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AN: Sorry I took so long to start this, but I got a little distracted by some other projects, and I'm in year 12, so homework takes up a lot of my time. This takes place about six months after the epilogue of Stranded. Enjoy!

It was 7 AM on a perfect New Jersey morning when the sound of an alarm clock shattered the peaceful silence of Doctor Gregory House's apartment. His girlfriend and boss, Doctor Lisa Cuddy, cracked an eye open, sighing. She turned to House, shaking him gently.

"Greg! Greg, wake up!" House groaned, but didn't stir. Cuddy, dressed in one of House's T-shirts, climbed out of bed, pulling the covers off of him. "Come on sleepyhead, my car's at the mechanic so you have to drive me to work today, remember? Being on time might not be important to you, but for me it's actually quite a pressing concern." House put his pillow over his head, and Cuddy sighed, about to give up and call Wilson for a lift, when an idea came to her. "If you get up, I'll let you share my shower." House sat bolt upright, reaching for the bottle of pills on his bedside table, before getting out of bed.

"You are evil" he growled, dry-swallowing two Vicodin pills while Cuddy smirked and handed him his cane.

About an hour later, House hobbled grumpily into the diagnostics conference room at Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, where his four fellows were waiting for him. Two of them, however, were distracted, paying no attention to their boss's arrival. Thirteen was bouncing 6-month old Christopher Chase on her knee, while her boyfriend Lawrence Kutner crouched in front of him, making funny faces that extracted as many giggles from Thirteen as they did from the baby. House raised an eyebrow at them.

"What's the Little Wombat doing here?" he asked, using the nickname that he had attached to Chase and Cameron's son before the little boy was even born.

"There's been an outbreak of measles in the hospital day-care centre" Thirteen explained, looking up. "Christopher hasn't been vaccinated yet, and Cameron doesn't want him to catch it."

"And he's with you instead of Cameron because.."

"Because the E.R is no place for a baby" said Cameron, entering the room and dropping a file on the table. Christopher's green eyes lit up at the sight of his mother, his tiny hands grasping at the pink material of her scrubs as she lifted him from Thirteen's lap. "You've got a case" she said, indicating the file before turning to Thirteen, smiling. "Thanks for watching Christopher for me."

"No problem, he's an angel, you know we all love him" Thirteen replied, while Kutner nodded in agreement.

"Yeah" said Cameron, her smile widening a little. "Amber's got the day off so she's going to come and take him for me." House made no attempt to stop the huge guffaw that escaped from his mouth.

"Cutthroat Bitch with the baby? Ha!"

"She's actually really good with him" said Cameron, eyes narrowing slightly.

"Yeah" Thirteen agreed, defending her now closest friend.

"When Wilson's around, sure" said House. "But don't be surprised if you come home and find out your kid's been sacrificed to the Devil." Everyone rolled their eyes. Despite all they had been through, House was still House.