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Chapter 16

"What nonsense is this?" Gaara growled. "Have you all lost your minds?" Gaara stared long and hard at the ninja assembled before him. One wore his Kage robes and hat.

This man spoke up. "It is just as it sounds Gaara, you have been removed from your position. We cannot afford to go to war over your greed. A Kage puts his village before the lives of a handful of outsiders".

For a moment, he was lost for a retort, because every word was true. What had happened to him? Before, he was a loner; he had no interest in anything but the village as a whole. And even then his connection to the people was weak. It wasn't long though until people depending on him had become a necessity, and he had to fit the role of someone they could talk to. Eventually his care for the people had become genuine.

Karegawa glared at each and every one of them; not a single member of the council could force himself not to quake in his boots. "You will all be sorry when you look towards this fool for guidance". She pointed a finger at their new Kage; to the man's credit he had managed to bring a mask to his fear. She continued "The chance that Konoha and her new allies; allies that are set on conquering a fresh land and expanding their territory, will stop this war is slim. Even if you exile us all and call it 'not your fault' you have already become a large, juicy target".

Gaara grunted, putting a hand on Karegawa's shoulder. "Forget it, what's done is done". As they walked away, his sensitive ears however picked up a mumble.

Not a single member of the council could blink before the speaker was slammed up against the wall, pinned there by a wave of sand. "What is the meaning of this?" screamed a council member, before he was forced in to silence by the mere aura that floated from Gaara.

"Say that out loud so that I know I didn't mishear you". Gaara added extra pressure on, revelling slightly in the squirms of the man before him.

"Your friends are already dead!" hissed the councilman, struggling in vane against the wall.

They were the last words he ever spoke.


Hinata panted for breath in the heat. She held her hands up to her eyes, palms together and focused. "Byakugan" The land around her could hide no secrets as she surveyed every inch of it around her. Three...four...five she quickly counted them off. Five ninja armed to the teeth, disguised as the sand and rushing for her. Twelve seconds passed as they got closer and closer. If anyone that had been watching blinked, they would have been confused at the blur of blue chakra light and the cloud of dark, thick red. Three seconds passed and the light ceased. Hinata wiped her brow with her sleeve, inspecting her handiwork. All dead, just a collection of dismembered limbs, and thrown weapons that had failed to hit their mark.

The timid part of her still cringed away at the sight of blood and death. She'd probably never get used to it.

Then something happened that hadn't happened for a long time; she was caught off guard. "Hello there!" came a cheery voice, muffled by a mask.

Hinata yelped, swinging out a foot to kick behind her and meeting only air. At least, she thought she had made contact, but it was like passing through thick air.

"Woah, woah there little miss!" the voice repeated, despite sounding so friendly, a hint of it chilled Hinata to her spine.

She turned about slowly to take the figure in; he wore an orange mask with a black swirl on it. A long black robe adorned with red clouds billowed in a small gust. "You're not one of them?" she asked, arms still poised in front of her.

The masked figure smirked. "No, I'm not. It looks like you were betrayed however". He paused for a moment to inspect her handiwork, grin hidden behind his mask. "Ninjas of Suna, sent by Konoha. Looks like you've nowhere to".

Hinata's brow furrowed and she watched the figure cautiously. "And what's your point?"

"Nothing big. Just a...proposition".


"Have they gone mad?" Naruto growled. He ducked below a barrage of kunai, they became embedded in the wall behind him with a series of thunk's. His ears picked up an additional hiss and he had to throw himself forwards before the explosion enveloped him. A familiar hand gripped his own and flung Naruto towards their attackers. He used the momentum and pulled a hand back in the shape of a claw. "Demon Technique: Burning Claw" His arm shot forwards and hit his first attacker in a cloud of smoke. The burning hole in his chest was nowhere as big as anything Tsumeki could create. But it was enough to drop the man instantly. Naruto kicked off the body and picked another place. "Demon Technique: Selective Space". He dipped in to the smoke and jumped on to the ceiling sticking himself there.

The attackers glanced about, wondering where he'd gone. Their major mistake wasn't losing sight of Naruto, but rather looking away from Tsumeki for a brief moment. In a blink, a shadow-clone was pinning one of them to the ground. The other was a splatter on the wall.

Tsumeki licked the blood from her slender fingertips, grinning wildly. "Just you wait until I have you alone Naruto. Nothing quite like seeing you in action". She was answered with a grin as she turned around to the clone. "So, before we kill you. Who are you really?".

The ninja on the floor snorted, which earned him getting his face slammed in to the ground twice. "What's the use? You'll kill me afterwards anyway".

Naruto's clone leant in. "You're pinned by a Hanyo, and you're looking at a Demon. There are worse things than death in store for your silence". He snuck as much venom as he could in to his words, teeth revealed in a grin as he felt the man shudder in horror.

"O-okay. The Suna council have overthrown the rule of the Kazekage in fear of an all-out war. He's too young to lead anyway. He cannot put the lives of a few above the lives of his village".

Tsumeki frowned down at him. "You don't realise you're fucked either way". She knelt down and twisted the man's head with a sickening crack.


Kiba ducked beneath a wall, breaking out in to a crouch-sprint. His ears twitched and he picked up the sound of several muted feet landing on the ground. They weren't too far away from him. He skidded to a halt and looked about. I have to find the others. Where have they gone? Kiba almost jumped out of his skin when Illandi landed next to him, having jumped from the roof of a nearby house. "For the love of hell, don't do that!" Kiba hissed. "Do you know where she is?"

Illandi nodded "I take it you mean Yugito, yes she's waiting with Gaara and Karegawa. I've already contacted Naruto and Tsumeki. The news is the same everywhere". When Kiba looked confused he simply shook his head. "There's little time, we'll explain what's going on when we're all gathered up. Even I have little information" He tugged at Kiba's arm instantly, intending to drag him in the correct direction.

Kiba pushed Illandi to the side and whistled as he pulled out a kunai, throwing it up at a shuriken. They collided in mid-air with a ting. "They've found us. Can you tell how many?" Kiba asked, looking around. "I count seven this way".

Illandi faced the other direction. "Damn, eight of them". Akamaru came in to view, jumping a wall to land next to Kiba, kicking up sand in his face.

Kiba spat and grunted. "Prfft! Thanks Akamaru". Twelve seconds passed without a sound. They were trying exceptionally hard to mask their noise. They must know specifically what their skills are. Not only that a gust was carrying away any potential scent. "There could be more now for all we know..." Illandi simply nodded behind him.

Illandi heard the shuffle of feet for a single moment. Just one person. He tapped Kiba on the shoulder without turning around, holding up a hand. He took a few cautious steps forwards, before prowling ahead on all fours up the verge of a sandy hill. He rolled right to avoid a glance. He was right, on this side were eight. They appeared to be setting something up. His eyes flashed blue and he focused in on what it was. The ninja all ran away. Did they spot me? He looked around and continued inspecting the machine. Shit. He whirled around to face Kiba "Bomb!"

The explosion kicked up a cloud of sand, rattling windows. Three houses were damaged in the blast. Several of the observing ninja sat atop a roof, arms folded. "Hah, got 'em. Shall we go in and finish them off?" The speaker turned to face his partner when he got no reply. A monstrous cat of blue fire was barrelling towards them, closely followed by a ninja atop a giant dog.

"How?" He yelled in frustration, before his ribcage was obliterated by a blast of ghostly fire.

Beyond the sandy verge a dome formed of skeletons and shadowy threads crumbled in to nothing.


Gaara sighed, sat back in a decrepit chair in the corner of a deserted building. The floor was scratched and filthy, the walls were covered in graffiti and the whole place stunk of must. Karegawa and Tsumeki rifled through all the belongings they were able to rescue before it was too late. Naruto was sat down in a chair drinking. It was another half-hour still until Kiba and Illandi arrived, which of course earned them both a slap from a worried Yugito.

Seeing that everyone had finally arrive he hauled himself up. "Thankfully we're all safe. Although you were meant to be eliminated or captured they haven't been able to afford a large force". He looked around, scratching the back of his head and grunting. "In short, I've been exiled, accounted with betraying Suna, and killing a councilman. Konoha has declared war on Suna and this was their last bid at winning over favour".

Naruto interrupted. "So what do we do now? Akatsuki hunts for us, Suna isn't a safe haven, and neither is Konoha".

Gaara smirked for the first time today. "Simple. We go and live in Konoha for a while. We'll go by false identities for as long as we can. We'll leak information of our whereabouts to Akatsuki and they'll come to us. We can leverage the presence of Akatsuki to cut a deal with Konoha". He thought for a moment "It is, of course an incredibly long shot. And it's a great deal of risk. But I like to think we're skilled enough to deal with anything going wrong. And the best we can hope from Konoha is for them to leave us be and wipe our names".

Gaara expected a question or two about his plan, but was answered instead by an entire group of dumbfounded looks.

Naruto mumbled, shaking his head. "That's either brilliant or crazy, I'm not sure. What are our other options?"

Gaara huffed. "Defect to a country. But no doubt a collection of three tailed beasts would make things difficult for us and them. There aren't any truly good options really".

Karegawa grinned, tongue rolling along the bottom of her lip. "It sounds fun regardless. It would've been boring t'sit around doing paperwork anyway right Gaara?".

"Let's get ready to go then?". Kiba asked, still rubbing the side of his face. That slap stung.

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Great chapter, I love the uniqueness of this fic. Not many stories actually
make konoha and tsunade the bad guys. At first I was a little upset and
uncomfortable about it, but I find it strangely interesting. Don't take too
long with the next chapter.

Well...I sure screwed that up. I think "months" means I took too long. Hopefully any discomfort is a result of side-effects. And are only temporary. Just be glad it's discomfort and not paranoia, heart-falters and anal leakage. The fic doesn't cause those...I think.


Well, I can't fall past my reputation after that. Lots of unexpected
developments in this chapter. The ending with Suna apparently turning against
their kage and his associates may end up with Gaara sharing Naruto's
situation. I wouldn't ever imagine Akatsuki working with Danzo directly. I'm
curious to see what kind of plans the pair have, and if they will later betray
each other. The apparently imminent war between Konoha and Suna make for a lot
going on at once, not that this is a bad thing. It's good to see multiple
events and scenarios entwine with one another. Good work on this chapter, take
you time, and keep writing. And good luck with your fiance!

First of all; thankyou. We're doing great. It's a good thing you like multiple events because right now it's basically a clusterfuck of events. I'm not sure I'm happy with the fact that Kiba, Illandi, Yugito and Hinata have been taking up story space, because it spreads out everything too far. The multiple events are all threading together again now, so you'll see less of some people and more of others. I want to get back to Naruto and Tsumeki as a focus, and get a bit of romance and tragedy in there. So expect that eventually. And yeah, I wrote most of this stuff out before the danzo-related stuff in the manga progressed. It's like they've stolen a few of those ideas out of my head. I had to scrap them and rethink a few later chapters :p Anyway, glad you like it. Your reviews are always nice and depthy.


Poor Hinata. How is Tsumeki going to react if she found out? The only thing I
don't like is that the characters drink too much. Maybe that's just me. I am
totally against drinking. Other than the that, there is nothing to not like
about this fic. By the way, how many chapters do you plan on doing?That is all
I have to say.

Aaah, the Hinata-Tsumeki business is all a set up for hopefully some drama. I don't think the drinking is going to change though. But I'll be sure to mind toning it down if it gets unnecessary. But I mean...alcohol=easy plot progression, schenanigans, and sex. Would it be right to get rid of it? xD. As for chapters, heh. Even I'm not sure. I probably shouldn't admit it. But I have a brain-frame. It's just how I spread it out and if I think of extra crap halfway through. Or if another naruKyuu does something that I wanted to and I have to scrap it. (That's happened thrice. Won't mention when or where).


So I've taken a gander at your reviews and seems no one's actually been
honest with you, so I will be. This. Story. Sucks.

I'm sorry, but it's true. I read the whole thing hoping it would eventually
get better but it just didn't. Every single character was horrendously OOC. I
mean, I understand it was AU, but it just didn't make sense and was barely
coherent. I don't know. I'm sorry if this is a flame, but I felt you needed to
know. Hopefully your next story or future chapters will be better.

Though I honestly, think the only thing that could save this story would be a
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Hahaahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha. But I digress. It's impossible to be angry, I literally burst out laughing when I read it. I'm proud of my first flames, so thankyou. At least you didn't fill it with swear-words. Venting bugs me. But now, I'm going to answer your point properly; of -course- they're OOC. Naruto is an anime wherein just about every single damn character is who they are because of how they've interracted with him. He's gone for four years so he doesn't do ANY of this whole believe it, you're a great person, I'm your friend, I've met you bullshit. Not only that, he comes back as a demon. As far as changing the characters, nothing changes them more than taking out naruto. I don't plan on re-writing my story either. Megalulz.


Yo me again dude. very short but descriptive. love this story. looking for a
co-writer in a story i might write. work on long and descriptive next time
dude, and Danzo's a traitorous **. let Naruto ** him up or make him drink
Narutos blood or think up sumptin worse.

-Strider The Ace of Spades
write me on teh offer

First of all on the offer? Sorry. But I'm pretty busy and I don't like throwing my hat in with other projects. I'll do beta's for people though if they're willing to be patient. I'll find the time for 'em; honest. I've done it before ;). Don't worry. I plan my gloriously graphic deaths when it gets closer to the time to write them. And the blood thing wouldn't work unless Naruto was trying to force himself to recover from an injury. Or it doesn't get all active and bubbly. Still, thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoy it.


Does the Suna Council realise what they want to do many others have tried and
failed at? You CANNOT kill a demon!

Hey; it could happen. They're desperate anyways.


Chapter wasn't bad, but it could use some length. Also Mizuki and the
teachers at the academy are chuunin. Jounin are required for higher up
missions and the fact they get 3 students(if they pass) when the academy kids
graduate from said academy

My bad, I honestly believed the teachers could only be Jounin. Could you imagine Shikamaru with his own class? "Eh...uh. You kids just do some...studying or something. I'm going to go look at clouds". And yeah, they're a tad short. At SOME point I'll write an epic-lengther :P

Agent94 (again)

SisterSafetyPin has a point. Every character was way OOC. Do most people know
that Naruto has no sex drive? Don't get me wrong, that is a GOOD thing. Sex
should be save after marriage (In my opinion). It's not the best story, but a
good story a rewrite of a few chapters would save it as
SisterSafetyPin had point out. Anyway, I hope you have a successful marriage.

Peace and Blessings

I don't think the romance would work without horneyness. And yeah, look above for my thoughts on the OOC :3

This last review is people's basic reply after making a point of the flames. So thankyou for all your kind words. I can't put all your flame-replies in cus...well, it's a bit of a space eater. I'll put this one in as an example though.


Most people who read this must be iditos becuase theyre complaing that the
chars are OOC "Hello! people you need to accet that this is Some Kind Of
Wizards story and he will write it the way he wants to" I love this and very
much look forward to the next chapter
From Titanium-Lioness

P.S. before i forget have a nice time with your fiance XD

Thanks :D Damn right it's my story.

I hope the review answers were a help. Mostly I just wanted to make the love a bit more public and encourage more people to review. I've cut out a load that were one-liners like "I love the story" I'm really glad you do and I love seeing it. But I have no real...well, question to answer so it would be odd putting it in. Oh, and hit me up on beta requests, I'd love to knock brains with some of the big naru/kyuu writers. The next chapter may be a decent couple of weeks. Stay tuned til then.


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