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Maximum Ride/Star Wars: Order of the Jedi

Chapter 10: Flying Bus

A Week Later...

I was dressed in my Jedi robes, and was on my way to lead The Flock to the meeting. They'd settled in much better here, mainly because they aren't hunted down 24/7 by the Erasers that had attacked us.

I opened the door to their room, large in comparison to mine. I noticed the flock had been outfitted in formal costumes, which surprised me, for I had never seen them in anything other than their regular clothes before.

"Are you lot ready? Your planet is at stake here," I replied, and then looked Angel in the eye.

'What?' she asked, speaking into my head.

'I know you can read minds. Don't use it on the politicians. Mind tricks work on only the weak minded in this part of the universe'.

Angel nodded, looking glum.

I led the flock down a series of passageways and up three flights of stairs, before we had to board a hover bus. The bus took us through the skylines to the senate building. The Flock were still looking out the window at every chance, taking in all of the spacecraft, the architecture and the skies.

Max turned away from the window, and spoke to me. "Is everywhere a city?"

"Almost," I replied. "Almost everywhere. However, many of the worlds in The Galaxy are different to this one. Corusant is just the capital – there are others like Naboo, Tatooine and Hoth."


"An outer-rim world, covered in Snow," I informed her.

"Snow," Gazzy asked. "What's Tatooine covered in?"



"A garden world," explained Obi-Wan Kenobi, climbing onto the bus. I noticed that Anakin was with him, and that we had stopped. I looked at my Datapad (A/N: Thanks JesusFreakft!), and it told me that this would be our last stop before the Senate building.

"Master Kenobi," I bowed. "Are you coming to the meeting?"

"Yes, Zero," Obi-Wan replied. "Your friends have settled in quite well."

"I know," I replied. "I think this is a new record for how long they've gone without being attacked by Erasers."

"Erasers?" Anakin asked.

"Back on our home planet, we were attacked constantly," explained Max. "Men who could turn into Wolves at will were constantly chasing us. They wanted us back."

Anakin didn't continue the talk. "You're a long way from home?"

"Yep," Fang had now turned away from the window.

"Are you?" asked Max.

Anakin nodded. "Tatooine. You probably haven't heard about it before."

"Actually we have," Nudge interrupted. "Zero told us about it. Isn't it full of sand? I'd love to go to a planet with sand on, I mean, think of all the sandcastles you could build-"

"Nudge," Fang put his hand over her mouth. "You're rambling again."

"You wouldn't want to go to Tatooine," Anakin replied. "Too dangerous unless you're with people who you know. Where do you come from anyway?"