All was meant to be well. They were back in their world-Dustfinger included, for Roxanne had died, and he had no wanted to be there, for memories were more vivid and haunting. Farid had wanted to stay, after falling in love with Brianna. Quite a betrayal to Meggie-her heart had broken beyond repair, or so she had thought. For in books, the first true love you never got over. Dustfinger had been asked to be ten years younger-the nine he had wasted wanting to go back to Inkheart, he wanted to take back. So she had agreed, Fenglio had written them back, instead of Dustfinger being thirty five, he was now twenty five, while Meggie was at the mere age of fifteen. Though there were heartbreaks, things were well. They had reached home and all was safe. In a book, this would have been boring and the reader could have gotten quite fed up with the story. If they had closed it, however, they would have missed everything. For this story is more exciting than the others. For yes, all was meant to be well. But we know how life doesn't like to leave well enough alone.


Hey everyone! Well, this is my attempt of a chapter story of's called Inkmonster because, well, in time you will see. I have heaps of chapters already and the story is almost finished...So I can have this up pretty quickly because I have no life. Nah, jokes. I just hate it with a passion when authors don't update for like a YEAR (literally) so yeah. Well, tell me if you want me to post more and want me to continue, please!! Yes it will be a Dustfinger/Meggie story, and it has a few twists in it...I promise you, it won't be boring. So get reviewing. (:

-Not Quite That Delicate.