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Chapter 1 – Rosalie POV

I grumbled miserably as I walked through the doors to the Cullen mansion. I was just returning from a double shift at the restaurant my family owned and ran. I was always bored when I worked at the restaurant. All of us Cullen siblings were. Carlisle realising this used it as a punishment against us when we were bad. I almost growled in temper at the unfairness. Here I was a fully grown vampire 30 years old and yet I was treated like a child. I tried to calm down and as I turned around to put my coat on the hanger I noticed my husband in the living room.

"Hi Emmett" I greeted him. He was sat on the couch watching football. He waved one hand in response never taking his eyes of the screen. I rolled my eyes. How he could watch that tedious sport was beyond me. He had been a vampire for almost seventy years after being found and changed from Carlisle who found him almost dead after being attacked by a bear. He had seen it all and bought the t-shirt multiple times yet he still watched football. Despite his flaws I loved him. I was changed almost 15 years ago after being raped and left for dead and he was the one who had helped me. He helped me kill the monsters that did it, He listened to me while I relived the experience again and again, he held me while I dry sobbed and he helped me do the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Say goodbye to my daughter. I gotten pregnant at fourteen and changed the day my baby was born. I had to give her up. I remembered it like yesterday.

I was 14 and at a party. I didn't know anyone. I had always been a loner but Regina Haywood one of the most popular girls in school seemed to see some potential in me and all of a sudden I was cool. I hung around with Regina and her cronies and we were always at the coolest parties. At this party though Regina had left me leaving me on my own, the saddo in the corner. I was just about to leave when a boy came up to me. I remembered him. His name was Royce King Jr. He was the coolest boy in school and everyone fancied him. He kept giving me drinks and sweet talking me. I was deluded and drunk enough to fall for it and soon we were kissing.

We went out into the garden and he made what he wanted pretty clear groping me and kissing me. I stopped him but he told me he loved me. I was shocked to say the least. Not even my parents had said that. I was more or less brought up by nannies while my father worked a lot and my mother would just get drunk. When he said that it was a big deal and I buckled. I lost my virginity drunk, in a bush at the age of fourteen. Classy. Afterwards he just pulled his pants up and walked off. I was confused and tried looking for him at the party but he was nowhere to be found. The next day at school he ignored me and I realised I had been duped. When I found out I was pregnant a month later I was terrified. I knew my parents would disown me and I was too much of a coward to approach Royce in school. I tried to forget about it and ignore it but sure enough nine months after that fateful night the pains started and I gave birth to a baby girl in my bedroom with my parents still none the wiser.

I looked into my daughter's eyes and instant love hit me. She was beautiful. She gripped my finger and I smiled down at her and I knew I would never let her go. I decided to name her Bella. Reality hit in soon after though when my mother came into the room to see me holding her. She screamed, shouted, ranted and raved. Told me I was not welcome in her house any more if I was to keep the baby so I cleaned and dressed myself and Bella using some of my old baby clothes and walked out of the door without a penny to my name. It was dark and cold outside and I carried on walking trying to think of a plan. Bella would be hungry soon and would not be good for a newborn out on the streets in winter. After walking for a while I heard Royce and his friends behind me. They were drunk.

"Hey Blondie!" Royce shouted after me. I tried to ignore them but they followed me and Royce came behind me yanking my hair I stumbled backward nearly dropping the baby "Leave me Alone!" I turned and growled at them but they just laughed and came closer

"Ooooh feisty I like it Royce you were right and haha look the slut's had a wickle baby" one of his friends said I instantly became more scared for my daughters safety.

"Don't hurt her" I begged. Royce got a grin. "No Rosie Posie we're not gonna hurt her" he said putting extra emphasis on her as the gang cornered me. When they had finished all I could think about was the pain. They had took Bella off me putting her on the ground until they finished and ran off. I was in so much pain I just wanted to die until Carlisle found me in the streets and changed me into a vampire. I joined the Cullen Coven. Their was Esme and Carlisle who were the sort of mum and dad in the coven, Jasper and Alice and the two single men Edward and Emmett who I fell in love with.

After I was changed I was given the news that Bella must be put up for adoption. I was devastated. I cried, I pleaded, I threw tantrums but I was always met with the same remark.

"We can't risk it Rosalie. She would notice we're not aging so we'd have to tell her about us. If the Volturi ever got wind that we had a human child in our coven well the consequences would be catastrophic and as you refuse to change her when she's old enough well you leave us no choice". So I chose a couple who were looking to adopt and gave her up. There wasn't a day that went by I never thought of her, what she would look like and what she was up to. And here I was 15 years later still mourning the loss of my child.

Hello Rosalie, how was your day?" I was brought out of my thoughts by my father's words as he entered the room. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. When I was first changed the only good thing about it was that I was finally going to get away from my father Adam Hale. He was a cruel, vile man who was determined to control my life. He hated the fact that I wasn't this perfect obedient daughter. About five years after I was changed I was shocked to find him at my door. He had been changed into a vampire. He had been a nomad travelling from country to country and while passing through forks he had smelt vampires and checked it out.

After finding me he had vowed to stay here in forks to my dismay and despite my pleading Carlisle had welcomed him with opened arms. I was furious with Carlisle until Adam had told us what his powers were. Control and Blocking. The Control power was power was sort of like Jaspers power but ten times more lethal. He could control people's feelings. It might sound like nothing but he could make Carlisle believe everything he said and he could make my family adore him. For some reason it never worked on me. It never worked on the people who had strong feelings towards him. I hated him with a passion so I guess that counted as strong feelings. The second power was simple. He could block himself from any mental or physical power other families had. Alice could not see any future that involved him, Edward could not read his mind and Jasper could not read his feelings. I sighed.

I would never be rid of him. He was always the person who knew how to wind me up and he would not give up until I was angry or crying. I remembered the day after he had arrived. I had begged him to leave. He had said he wanted an apology and when I had refused he told me what had happened. "Don't go looking for your angel of a daughter because she's dead!" he spat at me coldly "She died 13 years ago" he went on to explain he had a call looking for Rosalie Hale saying that she had died. At just 2 years old her life was over. It took me a year to be able to get out of bed after he had told me. Emmett was so kind and considerate bringing me blood whenever I needed it. I truly loved him. It still hurt me to think about poor Bella. I had a loving family and I had Emmett but they were only half my happiness. I would never be truly happy without my baby girl.

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