Nicole stood at the gravestone of her mother with her father, Severus Snape. She clutched her father's robe ends tightly with her small fists, eyes brimmed with shiny tears.


"Yes, darling?" Her father's soothing voice replied.

"Will Mummy be fine in Heaven?"

"Yes…she will be safe, along with your big brother…"

Nicole nodded. She remembered watching that awful green light flashing from her bedroom. As she had just returned with her father from grocery shopping, Severus immediately carried her and hid them in the shed. After a while, a scream was heard. Nicole knew from inside her head that something bad had happened! She and her brother always had a telepathic connection. She had another question.


"What is it darling?"

"Why were Mummy and Harry killed?"

Severus could not answer this. He could not bear to tell Nicole the cruel truth. The cruel truth of how the prophecy affected their lives.

"I can't tell you now, love. Soon, when you are all grown up like me, I will tell you everything."

"You promise Daddy?"

He looked into her eyes and solemnly said, "I promise."

Hugging her, he tried to control the tears that were almost leaking. Nicole, sensing her father's distress, snuggled against him and tried to comfort him. She knew that her mother and brother's deaths were a big trauma to her dad.

"Let's go. Let your mother and Harry rest in peace."

Nicole nodded and took Severus' hand. They walked a short distance before Nicole turned to the gravestone, waving.

"Goodbye Harry! Goodbye Mummy! I will see you soon, I promise."

Life was never the same again.

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