Well, hhhheeeeeyyyyyy, look at this! Tommy gets three interludes! Well bully for him.

The Files of Kazdan Kalinkas

Book Three: Shadow of a Boy

Chapter 11: Interlude – Tom

"My mind is a gun that I use to get courage, asking everyone if it's dumb that I do it. Don't know what to say when they see right through it … Jumpin' through the hoops of an endless circus, I gave myself a world that I don't know what to do with."

"He's been gone a long time…" I muttered, resting my head in my hand as I absently watched the Drome match playing out on a screen overhead.

"And you're worrying too much, bro." Peyton said in reply, "Kazzer can take care of himself. He'll be back in any minute all huffy and whatever because Chaor's gotten his feathers ruffled."

The words were barely out of his mouth when Mike came tearing across the Port Court. There were smears of soot across his face and staining his clothes and he had the distinct smell of a fire lingering about him. He slammed into our table, rocking it, and sending Sarah's milkshake flying.

"Tom! You have to get to the OverWorld! Now!" His voice came out in a gasp, his eyes wild.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down," I put my hands up defensively, "What's wrong, Mike?"

"Garv's place…" The younger boy gasped, "It's in flames…!" He sagged against the table, "Garv sent me to get you. Said it was important. Said it was about Ghost." He dropped into a chair and put his head on the table, panting.

I didn't even look at Sarah or Peyton. I was already dashing across the Port Court for the Transport Center, my Code Scanner in my hand. As soon as my foot hit the circle, I pressed the button on my Scanner. One second I was in the comfortably cool interior of the Port Court…

…and the next I was choking on a lungful of smoke and ash. My eyes watered and stung and I stumbled backwards into Peyton who'd ported in just behind me. At first I could see nothing but the black, acrid smoke boiling around us but then it cleared and I saw flames. Not large flames but hot, burning ones that ate the grass around the clear, sparkling lake. Ash billowed into the air with smoke.

"Garv!" I shouted, staggering forward, "Garv! H'earring! Kaz!"

"Tom?" Called a high voice.

"H'earring!" I ran ahead, hit something, and fell over. H'earring squealed with pain from underneath me and I rolled off of him, "H'earring where's Ka—are you alright!"

The Creature's skin was blackened in several places and there was blood leaking out of the corner of his mouth, "I'm fine!" He coughed, "Go find Garv! Hurry!"

"Peyton, take care of H'earring! I'm going to find Garv!" And I took off running again. I heard Sarah running after me but I didn't look back. Hopefully, Ka was safe in Kiru City or, if he had been here at Garv's, then he was safe.


"Garv!" I slid to halt and doubled over, clutching a stich in my side, "Garv, where's Kaz! Where is he! What happened here!"

"Wait." Garv thrust his staff out before him and the end of it glowed. Knowing what was coming. Sarah and I both covered our heads. Gallons of lake water rained down upon us, soaking into our clothes and drenching us. When it finally stopped, I pushed my bangs from my face and rounded on Garv again.

"Where! Is! Kaz!" I shouted again.

"It was Lord Van Bloot." The OverWorlder ground the name out between his teeth, "He had tracked Kazdan here and attacked. Then he took your friend and left but not before setting fire to everything within his reach."

"Van Bloot has Kaz!" The world titled under my feet. It was happening all over again, "We have to save him! We can't let this happen to him again! We have to get to Gothos Tower! We have to go now!" I whipped my Scanner out of my pocket again but Sarah grabbed my hand, stopping me, "Sarah!"

"You can't go charging into Gothos Tower! Not by yourself!" She argued with me, "We nee help! We'll get Kaz back, alright, but we need help!"

I stared hard at her and then nodded,

"Come on, we're going to Kiru City."

Song: "Rockets" by Andy Lange

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