Olivia paced the waiting room. She'd never been good at waiting. Flashes of Elliot in her arms, bleeding, kept coming in to her mind. She kept seeing his blue eyes, the colour in them slightly greyer, and then his lips, his smile, kissing him: and then a sudden influx of all the memories she'd ever shared with him in their eleven-year long partnership. Tears, an overwhelming flow of emotion suddenly welled up inside of her, and she couldn't imagine losing him. What would she be without him? Those three words she has said to him, those last three words: she meant every. single. one. of them. Her chest ached, her face burned, tears began to flow but she fought them like hell, and she paced the waiting room even faster.

Four hours later, a surgeon told her that she could see him.

She saw him through the window first, half-sitting, a bandage around his stomach; her stomach jolted. "Hey," he said when he saw her at the door. She stood by his side, placing a gentle hand on his, allowing herself to play with his fingers, and he smiled as he reciprocated the gesture. She too smiled, laughing with relief as she sat down on the bed beside him.

"El," she choked quietly, still fighting tears. He looked into her eyes, blue as ever, alive as ever; his thumb stroked her knuckles and despite all her efforts a tear fell, "I'm really, really glad you're okay," she whispered. He breathed out heavily, and pulled her gently towards him; he wrapped his arms around her, and held her closely, bending his face into her neck. She gripped his back, her eyes shut tightly against the flow of tears, and she repositioned her arms – to hold him closer.

When they pulled apart, they pressed their foreheads together, breathing in each other's presence. Their hearts pounded together; he cupped her face with one hand, and kissed her. Their lips collided in an explosion of electricity through tongues and exploration, tenderness quickly turned into passion and heat, and they alternated between the three for several minutes before resigning breathlessly to one another's arms.