Hello there internet, i'd like to thank you for reading this, so far I've only written about five chapters, and i'll have more to say in chapter one, so enjoy this little taste of what's to come (eventually) and review me what you think.

Just some warnings. The story will later have lemons, two of the pairings in this are Naruto and Female Kyuubi (Yes, female. I don't like Yaoi ;) ). And in the future Gaara and Female Shukaku.

Any questions? Just ask and i'll be glad to answer. Also, if you love Naruto/FemKyuu pairs I suggest Ascension of the Kitsune, Illegal Lovers: Naruto and Kyuubi, and S Class Lovers. They're all amazing stories, and a serious inspiration to write my own.


"Form up around me!" shouted a blonde haired man, he had a single foxes tail flicking back and forth , a woman stood next to him, orbs of fire in her hands, surrounded by nine crimson fox tails. They both wore forehead protectors, carved in to which were nine wavy lines spreading out like a sun from a centre dot. A man joined them, panting as sand chipped off of his face, his eyes were black and gold. A swarm of kunai flew at them with exploding tags attached, but they fell short of their mark, interrupted by a wall of sand, behind which stood a short girl with matching eyes, and the long tail of a Tanuki.

"Shit, they're still coming" growled the Tanuki girl. More kunai were thrown at them from every direction, with strange metal pieces attached to them. The sand guard easily blocked them before a loud crackle was heard and the night became day.

Seven bolts of lightning collided with the sand wall, they crawled along the modified kunai like a net, the blonde haired man was furthest back; he took the entire blow.

A cloud of smoke erupted from behind the sand wall. His enemies didn't even notice the man behind them all, kunai in each hand.

Crimson eyes stared at them through the night.