AN:// Wow, sorry to keep you all waiting for chapters, but I just finished Princess in Waiting and Princess Lessons so I'm inspired to write again.

April 21st: That's it. I'm ready to flee this godforsaken country and go live some dairy farmers in the Alps. I can't take being a princess any more! My parent's are getting back together. I know a lot of kids would love having their parents get back together after a divorce (might I add they were never married before I was born), but to me it's like my dad is marrying a new girlfriend. A WEEK!!!!! Come on! They've been together for a week and the royal concierge is already planning lots of white (which seems really out of place since I'm here) and doves, and fuzzy pink flowers. Don't make me gag!

But. school is different, finally. I've been shipped off to a English speaking boarding school with Pat. After Luke, Tara, and Kate all went home (the same time I was supposed to return too) my parents popped the news of their engagement and my new lovely school. This all seems really confusing and odd, I think I might have to write out a chart.

My parents are getting married for the first time in a month, the day before my 16th birthday. I don't get to be a part of the Bride's maids of honor, and I'm not going to be a flower girl like I was for Aunt Lilly's wedding.

Pat is throwing a fit, because the school banned any time of chatting on their computers. They took my laptop and removed IM. I feel disconnected from the outside world. They are having a dance with the local Military School. Fun fun. I get to dance with some of my countries juvenile delinquents. Oh well, Patrick will be there. He was also sent there after he was found in a linen closet with one of the maids. What do you expect of a teenage boy with a bunch of French maids prancing around in costumes found in porn movies?

I should be using this required study time to actually study, but I'm the future queen of the country, if they don't pass me I can behead them. Don't mind me, I've been reading Lewis Carroll a lot lately.

Blah blah blah. I'm so bored. This school bites. I would much rather be snickering at my stupid French teacher, than learning French from a non- French speaking person. My mom's gotta-be-gay cousin is coming to design me a dress. I swear, he must be wearing his leather pants too tight because his voice is an octave higher than it should be. Every time he comes around to design clothing for me, all I can think of is the song "Kiss the Girl" in the Little Mermaid, because his name is Sebastian and he walks like he is making up for some missing legs by double-timing.

Pat is organizing a protest about lack of chatting on computers. She just misses Luke, that's way. Without IM and phone service she can't spend hours talking to him like she did when he came over to the castle.

Well, I have to run now since my study time is over and now it's lights out. Have I mentioned how much I hate this school?