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There was a redheaded girl life at Musica Kingdom. She lived with her parents and older brothers. Her family was one of the noble families. They love music like their King and Queen and they can play an instrument. They wish to become a musician, but sadly they couldn't. If they reached the age of 16, they must become a knight and serve their King and Queen. Their father is the commander of the knights and their mother is The Queen's best friend. They were the prince and princess' personal guard that ready to protect them with their lives, even if they haven't met the prince yet.

The princess played clarinet while The Prince decided to play a violin. The prince was one of five knights who protected the princess. He didn't want to become a prince who someday will take over the throne, he want to be a famous violinist instead, but he couldn't and so he decided to become a knight until the time when he must replace his father came.

Some of the servants and guards turned their head toward the running redheaded girl. Confusion could be seen on their faces. Some of them even had to restrain themselves from laughing out loud. It was not the first time she was late but to come to work with that appearance was…well, something.

'Why is this corridor looks like there's no end of it?' the young woman run as fast as she could. She was late for the umpteenth times that week. She didn't want to know what her superior-the commander who is her father-would do if he heard about her tardiness. She finally arrived at her destination, panting and looked tired from her early run.

"Good morning Kahoko-san." The lilac haired guy greeted her kindly with his smile.

"I think you won't come today." said the green haired guy.

"Why didn't you wake me up, Ryo?" asked the girl angrily.

"I tried to wake you but, you always said 'five more minutes.'"Ryo said calmly.

"Why you..."

"Calm down Kahoko, it's rude to talk to your brother like that and beside Ryo is right, so we left you." said the other green haired guy.

"But Kazuki-nii..."

"And it's rude to act like that in front of the princess. Kaho you must apologize, you too Ryo." Kazuki told his sister and brother.

Kahoko and Ryoutaro couldn't do anything but obey him if Kazuki's eldest brother mode was on.

"Forgive us for being rude in front of you, Your Highness" They said in unison.

"I-It's o-okay, I-I d-don't m-mind i-it, a-and p-please d-don't a-act f-formal, i-it's m-make m-me f-feel u-uneasy." the princess said.

"Thank you and yes." said Ryotaro

Noticing someone was not there, Kahoko said "Maybe I'm not the only one who's late."

"I'm not late like you." said the blue haired guy.

All of them were shocked because of his sudden appearance.

"You almost give us a heart attack Len." said the lilac haired guy.

"Is that so Azuma?" Len said calmly. Azuma just give him a smile.

"Uumm... Ano Kaho-chan, Len-san, can you played a duet?" asked the princess.

"I'd love to but, sorry Fuu-chan, I forgot to bring my violin because I was in hurry when I come here." Kahoko apologized.

"It's okay, then." Fuuyumi was a little disappointed.

"Maybe you can go home and get your violin, Kaho-chan." Kazuki told his sister. She just gave him a confused and hurt look. When Kazuki suggested she should go back home after all of the running she had done, it hurt her feeling a little.

"Maybe it was a good idea besides it will be best for you to go home and change your pants, shoes and fix your hair properly." Azuma told her with a smile as Ryoutaro brought a mirror in front of her.

Her jaw was hanging when she looked at her reflection. Her hair was a mess, she still wear her pajama pants and her shoes-which she wore hurriedly and without looking-were not a match. The only same thing her shoes had was its color. She was so embarrassed and wanted to disappear. No wonder everyone looked at her weirdly. There was a knock at the door and Len went to answer it.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

The maid who knocked the door said "The King and Queen want the princess and her knights to face them immediately."

"OK. Thanks for informing us," he then closed the door and looked at the other participant in the room but when his gaze landed on Kahoko, he just sighed and asked one of the maid in the room to help her.

- 000 -

"Um... Father, mother why do you want us to face you?" asked Fuuyumi

Her parents looked sad, and it made Fuyuumi worried. "You know you'll marry the prince from another kingdom right?" the queen said and Fuyuumi gave her a nod.

"And now, the time has come. Could you tell your brother what I'm saying? 'You have one more year to play your games." said the king.

All of them were speechless. They were too confused and shocked. Kahoko was the one who recover first.

"B-but princess is too young to get married right?"

"It's okay Kahoko, she won't be married immediately. She'll get married when she reached the age of seventeen, so she has two more years." explain the king.

"What about the prince? Will he understand your sentence? And what do you mean 'his games?'" asked Azuma

"Don't worry about it Azuma, I'm sure he'll understand it perfectly and about that..." the queen can't finish her words.

"If princess will marry when she was seventeen years old then, the prince will..." this time, Ryoutaro was the one who speaking.

"Will what?" asked Len, inpatient.

"Will marry when he is seventeen years old." finished Ryo.

Len froze instantly, he didn't know about that. He is the prince but he doesn't know about that thing. His parents didn't tell him, And next year, he will become seventeen and he must tell everyone that he is the prince. He can accept the fact he must stop from being a knight next year, but to get married? He didn't know. He has someone in mind but he didn't know whether she love him back or not.

"Len are you alright?" asked Kahoko, but no respond

"Len" no respond

"Len!" still no respond

"LEN!" shouted Kahoko

"Huh? What?" asked Len. Kahoko's voice brought him back from his own thought.

"Are you alright? It's seems you were in a deep thought." Kahoko said worriedly.

"Kaho, it's no use to worry about him." Said Ryotaro.

Len gave a death glare to him and back to normal when said "I'm okay Kahoko-san, don't worry."

The queen who saw the way Kahoko and Len looked at each other smile and says to her self ' I think I know who the perfect girl for Len'

"And why do you want us to come too, your majesty?" asked Kazuki

"Actually I have a favor to ask." sapd the king

"And the favor is…"


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