Jenny begins to write poetry describing how she truly feels about Jethro......

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She sits alone in her office, it's been three weeks since Gil left and she still wants him back, she loves him more than anything in the world. She loves him but he left to be with Sara. God she hated that girl right now. She wants her Gil back, so she can tell him she loves him, she wants her Bugman back. She misses him, and he left with even less than a goodbye, he left her with a broken heart, and he left to be with another woman, a woman that never deserved the love of Gilbert Grissom. Catherine always thought Gil cared about her, she always thought hed be there for her, but now hes not, and he has taken her heart with him. It was not fair, he invaded her heart, made her strong, made her overcome her fears and then he left her, he abandoned her, her dreams faded into nothing because if he was not there then was there any point in trying anymore? She managed to get her poem published, she wrote about her love, her soulmate and how he left her out in the cold, to be with someone else...

"You invaded my heart

Took my pride and put it to the side

You left my silhouette standing against the wall

Leaving all eyes on me because you left me

Loving you became a hobby

Something so familiar and easy to do

Now its more like an addiction

I can't seem to rid of

I want to leave you alone 'cause your heart isnt mine anymore

But Im missing you like crazy (body and soul)

Trying to shake myself and make myself

And gather anough strength to put you behind me

I'm constantly reminded that you were my first love

My intentions are slightly different

From the way they were in the beginning

Now my intentions are to let my first love go

(Something he has already done to me)

My dreams are now faded"

....When Gil read this he realised he too never stopped loving her. That day he boarded the flight back to Las Vegas, and walked straight up to her and kissed her with all his might. In that kiss they promised never to leave one another, and they promised to love eachother, and never give up hope.


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