Title: Thoughts

Author: Jenn

Rating: K+

Summary: Richard and Denna's thoughts during the ep Denna.

Denna had come to fill him mind. His soul. The time he spent with her in his mind, with them together in a way he and Kahlyn could never be, was intoxicating. But it was the other images of her that tore into his soul. Denna as an innocent little girl. Imagining her being taken form her family and tortured. Twisted by black magic. Forced to do unspeakable things. She's a monster now – he knew that even as he fell further under her spell - but once she was an innocent victim. And innocent girl that he, The Seeker, had failed to protect. He knew he would do anything she asked to make up for that failure.

Denna lay in her bed, pretending to sleep. Her chaotic thoughts and emotions wouldn't allow her rest. She'd spoken the truth when she told Richard she'd never met anyone like him. She'd been training him – torturing him, her long buried heart corrected – and he'd cared that it hurt her. Any other man would have taken satisfaction in the thought that hurting him also hurt her. But not Richard. He hadn't asked for his training – torture, the unbidden thought came again – to end. He'd just asked for her not to be the one to do it; so that she would be hurt any more because of him. She hadn't lied. Constance was brutal. And Richard had known that, from terribly painful experience, when he asked for her, rather than Denna. But still he'd asked, to spare her pain.