-Several years ago-

It was a room filled with frosted glass window, its walls adorned with various paintings of digimon, its floor a bright carpet. In the center of the room was a bed. In the bed was a young silver haired girl in her pajamas, and sitting on the bed was a man also with silver haired, dressed in a gray uniform. They were both looking a very ornate book

"These are Legendary digidestined Sorami, one of which you share names with, they save the world from the evil Lilithmon, and those who followed like the traitorous Ankou" Tajiri said as he turned to the next page. "Here he is"

"He's still alive isn't he, and you are searching for him?" Sorami asked, as she pointed at the picture.

"Traitors should all die, he desecrated his Digi chip, and should be purged for it" Tajiri said going to turn the page once again.

"When will I be able to help you hunt him down?' Sorami asked as she stopped her father from turning the page.

"When you are old enough, and you have been trained to be a guardian, like myself" Tajiri replied as she stopped him from going to the next page.

"But I am old enough now!" Sorami said, in a petulant child demanding tone.

"Maybe you are?" Tajiri said as he picked up Sorami, and propped her up onto his back, and piggy back her around the room "Let's vanquish the Kurokami Brigade together.

"But Papa! I picture myself on a great cliff with the digidestined, ready for battle, with you standing tall as our leader!" Sorami said as she was being piggyback by her father. "The sight of us would run fear in those who stand in our, even making Ankou tremble in terror"

"Be a proud Guardian first, and see where fate takes you from there!" Her father said, patting his daughter on the head.


The Archive Pyramid vanished right before Sorami had unleashed one more attack, and hit the ground where it had been. Sorami stood there staring blankly at where it used to be. After a few minutes she screeched into the sky, with its echoing into the void. "I will find you! I will find you! I will find you! Digi Traitors! And I'll kill you!"

"You will get them" A voice said behind Sorami.

Sorami turned to see a masked individual, the person wore a mask of a knight design, with the word Paragon emblazoned on it. But this wasn't what Sorami was seeing, it was another member of the guardians she was seeing.

Sorami saluted them "I will not fail again fellow Guardians" she said with a two lines of red, a bloody tears making their way down her face.

"What's with that?" Paragon said to a figure standing at a distance behind him.

"She is being torn apart by her Digi chip's virtue, and the mental programing done to her, She will get the job done, then it will kill her and move on to the next wielder" Said Donica Skies with a slight regret in her tone, but not very much. "But the digidestined have to die, because some of them are possibly siding with Lilithmon"

Paragon nodded and walked up to Sorami "Don't fail again!" He said in a shouting voice, before going to Donica's side, and they both watched as Sorami disappeared In a bolt of lightning, replacing her where she had been, was a sonic boom.

"Good girl" Donica said as the sonic boom sound ebbed away.

Digimon Sync Episode 47 "The Runaways"

"She will eventually find us here, the digital wake will show up on her digivice, this was the first time in quite a while that the archive had to be moved, that was way before my lifetime" Virgil said as he looked into the wild woods "Hopefully Kitsumon's illusions will delay Sorami when she comes looking for us"

"You are all welcome to train here as long as you do not touch anything" Kitsumon said, looking at the digidestined, with an unusual look of fear on her face. "If you don't do what the fox says you will regret it, there are things in this forest that are horrible and I am charged to keep them here. I failed once I will not let that happen again!"

"Horrible things like Ikelosmon?" Hikaru asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

"Yes, that is the failure I wavered on my duty and it escaped, killed hundreds of humans, turned them into warped beings that you know as Sentinels." Kitsumon replied, not even looking in the direction of Hikaru. "If you want I serve the real Lilithmon, not the remnant with her name, the real one died when she created the Digi chips and helped the legendary chosen"

"I hate to interrupt things" a voice said from the forest, and out stepped Drake Hawkins of the guardians, and his digimon partner Dynasmon. "I am glad I am the first to arrive, that digital wake could probably felt for miles"

"Ladies!" Dynasmon said as he took the hands of Thania, and Hikaru, with Mikuni avoiding it as he kiss each of their hands in turn.

"That huge digital wake was huge, are you trying to send out a You are here to the Kurokami Brigade, it's lucky for you that they will not come anywhere near this forest, but who in their right mind would except you guys though apparently" Drake Said looking at each of the digidestined in turn"

"That's the reason I brought them here, where you only have to worry about the occasional merchant or guardian" Virgil said keeping a vigilant eye on the newcomer. "We are guests of the caretaker of this Kitsumon, and don't have to worry about her illusion trickery… Right Kitsumon?"

"Right Virgil!" Kitsumon said, smiling sheepishly like someone deflated her expectations of them being there. "No Trickery from me, I promise, " she crossed her fingers behind her back.

Virgil eyed Kitsumon like he didn't trust a word she was saying "You better not, because it would risk the life of the digidestined, Sorami could be on her way here now to kill them all" he said emphasizing the word kill "and whoever gets in her way"

"Why would Sorami, want to kill her fellow digidestined, we need all of you to save the world once again from Lilithmon" Drake asked confusedly.

"Someone brainwashed her, and convinced her we were all traitors and should be eliminated" Hikaru said answering Drake's question. "And her partner is mega defeated my brother's Apollomon, we had to run for it"

"How dare someone do that? I trained her and she's like a niece to me, How are you guys going to deal with this, you can't kill her. As I said we need all the digidestined together, once the new wielder of the chip of Reliability is found the digidestined will be united as a team" Drake said, taking stock in each of them, and knowing they hadn't found that person from seeing the digidestined there. "Oh, I have a message to pass from Wilhelm, the annulment stone is safe, he has handed it over to us, The Guardians, and he thought it was safer in our hands, Mikuni was smart enough to ask him to sneak it out of Digitopia if anything went wrong there"

Mikuni nodded "Good, " she said before wondering, followed by her digimon partner Lopmon, they both still nursing broken arm, it was good news, but she didn't want to deal with anything at the moment, it was bad enough that her digimon partner wouldn't stop glaring since the incident with Sorami. She still felt his judging eyes on her.

"Don't mind her, I think Mikuni suffered some ego bruising at Digitopia, she wasn't the same since I am worried about her, but she won't talk about it" Hikaru said, watching with concern as Mikuni left, she wished she could get through to her soon.

When they were finally by themselves, that's when Lopmon finally spoke up, "Some champion you are, watched as a coward as your fellow digidestined got his butt handed to him" he said accusingly, and with frustration pointed at Mikuni.

"Neither of us are in any condition to fight anything or anyone…" Mikuni said, her voice breaking "What do you want from me? She advanced on Lopmon shouting.

"I want you to be strong, like you use to be, not this sulking little girl that is standing right in front of me, You are a champion of justice!" Lopmon shouted back at Mikuni, his expression softening a bit.

"I don't know if I can" Mikuni said, turning her back to Lopmon "I just don't anymore!" She then ran off, leaving her digimon partner alone.

"Complete Sync huh?" Drake said "You want me to train you guys like I did with Sorami, but you need to listen to everything I say no questions asked" he paused for a brief moment "You Got that maggots!"

"Yes Sir!" Said all the digidestined that were still there, and bowed respectfully.

"Now down and give me 50 pushups. You lowly pile of maggots!" Drake shouted in the faces of the digidestined "NOW!" And they did exactly like they were told. With some difficulty, especially Hikaru and Takajin who struggled to just do one of them. Huang, and Thania on the other hand had no problem at all.

Mikuni kept running till she tripped over something, and came face to face with a weird monument made from polished obsidian marble, and the only thing on it was snake glyph, with a triangle in its center, the snake looked like it was eating itself. She went to touch it.

"Stop, don't touch that!" The voice of Kitsumon shouted from behind Mikuni startling her, and making the girl jump. "That is the Tartarus Seal"

"Tartarus Seal?" Mikuni asked very confused, she knew about it, but only had just heard about it recently during a legendary digidestined flash back at the pyramid, she instantly pulled her hand away from it like it had been on fire. "This is that?"

"The seal of the prison of Erebosmon, if you touched that symbol you could have freed him, no one ever wants that to happen, you were shown what happened when one of his children escaped" Kitsumon said earnestly "please back away from it now" she watch as Mikuni did what she had been told. When she was far away from it, she let out an exhale of relief. "The Ouroboros is the symbol of Erebosmon, like the infinity symbol is for Lilithmon, and the symbol that's on the Digi chip of Light is for Lorrimon"

"How was the real Lilithmon, you worked for her a long time ago?" Mikuni asked, curious about it.

"She was the kindest spirit on the face of this world, and the most beautiful" Kitsumon answered with a wry smile on her face "Nature wept when she died, I would have died if it meant stopping her from dying" a tear streak down her cheek, and dripped to the ground. "This world was a better place with her in it, now we have a remnant that reminds us of what we have all lost. What cruel reality, this is"

"My mom told me stories of real Lilithmon, when I was very little, but in the stories she was called Lilithia, I still can't understand how that Lilithmon and Lilithia had been the same being." Said Mikuni trying to make sense of it "But say this one is a remnant, if that so where is the rest of her?"

"Gone" Kitsumon replied without hesitation "What's left is just a shell"

-In front of the Pyramid-

They ran laps around the pyramid, in the lead was Thania, follow closely by Huang, bringing up the rear was Takajin and his sister, and who was actually picking up speed and passing her brother leaving him dead last. They were all covered in sweat when the laps were done and stood there breathing heavily. Drake gave them only a minute to recover before appearing and yelling at them again.

"Do you not want to perfect Sync?" Drake shouted at them, with saliva flying as he did "you are going to do sit ups, that's where you sit down and try to touch your toes maggots, I'll make you regret you were ever chosen as a digidestined. Actually, I'll make you regret your harlot of a mother brought you screaming into this world!"

Takajin wanted perfect Sync, but he did not know how long he was going to take this training and the abuse that came with said training, his whole body felt like it was going to be torn apart any moment. "I think he's trying to kill us, " he panted in his sister's direction.

"So do I, " Hikaru said, pointing back "Why isn't Mikuni a part of this?"

"Soon as she gets back she will, I'll make sure of that, " Drake said shouting in Hikaru's face. "I have some personalized training that take into account her and her digimon partner's broken arms"

Mikuni was returning to the pyramid, when something pulled into a bush, it was Kitsumon, they both peeked out, and slightly visible in the distance was Sorami, and Fulgoramon "How the hell did she find us" she said to herself "We are not ready"

"I'll try to delay her with my illusions, you run back to the archive and warn you need to get out of her before she finds you" Kitsumon said in a panicked tone. "Go Now!"

Mikuni took off in the direction of the pyramid, keeping low in the brush, till she reached the pyramid "Sorami is on her way, we need to get out of here, hurry you idiots!" She shouted at them.

"But wouldn't this create another digital wake?" Hikaru asked, wondering about Trans locating the pyramid again.

"You can't help it you guys go I'll try to delay here!" Drake gets into a defensive position, with Dynasmon.

All of them did what Drake told them to do, and once again the pyramid vanished, leaving Drake alone as Sorami stepped out of the forest, just as it do.

"Sorami please come to your senses" Drake shout as he faced his student, she only screamed and charged at him, with Fulgoramon's lightning behind her.

-Arukeni Village-

This was the village, which the digidestined had first helped after leaving Digitopia, it was a case involving a monster that turned not to be a monster, and the village of people that turned out to be the real monster, saved by the very monster they thought was there. Arukeni Village had been formerly known as Crispin Village, renamed after the girl that save it from a volcano, and gave her life in the process. The statue of Arukenimon sits at the center of the village.

The Pyramid appeared on its outskirts, giving off its usual digital wake. They didn't have time to stay there that long, maybe a few hours before either Sorami shows up again or someone from the Kurokami brigade, they had to figure out where they were heading next before either happened.

"We need a new trainer, where are we going to find one?" Hikaru asked, confused why they had come to this village where there wasn't someone to train them. "We can probably make our way to Digitopia from here, it's not that far of a walk, I have a feeling it was Paradigm Shift that Brain washed Sorami so hiding in Digitopia that probably under Kurokami brigade control. She would have to deal with them before getting to us, which could get them out of Digitopia, it might take a few days. We would have to sneak past Suzubuya but it might be worth it"

"My uncle would be there, and he is my father quartermaster, he has trained some of my father elite soldiers, he is a grizzled veteran of many battles" Mikuni said thinking about seeing her uncle & mentor again.

"That's a good idea!" Takajin said, but he had briefly thought about suggesting Yamato Maeda, but seeing him again, and having to explain what happened to his daughter Juniko was too painful to happen yet.

They went into the village because Hikaru wanted to pay a visit to the monument of Arukenimon, she made her way right to it, the beautiful statue carved of rune stone, a mineral mined out of the mountains, a lot of it was nearly poured into the village when the volcano had erupted, and a lot of it was used to make this monument. Hikaru walked up to it and laid flowers she had just picked in front of it. Fresh tears flowed down her cheeks.

"She just wanted to be accepted, She wasn't really a monster, just a girl who was mistakenly judged and persecuted for something she was, she was hybrid not a monster" Hikaru paused, then continued her speech, she wasn't talking to anyone, she was talking to herself "I miss her a lot, she was a friend and a piece of my heart will always be here with her"

They left the village before anyone noticed they were there, they didn't want to stay long enough to put them at risk, Virgil put the Archive on autopilot, which made it change locations every few hours and not anywhere that was populated, they would walk from Arukeni to Digitopia.

"I have the recall button to bring it right to us if need be" Virgil said, seeing the looks on the Digidestined's faces.

That's when Yorda, a villager that the digidestined knew from their visit here, Arukenimon had impersonated her at one point "You can't stay so we can catch up?" She asked with a hopeful expression on her face.

"No, we can't sorry there is something after us, and we can't risk your lives in the process of saving out own" Hikaru said running up and hugging Yorda "I promise we will come back"

"I give you my word, " Mikuni said, trying not to smile.

"If you are going far, you can borrow my wagon and horse that will give you another reason to come back here to return them" Yorda said smiling hopefully.

With Yorda's wagon they left Arukeni Village, and waved and thanked Yorda as they did so, she had been a friend to them again, and this would take a lot of time of their trip.

Mikuni stared out the back of the wagon, wondering how her uncle would react to her broken arm, this wasn't the way she wanted him to see her again, and now regretted suggesting this it. And what was his condition after the events of the tournament, was he still alive. That was never answered before the digidestined and she was whisked away. She would have to encounter her brother Akira, who is now a card carrying member of the Kurokami Brigade. How will she react if she bumped into him again?

Takajin was also worried about the state of his parents, they were there too in the arena when Kurokami brigade had attacked, were they alive or dead. Bringing back this thought that he had banished from his mind was painful, and looking at his sister, she was thinking the same thing as him, he had related the events to her right after they had reunited. He hugged his big sister tightly and they reassured each other that everything was ok, and everyone they cared about were fine.

But what they got was another thing, as came into viewing distance of Digitopia, the image of the kingdom before them was a dreary one, and looked like a ghost kingdom, some structures looked like they had been torn apart and probably had been with the Kurokami Brigade looking the Annulment stone that wasn't there anymore. They couldn't see any of the usual hustle and bustle of Digitopia citizens. Hikaru and Takajin hearts sank at seeing this, even from the distance they were at they felt something good wasn't going on, and felt even worse about leaving their home at the beginning of their journey. First, they would visit the Kingdom of Suzubuya encampment outside the gates of Digitopia. They first hid the wagon, which they would visit later to feed the horses.

"Thinking back to the time, I first came here, was I even a digidestined back then" Huang said inaudibly to himself. "Should I just leave?"

"You are of the digidestined!" Thania said, placing her hand on Huang, she had overheard regardless if he had been only talking to himself. "I feel your hope, it's of the expression you carry even if you deny it being of the there"

Huang gave a small smile, even if it was a wary one, but it showed he still hoped a little, and it wasn't a lot of hope at this present juncture. "Thanks Thania" he said.

Mikuni rolls her eyes "Quit coddling the little girl, and let's find my uncle" She said walking towards her kingdom's encampment.

"When we thought we were safe, she returns to her blunt self again. I almost forgot what that sounded like" Hikaru said, trying not to laugh.

Mikuni hushed them as they entered the encampment, as knights on their daily patrol were doing their daily round. "I know I am fine if they find me, but don't know how they will react if they find you guys here, " she whispered "Make our way to my Uncle General Kizuguchi, and talk to him first"

"I'll address the Elephantmon in our thoughts, have we even forgiven Sorami, for what she did at the infinite Citadel" Hikaru said, turning to face Thania "Thania you weren't there, so I'll tell you what happened. We were on a mission to rescue someone who ended up being Sorami's father Tajiri, she lied and sent us to the wrong room, and she detonated the escape tunnel while we were still in it, leaving us to the mercy of the Kurokami brigade"

This question hung in the air for a few minutes, as they completed these answers, neither of them speaking a word during this time. It was hard to know what each of their answers were going to be. Precipice.

"I know I have though" Hikaru said "What about the rest of you guys"

"I don't think this is the right time for this, Miss Orange poncho" Mikuni said, interrupting Hikaru bluntly "Let's deal with Sorami issue later. When I get you guys somewhere safe"

After that no one talked as they sneaked through the Encampment, until they reached the tent beside the one that belong to the King of Suzubuya, Mikuni's father, Mikuni was the first to enter her uncle's tent followed by the rest of the digidestined and Virgil. A man sat in the center of the tent, looking like he was meditating, he was missing an arm, and one of his legs looked fake, his face was grizzled and puck marked with very nasty scars, he opened his eyes when they entered, "Niece it's nice to see you again and you have brought all your digidestined friends with you" he said in a gruff yet jubilant tone.

"Uncle Kizuguchi, I came here to request the honor of your training us" Mikuni said, taking a deep bow to her uncle.

"A princess should never bow to a lowly general, that's what I am supposed to do" Kizuguchi Ida stood up and bowed deeply to Mikuni. While also eye her broken arm, and he looked over at Lopmon as well and noticed they shared an injury.

"Can you please tell us everything that happened after we were pulled away by the ball of light" Takajin spoke thinking about all the smoke "Who is dead, and who is still alive?"

"The Kurokami Brigade still have your father king Subaru held prisoner, your mother is in this encampment, she is in one servants' tents, King Suzubuya is making sure she is doing fine, Captain Maeda is here too" Kizuguchi said in a gruff reassuring voice. "A lot of your kingdom's people have died, that girl Karone, is cruel in finding out what she needs to know, and no one knows where, was what she is looking for is or what exactly it is she is looking for is. Or it's only me that doesn't know what it is"

"It's called the Annulment stone, and it's one of a set of three, they are a failsafe to keep the world from being torn down, and recreated. These stones are to be placed in front of the door in the tower of endings, and if Lilithmon walks through this after the stone are placed in front of it, everything would come to an end" Virgil said finally speaking up, after being quiet for so long. "The Kurokami Brigade has two of the three stones, the Guardians have the third"

"Now my information makes sense, my spies have reported that the guardians have been spotted sneaking something into Digitopia, and are going to use it as bait for the Kurokami brigade" General Kizuguchi Ida said scratching his grizzled, and scarred chin.

This revelation left all the digidestined, and Virgil with a stunned expression, not knowing what to say about this.

"What the hell are they thinking" Mikuni said finally speaking up "I get the stone safely out of Digitopia and those fools take it back in, risking the lives of everyone on this planet. For what reason some stupid past vendetta" she punched the table with her good hand "What we are going to do is get the stone back and take it out of Digitopia" '

Everyone nodded in agreement, they were going to sneak into Digitopia, find the annulment stone, steal it back from the guardians and take it somewhere safe, even if it means cracking a few of their skulls to do it.

"Is Tajiri among them?" Hikaru asked, worried they would have to fight its leader, to get the stone back.

"Nope, my spy network says only highest ranking guardian along them is Daloran Taiga, but she is still a fierce warrior, and her digimon partner is Regulumon, a lion digimon of immense power" Kizuguchi said forewarning the digimon that it could get them killed facing her. "Since you didn't know about this when you came here, why do you need my training?"

"Someone is after us, she is a digidestined like us, she is Sorami and she is brainwashed and very dangerous, we don't know when she will find us again, and we need to prepared" Takajin said, trying to remain calm "I don't know how we can train with you and get the annulment stone back, it's so much to deal with"

"You will train with me, I'll send out the spies to find out where the guardians have the stone, and when it will be best to take it from them" Kizuguchi said seeing the accepting look on his niece's face. "You will train hard, and you will give me 110 percent, as now you are recruits in the Suzubuya army, I expect this this from all of them and now I do the same for you" his expression harden, he had this scary expression on his face, like a predator looking at a flock of its prey, they all started to miss Drake, as they stared into the eyes of general that was going to train them in combat.

-Unknown Location-

Sorami had left Drake, the guardian, she thought she could trust, trussed top a tree, he was beaten and bloody, his digimon partner lay unconscious on the ground near him. He would answer for his treason later.

"Do you really think they are traitors?" Said a voice behind Sorami, she turned to come face to face with her much younger self. Who vanished the moment she was looking at her.

"Yes!" Sorami screamed at absolutely nothing, like she was angry at the forest itself. She then walked over to her digimon partner, and they both vanished in a flash. They would travel to where the feeling of the next digital wake came from. They appeared in front of Arukeni Village, and her child self, greeted her as she arrived.

"Do you truly believe they would even consider joining the Kurokami brigade and try to bring an end to the world?" Child Sorami said "You once dreamed! When you were me, you pictured yourself standing on a high cliff with the digidestined, and fight a great battle with them?"

Sorami screamed and charged her child self, and the child was gone before she got to her, if she could have gotten her hands on her, she would have killed her child self for even questioning her orders "They are traitors, how dare you question that" she shrieked into the night.

-To be Continued-

Will the digidestined get the annulment stone back, and will they be able to save Sorami too? To answer these questions and more, please tune into the next Digimon digital monsters.