.      Scan pictures of popular people into the computer and alter their appearances to make them look like they are mutated.

3.       Beat every level of every computer and video game you own.

4.      Catch up on Day Time TV shows.

5.      Sit in pajamas and eat cereal for lunch.

6.       Sleep in

7.      Stay up late

8.      Send nasty emails to those spammers.

9.      Think about stuff that has no significance to real life.

10. Count how many dots are on the ceiling


Aaron here! I have no clue who would be reading this anyway, but for your information this is Bec's best friend. The protector of innocent! The defender of distressed! The collector of safety pins! I am Duct Tape man!


Alright Aaron, that's enough.


We are all packed and ready to go to New York. I can't wait. One I get to meet my mother. Two I get to go to New York for more than 2 days. Three Aaron gets to come this year! My dad let us order pizza for lunch and we're watching Diehard. Aaron is trying to explain to me how to diagram sentences, and what infinitive and gerund phrases are.


1.1.1 Reasons why Aaron is such a Great Friend

We love the same things

He looks like Mel Gibson

He's almost as tall as me.

He lives next door

He understands diagramming sentences.

He hates Desiree too

He's a freak like me

He refused to be popular even though every girl in the school likes him.

He's really smart

He is the only guy in school that will talk to me.


What is with all the lists?


I don't know Aaron.


I look like Mel Gibson? Since when?


Since I say the Patriot and you grew out your hair.




Yes, now get a hair cut.