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Chapter 29 : Highway to hell

Nessie POV

Did I say 2 hours, well I was wrong. We had been on the road for 5 hours now, this was because of traffic. An accident had happened just up the motorway and was causing our entire side to slow down.

"oh come on this is ridicules" Alex shouted smacking the steering wheel. I knew she had a temper but if I do say road rage was probably Alex's worst trait. I had lost count after the 30 times she smacked the steering wheel and yelled out of the window, usually abusive words. I had to laugh at her because she got so angry so easy. I thought daddy was bad but this, this is just unreal.

We slowly started moving forward and we went over a bump. "Ow" a small voice said from the back. I turned my head to see a figure hiding under a blanket.

"what the hell are you playing at, come on some of us want to get home before were 70" Alex screamed out of the window. I shook my head and continued to stare at the figure. It moved very slightly, but still moved.

"Alex I think we have a stowaway on board" I said with a little smile. She turned her attention back to me and followed my gave to the figure in the back.

"ok who the hell are you or I swear I will castrate you where you lay" she replied with an unfriendly voice.

"NO! oh god no not that. I'm sorry I just wanted to see Nessie" the small voice replied. A small chuckle escaped my lips. Trust Daniel to sneak away just to see me.

"DANIEL! What the hell are you doing here? No scratch that how did you get here" Alex was now screaming at the small boy. I thought she was mad before but this, this was what I would call 'HULK' Alex.

"I've been in the car since you left home" he replied in a small voice cowering away from her. If looks could kill Daniel would have been on the seat dead. I heard honks and cheers. We were moving. Alex also noticed this. "when we get back you are so dead" was all she said before she started to move the car. I gave Daniel a quick smile and turned back round in my seat.

We were past the accident now, and were driving down an old country road. It was only 7pm so it wasn't late but it was dark out. Seeing as winter is approaching. Alex had calmed a lot since we left the motorway and was happy just to be nearing home. Daniel couldn't stop telling me how cool I looked when I was in my wolf/vampire form. After a while the conversations stopped and the car was silent.

I sat staring out of the window into the forest around us. It was so mysterious in there, anything could be lurking in those woods. With my eyes I was just scanning through the woods when something caught my eye. It moved fast in the darkness but I could see the silhouette dart across the forest. Ok I must be tired, my eyes are playing tricks on me, they must be. I looked again and saw the same thing, except this time there were 4. I couldn't get a good look at them they moved so fast. I turned my head and looked at Alex she was oblivious just like Daniel in the back playing on his PSP. I turned my head around to look out of my window once again only to be met by the dark silhouette coming towards the car. With a huge scream the dark shape hit the car and the car started to roll down a hill.

We were moving to fast for me to recognise what was going on but we were tumbling around and around. I could hear both Alex and Daniel crying out for help. I tried but the motion was just to hard for me to concentrate, I had never felt disorientated in my life until now. Stop please just stop. These words were going around in my head over and over again until the car stopped once we hit a large oak. The oak trembled under the impact of the force.

You know that feeling you get when you an see your life flashing before your eyes? Well that's what I was seeing me as a baby and growing up. My life was perfect so why did bad things happen to me?

I was faintly aware of the smell of fuel and a beeping. It started faint but turned into a loud sound. My eyes fluttered open to see me Alex and Daniel sat in the car. Alex and Daniel weren't moving but they were breathing. Oh thank god there not dead. I looked at the wreckage that I was sat in, the inside of the car had been totally ruined and the smell of fuel was potent now. It filled and encased my nostrils. Well that's not good, I had to get everyone out of here as fast as I could. I looked down at the seatbelt I was wearing and started to fumble around with it. Once unfastened I hit the roof of the car with a thud. Ow well that hurt. I checked both Alex's and Daniel's pulse and they were fine.

I started unfastening Daniel's seatbelt first once that was done I pulled him out of the car a reasonable distance from the wreck I went back for Alex. Once I got her I did the same. I didn't know what to do now. I didn't know where my cell phone was. We were stranded alone and scared.

My eyes scanned the forest around us, once again I saw the dark figures moving fast through the shadows. Great round 2 here we go.

"come on. I know your there I can see you running around. If you want us so bad come out here and get us" I shouted to the forest. The fast figures stopped moving and just disappeared. Ok what the hell was going on.

"my my, how you have grown my dear child." A wispy voice said from behind me. For some reason my body told me to be aware of the creature standing behind me. Ok Nessie slowly turn around and it will be fine. So I slowly turned around and looked at the beast waiting to impend his terror onto me.

What I saw startled me, there was no monster or creature of the night. Just 3 men all dressed in red robes. The one in the middle came forward and took down his hood.

"hello Renesmee, we meet again finally" the wispy voice continued. Meet again what on earth is he talking about. I had never met this man before in all my life. "I'm sorry you probably don't remember me, my name is Aro. And we are the Volitori" he continued after I didn't reply. A light bulb clicked in my head. If I thought we were in trouble before, we certainly were now.

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