Hey everyone! Alright, so have no worries, I'm not going to stop writing A Summer To Remember! And I'm not taking a break from it either! It's getting ready to come to an end here in a few chapters and I wanted to start something new and completely fluffy :D hope you enjoy!


"Bella honey, are you almost done packing? The moving truck is here and we want to start loading all the remaining stuff as soon as possible. Everything packed?" Renee, my mother, asked me in her caring motherly tone.

"Yea mom, I think this is the last box." I said while taping the top of it and labeling it books in bold black letters with a sharpie.

"Ok, well I'll see you down stairs in a minute then."

"Alright." I said with a smile on my face.

I surveyed the room one last time making sure I wasn't forgetting anything. Then I grabbed my heavy box of books and made my way down the staircase into the empty kitchen and out the back door to where the moving truck was waiting for its final load. I placed my box on top of a stack of my other stuff then slid the door down. It hit the bed of the truck with an echoing boom!

"Ready Bells?" Charlie, my father, asked as he came around to the back of the truck.

I sighed, "Yea, I'm ready. Mind if I drive myself?"

"No, not a problem." he said with a smile making his eyes crinkle, giving him a younger more handsome appearance. He tossed me the truck keys and I caught them with little difficulty. Usually my hand eye coordination is little to none, but I guess today was going to be different.

The drive to our new house literally took five minutes. In all honesty, I had no clue why we were moving, but mom and dad wanted a larger house so we would be more 'comfortable', whatever that means. Our old house was perfect! Not too big and not too small, and I had grown up there since I was born. All of my 'firsts' happened there. My first step, first word, first everything basically. But I suppose there is a season for everything, including change.

We pulled up at the house. It was larger than I remembered from driving by it once or twice. It was a brick house with tons of windows and a porch that was the entire front. It had four white columns which contrasted nicely with the dark brick, and a small yard. To most it probably looks like their dream house, but it just didn't seem like home. But hey, it really doesn't matter because after a year, I'll be going to college and life will completely change.

I got out of my truck and locked the door behind me. Mom and dad were already bringing the hundreds of boxes inside. I went to the back of the truck and grabbed a few of my own and carried them inside the huge foyer.

"Go ahead and take your stuff up to your room dear. You choose which room you want, the entire upstairs is yours to claim." Mom said with a smile, nodding her head towards the stairs.

"Thanks so much mom!" I said happily making my way up the stairs.

Much to my surprise it was like a giant loft apartment but divided a little. My bed was already up there along with my book shelves.

"How you like it Bells?" Dad asked me, startling me in the process.

"This is amazing! Thank you all so much!" I squealed giving him a hug.

"It's our pleasure Bella, now you have to choose a color and paint this place yourself. We're not going to do that for you."

"Yes sir! Light blue like the sky please." I said happily. Light blue was my favorite color.

He laughed, "As you wish." then he made his way back down stairs.

I began unpacking and setting up my room. As I was unpacking my clothes, I began to panic! Where was the old paper box that held my letters?! It wasn't where I knew I put it! I continued unpacking clothes as fast I could, but it wasn't there! I let out a frustrated groan! I must have left it! Crap, crap, crap! Not good! And I can't go back to get it because the new family is moving in today! Ugh, my life sucks!

Hopefully they'll just find the box and pitch it thinking it's a bunch of old school assignments or something. Frustrated, I finished unpacking and arranging my room to the way I like it.

After making up my bed, I went back down stairs to help mom and dad unpack whatever they needed help with. Mom will probably want me to organize the kitchen because I'm the one that mainly uses it.



"Wake up Edward!" Alice screamed as she jumped on top of me.

"Oof! Thanks Alice, I always like to be woken up like that!" I said unhappily.

"Aww, stop being such a grumpy gills! We're moving today, remember?" She said a little too peppy for my liking this early in the morning.

"How could I forget Ali? It's all you've been able to talk about since mom and dad announced that dad would be transferring to Forks." I said unhappily. I did not want to move! Seattle was home! Forks was not what I considered home!

Alice just rolled her eyes. "You'll be able to come back on the weekends. Now hurry up, we're all ready to leave except for you."

I slowly got up off the floor and rolled up the sleeping bag I had slept in and changed into the clothes I hadn't packed with everything else. Lazily I made my way down to the kitchen where everyone was waiting.

"Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?" Esme, my adoptive mother, asked.

"As good as I could have." I said still half asleep, reaching in the cabinet for a mug that no longer sat there. I groaned.

"Here son." Carlisle calmly said while handing me a Starbucks to-go cup.

"Thank you!" I said, quickly taking a sip of the rich, warm beverage.

"Not a problem. Are we all ready to go?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Alice exclaimed while bouncing up and down.

Esme laughed, "Calm down! Or else I'll make you drive with Edward."

Alice immediately stopped bouncing and stood as still as a statue.

"Okay, go get in your cars, and follow us. Hopefully, you won't get lost." Carlisle chuckled as he walked out the back door.

We followed suit and began the journey to our new house. Alice and I had never seen it, so we followed Carlisle and Esme as close as we could. After about two hours of driving, we turned into a small, decently nice subdivision.

The brake lights on the moving van turned red and Alice and I stopped in the driveway. This is where we're going to be living? I asked myself unbelievingly. The house wasn't anything special; it was just white with a few windows and a nice front door. The yard was decent with a few trees, but it wasn't the most spectacular thing I have ever seen for sure.

"So, what do you think?" my mom asked.

"It's alright…" I said trailing off, not trying to sound mean about it.

"It'll get better. I promise." she said, placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I smiled.

"Care to help me with these boxes Edward?" dad asked from the back of the moving van.

"Yea." I nodded while walking over.

After a few hours, the entire truck was unpacked, and we were beginning to pick our rooms. Alice dashed up the stairs and began looking at the room to closet ratio. Honestly, I couldn't care less which room was mine, as long as I could sleep in a bed at the end of the day I was a happy camper.

"I want…this one!" Alice said while bouncing into the room.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, only Alice. I grabbed a few of my boxes and went into what is now my place of residence. I'd have to repaint it for sure, the walls were an ugly sky blue color…and I'm more of a red or even black fan. I continued bringing up my stuff, then finally dad helped me carry up my bed and mattress. We set it up relatively quickly and I began unpacking the plethora of boxes strewn about my room.

As I was putting some of my winter clothes on the top shelf in the closet, an old paper box fell off and hundreds of pieces of paper flew out. What the heck is this? I pondered as I picked them up. One came unfolded and I quickly read it:

Letter #1:

My Future Husband,

Ok, so this is my first letter to you and I feel a little silly writing it because I don't know you yet, but I guess I should explain my reasoning behind all these letters you will be receiving from me one day. So here it goes…

Today I was at my grandma's house and it's really dull there, but on the way back home my mom and dad started talking about my grandma and grandpa's relationship. (I guess I should tell you that my grandfather died a few years back, but my grandma is still living.) It turns out that he was in the war…I'm not sure which one but while he was away he began writing letters to my grandma to "woo" her I suppose, and through the letters they really got to know each other and stay in touch.

I thought the idea was really sweet, and I want to do that for you…even if I don't know you. Think about it how often do we send e-mails to people that we care about, but it's impersonal and we use abbreviations for everything we can. I'm going to go old fashioned with this one and write every word out. If you mind…you're retarded, I'll just let you know that now. I hope you'll write me back, I'd love to meet you one day. I love you more than you can imagine and can't wait for the day when we can finally meet each other!

Always Yours as Long as I Live,

Your Future Wife

That's odd. I quickly unfolded another and read it; again it was addressed to 'My Future Husband'. I unfolded another, and it was the same thing. Were all of these letters to someone's future husband? I finished putting all the letters back into the worn box and put the letter I read on my night stand.

I finished unpacking most of my stuff, with the exception of my music collection and a few odds and ends then got ready for bed. As I lay down onto my bed relaxing my body, I grabbed the letter and reread it. I really haven't thought about my future mate or what they will be like. I date girls, but there really are no long term outcomes sadly.

Maybe, I should write back to 'Your Future Wife'. It won't hurt anyone, and there's no one that's going to read the letters besides me…and maybe my future wife, right?

Alright, now's your chance to tell me what you think and if I really should continue on or not! I'm kinda debating continuing…I'm just not sure. Let me know what you think!