Between The Lines

This is just a little study that I had in my head, what happened between the episodes to the relationship with BMWW? I mean they seemed to become friends pretty fast so I decided to put my view into it. Now I'm only going to do chapter on between the episode titles not, for example, between Secret origins Pt1 and Pt 2. Anyway long live BMWW here we go.

Chapter 1: Re-Introduction

Diana was needless to say curious about the Batman. She was curious about Man's entire World, but definitely more curious about this man, who hid in shadows and fought valiantly with no powers to speak of, than any of the others she'd come into contact with. She had already made her introductions to what seemed to be their unofficial Leader, at least in organization, Clark. He really didn't seem to need anything of her in particular. He accepted the tail of her background with obvious interest, but he was always off doing something saving something, wrestling with the double identity she was thankful she didn't have.

Green Lantern, or John as he preferred to be called since he, like herself, didn't hide his name or face from the team or the outside world, didn't particularly like her…or rather trust was an issue. He hadn't exactly greeted her warmly when she first arrived either calling her a rookie despite all her efforts in aiding his world even though she didn't have to help. However, like a true princess, she was kind and polite to him hoping that eventually he'd come around. Flash, was quite a character…he confused her always making references that she didn't understand or saying things that the others said she didn't want to get. He seemed particularly loathsome with his obsession with the female body, until she got to know him a little better; under the jokes and bravado he seemed a rather nice guy….but still a little annoying.

Hawk Girl was an interesting companion. Diana had at first thought this woman could be like her sister, but Shayera was a little distant, she didn't seem to want a bond of sisterhood which was too bad. Diana hope she'd come around just like the Lantern.

So all that left was Batman, the only one who hadn't officially joined the League….even though he seemed pretty keen on helping them. She wondered what kind of man could completely mask his emotions and hide everything. This was unheard of to her, who was never dishonest or closed off about what she was feeling. Diana was an open book…He was a puzzle.

So when she was sitting in on watch duty she mused over him just like any puzzle. Everything thing appeared calm, and safe at the moment so Diana allowed her mind to wander. She'd been very sad when J'onn had alerted her of his "death" when they were fighting the invaders. Diana hadn't thought she would be as sad since until that day she'd never in her life seen a man, much less met one. This one wasn't at all like her mother said Men would be. Then again everyone else seemed to think he wasn't quite like men were either. She was so absorbed in thinking that she almost didn't notice when the door behind her opened.

The door opening was the only sound that alerted Diana she was no longer alone. This was another quality about the Batman that she admired he had a stealth she could only dream about. Such things weren't exactly on the high priority on her home.

"Good Evening Batman…" She greeted with a smile. He merely nodded. Diana shrugged. She wasn't exactly sure what he was doing her when she was on duty since he'd made it clear he didn't want to be a part of the team.

"What are you doing?" She asked as he began to mess with the computers. No answer.

Supposed talking wasn't in his "plan". It had bothered her slightly when he'd refused to take action against the aliens. Diana never had any patience and to find such a startling amount in one person was interesting. He'd wanted to plot out the details and formulate what they needed to do before going in…All she wanted to do was fight and make it up as they go. As a combination their team work was decent.

"Checking the computers making sure everything is running smoothly. We don't need any malfunctions in the system and miss something Princess." He explained evenly.

"My name is Diana."

"A fact I'm well aware of Your Highness."

Diana sighed, what a pain this man was to figure out.

"Then what is your name?" She inquired, standing from her chair.

No reply, but she'd already predicted that. She supposed that was his way of saying as far as she was concerned it was Batman.

The room was silent, in the wake of these questions leaving nothing but the bleeps on beeps of the computer as Batman punched in keys and inspected the perfectly working computer.

"How often do you do this?" She asked leaning backwards again the control panel. She wanted to see something other than his back and this was she could make out his face…or the little he didn't mask.

"It needs to be done once a week." He stated seemingly unaffected by the changes of position.

"Then if you need to make the trip every single time and cut into whatever it is you do when you aren't here how about you show me how to do it?"

At this he stopped, after a beat he glanced up at her, she couldn't read his expression through the lenses of his cowl, but that didn't seem to matter, the very idea she could say something to draw him from his work pleased her.

"I teleport….it takes seconds." He said coolly looking back down at the screen.

"Oh…" Diana said, feeling slightly disappointed she had hoped to get something other than a curt response. Silence filled the room again.

Diana was about to go sit back down and wait out the rest of her watch in this silence when he spoke.

"To begin you have to push this button here…" Batman said indicating towards the one he meant.

Diana couldn't help but smile.

Okay so it's short I know, but the first one kinda has to be since they don;t have a relationship yet. This si my first BMWW fic so please tell me what you think and if you don't liek the way I'm doing the characters. I'll understand. Please Review!