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Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Foreman, Kutner, and Taub were sharing lunch with the women of the group, minus Amber, who was working. Baby Christopher sat bouncing in Cameron's lap. The hospital's day care still wasn't safe for him, so the gang had spent the morning taking turns at looking after him, in a little game that House had dubbed "Pass the wombat". Cameron had kept him for a while in the morning while she caught up on paper work, but the E.R had soon descended into it's usual state of chaos, so she passed Christopher on to his Father, who had not been busy at the time. Unfortunately, Chase was called into surgery not long after, so he had given the baby to Wilson, but Wilson had to meet with a patient, so he gave Christopher to Foreman, who quickly passed him off to Thirteen and Kutner, the ducklings who were best with him. But then their patient had gone into cardiac arrest, and the ducklings had been forced to leave little Christopher with House. After an apparently chaotic few minutes involving a dirty diaper and a near disastrous Vicodin incident while House had his back turned, he had for once made a responsible call and decided that the Little Wombat would be safer with Cuddy, and there he had stayed until now, when he had been passed back to his mother, at least for a little while.

"So" said Kutner, looking around at everyone. "How do you think Wilson and Chase are going with House at the tailor?" Cuddy just smirked. If she knew her boyfriend, and she did, he was not going to make the experience easy for them...

"I'm bored" House announced, watching Wilson get his tux fitted while he and Chase waited for their turn.

"I know" Chase groaned. "You've mentioned it ten times in the past five minutes."

"I need you to entertain me" said House.

"No" Chase replied.

"Oh, come on. How about you play proud Daddy and show me the photo of the Little Wombat that I know you've got in your wallet, and I can pretend to care about how cute you think he is. It'll be fun."

"Fine" Chase sighed, reaching for his wallet. He hated giving in to House, but he couldn't resist the urge to show off his son, who, in his admittedly biased opinion, was the cutest kid on the planet. He smiled at the photo himself before showing it to his former boss. "There he is."

"Now he is precious!" said House sarcastically. "I could just eat him up, couldn't you?" Chase rolled his eyes.

"I'm done" said Wilson after a while, stepping away from the tailor. "They want you next, House."

"No!" House cried, his face pale. "Please, anything but that!" The diagnostician nudged Chase forward with his cane. "Take him, take him instead!"

"Hey!" Chase yelled in objection. Wilson sighed.

"Look House, just do it, okay? The sooner you do it, the sooner you can stop complaining about it."

"Okay" House groaned, pulling out his bottle of Vicodin and dry-swallowing a few. "But look at what you made me just do, Wilson" he waved the bottle", " And I am trying ever so hard to cut down. You may have just ruined all the progress I've made." Wilson, with the stern expression of a father ordering his child into a corner when they had misbehaved, pointed to the tailor. "I hate you" House growled, reluctantly making his way over to the tailor.