The courtroom is a mess.
The police are constantly missing evidence,
The defence are trying desperately to hold on to their case,
The prosecution gets to shoot them down,
The witnesses lie because there's no punishment for perjury here,
And the judge is getting old and can't think straight at all.
The audience is spreading rumours.
God, I miss the chaos.

I'm away from all of that now.
I used to be the one on that cursed bench, throwing in my best.
I was a genius. At least, they used to tell me that.
Give me a case and I'd solve it right there in front of them all.
There were only a few times that my client was found guilty.
But that's what he was, no question.
I've died so many times and always bounced back
Just like my namesake.

That morning seven years ago was funny, right?
Didn't think I'd be disbarred before lunchtime.
Should've seen the storm approaching fast
When I presented that evidence to the court, just like the bastard two years before.
That adorable little upstart on the other side was too ignorant.
Not to say he's not intelligent, or sweet,
Just to say that he didn't find it so convenient.

And who broke me? My daughter.
Not that she was then, you understand.
She gave me the sword I unwittingly impaled myself on
And in return I adopted her as my own.
Funny world, isn't it?
And yet, take a look in the locket I'm wearing around my neck.
There she is. See? So innocent, so small.
I think I'm the only person who ever saw her

Lose that poker face.
And the man who was responsible for all of this?
He somehow stood by me when all others on the bar ignored my pleas.
You'd think I'd thank him for that, but it's just not the same.
I don't think he deserves anything for that.
I can forgive everybody else, my mentor, my sidekick (not true), my rival,
And they never forgave me, and yet he did?
Like I said, it's a funny world.

Still, I have faith in him as a teacher.
Especially since that I met that student of his.
He's a greenhorn in red clothing, dressed so casually it scares me.
He's determined to do everything. I'd have hired him straight away if I could.
And he learned everything he knows from that man –
It was his sword to fall on, really.
So I took my chances and trusted him to pull through.
Bravo, kid. It was a great show.

And yet, I'm still caught in the dreary world of the outside,
Still watching that turnabout courtroom from afar.
The best years of my life lost because of one case.
I had fun back then, I really did, and
I stepped down with honour, despite everything that happened.
Nobody really doubted that I was the best you could get in this city.
There could have been benefits to being so famous around here, though.
Guess I wasn't all that, but that's it, I suppose.

And now I have time on my hands.
Been visiting around, talking with my old friends.
I work nights at the bar playing piano.
Playing cards, too, though I plan to stop.
Never lost a game. Doesn't that make me happy?
Perfect record once again. It really is something to be proud of.
So come here, let me play you a tune.
It's the only one I know, a little sad but sweet, but I guess it'll do.