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Letters to My Love – Sequel to Love Letters

My Future Husband,

Hey you, sorry I haven't written a letter in a while…life's been hectic to say the least. Between switching majors half way through my sophomore year and basically restarting, getting three part time jobs, mentoring, teaching a little, keeping up with school, trying to maintain a social life and grabbing some sleep when time permits it, writing letters has unfortunately fallen into the 'only when I have time' category. For that, I apologize. I promise to do my best to never neglect you, you're way too important for me to ever do that. I'll try to write more, I've honestly missed talking and sharing my life with you.

This week has been so wonderful! I'm sure that by the time you actually read this we'll both think these things are petty and not even a big deal, but I want to share them with someone important, not just a stranger on the street—so here goes. Monday I started my final semester at school! I'm scared shitless to be completely honest! I have no clue what the future holds for a cinematography major in six short months, but it's looking up, I think. This week at work, I passed by another department head's door and he called me in and asked me if I wanted to be part of their team—fulltime! This is so huge! I'd be challenged for the first time in a year, honey! I'd have creative freedoms that I've only dreamed of and resources I can pull from that most never even think of! I'm really thinking about it right now. I told him I'd think about it and get back to him within two weeks…hopefully I have an answer by then! I also got a "raise" at work if you want to call it that…just twenty two cents, but that still means I make about $300 more a year, so I really can't complain there!

Aside from all that, I may be buying my first house! How exciting is that? I'd be able to get off campus (finally!) and be able to survive on my own! Granted, it'll be a major fixer upper, but I think that that's the kind of adventure that I'm in need of right now. To be completely honest, I wish you were here and a part of my life and could help me with all of it. I wish you could be beside me as I go to view it next week and make sure it's really what I'm falling in love with. And if I do buy it, I wish that you could be there with me, and help me paint the walls, tear up the carpet and replace it with hardwood, revamp the bathrooms and add homey touches that are both of our styles. I can't wait until that day! I'm already so excited about it! I know it'll be a struggle, but…we'll make it work. We'll always make it work.

My life feels so void right now. My girl friends and I aren't that close anymore and my best friends, for the most part, are scattered so it's hard getting in touch with them let alone having and opportunity to see them face-to-face. It'd be nice to have you here to fill that void. That sounds really pathetic and clingy, doesn't it? But until then, I need to learn to survive and be happy on my own. If I can be dependent and happy on my own, I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful it will be when we're together!

I guess that's it for right now, I'm sorry it's so short after such a long stretch of silence. Time is money and my body is begging me for a few hours of sleep before a hectic day tomorrow full of class, work, homework and more work. I'd love to meet you one day. Who knows, we could have met already and I just don't know it yet! Wouldn't that be something lovely? I love you more than you can imagine and can't wait for the day when we can finally meet each other!

Always Yours as Long as I Live,

Your Future Wife

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