Family Takes Care of Family

Summary: The ending was different; the ending was merely the beginning. "Nii-san, we're here to take care of you. In ANY way needed." "Aeris, this is because I had wet dreams of Sephiroth, isn't it? I knew you were a closet fangirl."

Pairings: Cloud/Triplets, Reno/Rufus/Sephiroth


"Cloud!" Aerith whined, pouting down at the pool in her lifestream-version church. It was her viewing portal to the mortal realm and currently it was focused on a wide-eyed, twitchy, Cloud Strife curled up on the top shelf of the closet. How he fit himself up there she couldn't figure out but what she did know was...

"You're not being fun!" wasn't interesting. Zack, who was sitting against the wall nursing a sore head (he had protested feebly over what Aerith chose to do) stood and walked over towards the dead Cetra and said, "Aerith, love, maybe you shouldn't push him-"


THING I EVER SEE IN THIS AFTERLIFE!" she took a deep breath and said softer, "He's ruining my entertainment by ignoring his feelings!"




"You need to shut u-up!" his voice embarrassingly shot up a pitch on the word 'up'.

"That's for being sneaky."


"That was a low blow," was the weakly uttered response. Aerith just smirked at Zack's down form. A knee to the crotch got him every time.


Elsewhere while Cloud was cowering from Kadaj's attentions, Rufus was lounging in his new base of operations next to Sephiroth and Reno. Sephiroths hands were toying lazily with Rufus underneath the sheets and Reno—


—Reno was fast asleep. Sephiroth mused softly, "I wonder if they seduced Cloud yet, or if he decided to be stubborn as usual…"

"Hm? What—unng—what was that?" Rufus asked distractedly.

Sephiroth chuckled. "Nothing."

In Clouds humble abode the blond shivered. Kadaj was stalking the halls, almost cooing his name and trying to find him. It wasn't that he didn't like the sensations or anything. It was just…the family factor. Sort of. And maybe the fact that Kadaj was so young (but damn was he cut) had something to do with it as well…

Suddenly Cloud sneezed. His eyes went wide and round. Outside the closet Kadaj stopped, turned, and pulled open the door. Blue eyes peered down from the top shelf in not-quite-horror while green-ish blue stared up in glee.



"How did you get up there?" Kadaj asked. "Were we playing naked hide n' go seek? I play that with Loz and Yazoo sometimes."

There was a faint, "And you cheat, Kadaj," from the room the triplets occupied.

"We never said materia was unallowed!" Kadaj cheerfully pointed out. In the closet Cloud tried to curl up further against the back wall of the top shelf, out of sight. That back wall seemed to give way under the added weight and Cloud went tumbling through the wall with a yelp.

Kadaj looked back up to the closet shelf to find Clouds eyes missing.

"Nii-san? Where did you go?"

He climbed up the shelves to peer at the top one. Cloud was gone. Kadaj scowled and muttered a few choice expletives before stomping off to hunt Cloud down.


Cloud had tumbled back and down into some sort of secret passage way. He landed on the ground with sharp oomph. Groaning the not-quite former-SOLDIER stood up.

"Well…this wasn't in the house plans," he mumbled and then felt around the passageway.

It was a box.

A small box.

A very small box.

Very, very small.

And he was stuck. Alone. In a small box. Where Kadaj couldn't reach him….

"Oh thank Gaia!"

…and he had no food.

"No…wait. Fuck. This is the last time I buy something from Shinra."

Author Notes:

Okay, okay, TK was naughty.

And not like that. Gutter minded people.

See Runie and I, well…contact suddenly like failed. Shit happened. Neither of us ended up knowing what really happened to the other. And now…we've been reunited! So I finally got around to finishing the second chapter in my joy of discovering Runie again.

Ohmygod darling I have missed you! Hopefully MSN is no longer bitching and we can chitchat again. I apologize for the shortness of this chapter; however I broke my left arm so I'm currently stuck writing one-handed, on a semi-busted keyboard. Aaaanyway, take it away Runie!


...I have no excuse...Not a single one other than MSN sucks major jawbreakers...That is all...