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I grabbed a piece of newspaper, wrapping it around another glass and placed it into the box beside me. I was supposed to head over to the main house but with the conversation I just had with Jake, I didn't feel like it was something I wanted to get into in front of the whole family. I knew Alice would see everything slip away. I knew that Edward knew by this point. I finished packing a box of dishes and taped it up, pushing it to the side.

I replayed the earlier conversation over in my head, trying to figure out how to approach the subject with Edward. Every way I looked at it, he wouldn't be happy. The only thing I wanted was for my family to be safe and happy. Jake was definitely part of this family and Edward was going to have to come to terms with it. I sighed dramatically, reaching for the another box when I heard someone heading for the house on foot. It took me a second to realize it was Edward. Another second to realize that Renesmee wasn't with him.

He didn't say anything when he walked into the kitchen. He just stood there staring. I had thought of about 33 good reasons why Jake should come and the moment I saw him, all but two left my mind.

"Renesmee needs him" I said, watching his unchanging expression. I took a deep breath.

"I need him." I whispered feeling ashamed and guilty.

We had gotten over all of this. My feelings for Jacob. It was a topic we never really got into anymore now that Renesmee was around. Now that he wasn't constantly pressuring me to realize I still had choices. I had made my choice from the very beginning. What I didn't realize, was that my life was going to be full of choices. Choices that might hurt people. It was never going to stop. Edward stood in the doorway, arms crossed his chest. His eyes held mine and I couldn't look away. Several minutes had passed without a word as I sat on the floor in the kitchen. My hands, fidgeting in my lap.

"Say something, please" I said, figuring that talking about this was much better than uncomfortable silence.

He creased his forehead, eyes narrowing. I watched as he picked his words carefully.

"He's not staying with us."

I felt the knot in my stomach loosen. "Thank you." I mouthed silently. He pulled himself away from the door, crossing the room, and sat beside me on the floor, reaching for a stack of newspapers and started wrapping plates. We spent the rest of the morning on the floor in the kitchen in silence, packing for Alaska.

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