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Chapter 1: A new beginning

Nessie POV

I felt a cold breeze fan over my face.

I opened my eyes to see clouds of grey and black through my bedroom window. This wasn't strange seeing as though I lived in forks and its normally like this everyday.

"Are you up yet" a chime like voice called beyond my door. Without waiting for an answer the door flew open. And in walks this pixie like girl.

This is my Aunt Alice she's fun and hyper, really she is more like my best friend. She never lets me wear the same clothes more than once a day.

Oh and did I forget to mention that she is a vampire, actually all my family are vampires except me I am only half. I hate only being half vampire this means that I am not as strong or as fast as the rest of my family. I sat myself up on the bed positioned so that I was leaning against the head rest, and looked at the woman raiding my closet . Shoes, coats, bags and tops were flying across the room at great speed that it surprised me that something didn't break.

"I can not believe I left it until this morning to pick you out an outfit, once you get back we are going straight to Seattle to buy you a whole new wardrobe" Alice chimed with her head still stuck in my closet. I had to muffle a hurray. I loved shopping with aunt Alice she always new what look was in all the magazines and what all the stars were wearing.

Today was my first day at high school but I wasn't starting as a freshman I was starting as a sophomore at Forks high. I had never been to high school before daddy said that I grew to fast and all the other kids would wonder what was going on. Now that I have stopped growing I look like a normal 16 year old girl, but in truth I have only been alive for 6 years. Now daddy says I look to old to pass for a freshman.

"hello earth to nessie" aunt Alice chimed. I looked up to see aunt Alice with her hands on her tiny hips and a very unhappy look on her face.

"I can not find anything for you to wear" she said with a little sigh.

"nessie looks good in anything you put her in, besides no one will be looking at her clothes when they see her hair and make-up" I turned my head to see where the beautiful voice came from, but I already knew.

I turned around to see Rosalie leaning against the door frame with a huge smile on her face.

She was my other aunt, my aunt Rosalie she is very loving but very protective, you could say she was like my second mum. And I loved her like one too.

"so what Rosalie you want her to go to school naked but as long as she has nice hair and make-up it doesn't matter" Alice retaliated.

I started to laugh and heard a hiss from downstairs

"any more arguing and she wont even go to school" a stern but beautiful voice called from the living room. This was my daddy, people say I look so much like him that if I were a boy we could be twins. Daddy is also a vampire but he has a very special gift he can read peoples minds which at times can be very annoying.

"I heard that nessie" of course he was listening now, he never stops. I put my hand over my mouth to stop my laugh and it seemed to work. I looked at the clock 7:30 time to get up and have a shower. I pushed my self off my bed and headed towards the bathroom carefully stepping around the argument my two aunts were having.

"I say she should wear green" I heard aunt Alice scream

"And I said she should wear pink" aunt Rosalie hissed

I closed the door drowning out the argument altogether. I got into the shower an started to wash myself using my favourite body wash which smelt of vanilla and wash my hair using my favourite peach shampoo. When I was finished I hoped out of the shower, put a towel around myself and walked out of the bath room. As I opened the door I saw only aunt Rosalie stood there with a wide grin on her face. "I know what your thinking but Alice is in her room waiting for me to finish" aunt Rosalie beamed.

I smiled and took a seat at my vanity. I looked in the mirror to see aunt Rosalie brushing my hair softly then the noise of the dryer on full blast. After my hair was dry she put it up in a high ponytail and let my side fringe hang over my face. I remember when I got that Alice and daddy almost died of shock that aunt Rosalie had let me have my hair cut. She then took out the curling tong and plugged it in. My hair is naturally curly but its always nice to have extra curls.

So she began curling the end of my pony tail so that it curled swiftly down my back. My hair was not that long just to the middle of my back when down but longer when straightened.

Now that my hair was done she decided to move along to my make-up. She started to apply light pink eye shadow to both my eyes. I wonder how she won that argument with Alice. Then applying black eyeliner underneath and a flick of black mascara. Then she applied a pale pink gloss that highlighted my dark pink lips.

"You look beautiful nessie, now come on lets go see what Alice has found for you" aunt Rosalie said with slight sarcasm in her voice. As I turned around to look in the mirror two cold hands grabbed my shoulders and spun me around.

"Oh no you don't, you cant see until we are completely finished" Rosalie chimed. And now for round two. I walked down the hallway and stopped when I got to Alices room, I was about to knock when the door flew open and she pulled me inside.

She made me stand in the middle of her room and gave me a happy look "I have the perfect outfit" she practically exclaimed holding pieces of material in her tiny arms. I took them without a second thought and headed to the bathroom. I looked down at the clothes that were in my hands and saw a pair of white skinny jeans, with a pink cotton apple bottom jeans top and a pair of three inch peep toe wedges also in pink. I put on all the clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

"Very pretty nessie" aunt Rosalie cooed

"I told you that I was good, now all we need is to do the accessories" aunt Alice cheered.

So both of my aunts ushered me back to my room and opened my jewellery box. After a 20 minute argument they both settled on a pair of pink studied gems in my ears and a matching necklace. After everything was finished I was aloud to look in the mirror. What I saw pleased me very much I looked older and if I do say so actually hot. I was so ready for high school.

I walked out of my door and down the stairs where I was greeted by a very loud whistle.

"nessie you look pretty hot, if I do say so myself" I looked up to see where it came from but I had my suspicions.

There leaning against the wall was Emmett. He was my uncle and of course he was married to Rosalie. He is very funny and just like his wife very protective of me. Just like I see aunt Rosalie as a second mum, I see Emmett as my second dad.

I blushed a light pink and continued down the stairs. As I got to the bottom I was pulled into a large hug.

"look at you all grown up and going to high school" he said after he put me down.

"remember nessie don't let any of those boys come near you" he paused then carried on "not like it will matter with your body guards"

"body guards" I repeated with a nervous chuckle "what do you mean?"

"well that's why were having a family meeting" after he said that he flashed me his cocky grin and pulled me into the living room.

Sure enough everyone was there aunt Rosalie and uncle Emmett and aunt Alice. With my uncle Jasper next to her. Uncle Jasper was a bit strange towards me at first. Of course he is married to Alice. But still in the beginning I thought he didn't like me at all. As time went on I came to see him as the older brother I would never have. He was quiet and kept himself to himself but still just like the others very protective.

The only people I didn't see were my grand parents. They were always here for a family meeting.

"they went out hunting they will be back in a couple of hours" I heard someone answer my unspoken question one guess to who.

I turned around to see my dad stood in the hallway with my mum at his side. They always looked perfect together. People say that from the back I look so much like my mother but from the front I look like my father Wow who did I kill in a previous life to upset the reincarnation cycle .

"ha-ha very funny" I knew daddy would be mad at that so I sent him a mental sorry. He must have got it because he just nodded in my direction.

"tell her the good news Edward" my uncle Jasper beamed. Wow that was odd when did he get so happy.

"well sweetie we know that its your first day of high school and well we were just thinking …." oh no I don't like where this is going. I looked around the room and saw everyone's faces light up like Christmas trees. I really don't like where this is going.

"nessie are you even listening to me" I turned around to see my dad give me a disappointed look.

"yes of course I am" I replied in the sweetest tone that I could and smiled my toothy smile.

"well we thought that you shouldn't go alone, so we are all going with you" there was a long silence before anyone spoke. My head just fell into my hands.

"you mean all of you are coming with me" I stated trying to keep my temper to a minimum.

"well yes but we are not the only one who are coming" my daddy replied in angry yet stressed moan.

"who else could possibly come with us, there's you, mum, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper" I said in an even tone still trying to contain my anger.

Then one person came into my mind. No not him. I looked at daddy and he simply nodded. "but its not just him"

My eyes widened in shock, who else. And then I heard two cars pull into the driveway. I got up and looked out of the window and there getting out of both cars was Quill, Embry, Seth, Leah and last Jacob.

For about two minutes I just stared not saying a word. For the last two months I have been avoiding Jacob like the plague. And now I was going to be at school with him. This was just making it harder for me.

Me and Jacob had always been best friends. He's always been there for me for my entire life. And then two months ago that's when it changed I started seeing him as more than just my friend. And that's when he told me that he was dating Leah Clearwater. I was so angry that I told him to just stay away from me. I could see the pain in his eyes but at that moment I really didn't care.

I pulled away from the window and sat back down on the sofa. Well this is just going to be great not only are my parents going to be there but I also get to watch the man I love kissing Leah. I hate high school already. And it hasn't even begun.