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"Shizune." the Hokage bellowed through the tower. "Where are you?"

The jounin rounded a corner calmly "Here, Tsunade-sensei. What do you need?"

"Bring me Naruto. And Jiraya. And the key to the Hokage library. And the blackbook. And Sarutobi's notes." The Sannin paused between each demand. Her mind was racing. Each item made her think of another that she needed. &And the cheap sake. And the good sake. Bring the sake first, then the other stuff.& With that she stormed to the Senju estate for one last thing before the most important meeting of her life.

The assembled party was quiet and serious, with the notable exception of Naruto who could not help but chatter and strut about the room.

"Naruto! This is important." Tsunade started calmly.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm listening." The boy countered as he continued to try and rib his sensei and beg for jutsu simultaneously.

"NARUTO! This is the real deal I need you to be calm and listen for five minutes!" The Hokage had forgone her usual bellow and instead snapped the demand at the hyperactive shinobi.

Seeing the seriousness in her eyes and tone Naruto calmed "OK. No need to go all grandmotherly on me." His infectious smile lit across his face.

With out delay the woman began her confession. "Naruto did you know I had a son? I never talk about it because when he died it was too much for me to handle. He was a good boy and grew to a good man, and a great shinobi. He was honorable and caring and loved this village with all his heart. Because he loved the village and because he was honorable he made a sacrifice so that the village would not be destroyed. He gave his life to defeat the Kyuubi. He sealed it into a newborn child, but because he couldn't ask anyone else to give up his or her child he gave up his own. You, Naruto. The Yondaime Hokage was my son and your father. I do need to be grandmotherly, because I am your grandmother." the Sannin paused to gauge the boys reaction. He was uncommonly still and quiet. "I know this is a lot to handle. Are you alright Naruto?"

The boy had held a pensive look for most of Tsunade's speech, but now a grin started to creep onto his lips. "So what you're saying is I'm related to two Hokage?" the grin was now a full on smile.

Tsunade released a held breath in relief, and beamed at the boy. He had taken it much better than she thought.

"Actually, Naruto" Shizune piped in. "you are related to all five Hokage. The first was Tsunade's grandfather and the second her great uncle. The Sarutobi are a branch of the Senju from the second Hokage's oldest child."

"Yatta!" the boy screamed, at this revelation. "I'm gonna rub Sasuke-teme's nose in this so baaaad!"

"OK, Naruto that brings us to our next thing. The mission to retrieve Sasuke is a problem. You did a good job in stopping him and bringing him back, but the council doesn't see it that way." She again gauged the response before going on. This one was far less favorable.

"What? How do they see it? I said I would bring him back and I did, believe it! What more do they want?" The boy was confused and exasperated.

"The report from Kakashi is that you were seen in a shroud of the Kyuubi's chakra attacking Sasuke with an a-ranked jutsu. You wounded a fellow leaf ninja who had that very day been kidnapped and you were seen without any of your assigned team." The matter of fact delivery of the news did little to hide the contempt in Tsunade's voice. "On paper it looks like you abandoned your team and your mission and tried to kill a recently escaped fellow shinobi. This not only went out to the council. It went out to the public. The outcry from the villagers has given an opening for the council to order your execution. I bargained it down to exile, but the result is that you have forty-eight hours to leave Konoha forever."

"What? This is ridiculous. I was nearly killed and they are going to kick me out of the village for it?" for someone so high strung the stages of loss came quickly. "What about the team that was with me. They can tell them I didn't abandon anyone. We can get reports or release info like the council did or something right?"

"I'm afraid not Naruto. The council has sealed those statements and is taking Kakashi's word as a seasoned jounin over the reports of lower ranked and inexperienced ninja." Tsunade tried not to upset him further but she could see his heart breaking.

"No! I will be Hokage. I cant get kicked out of the village this is not fair...this is not..." his outburst was halted by tears running down his whisker marked cheeks. In one instant he was holding fists down to his sides looking at the floor trying to hide his grief, and the next he was across the room, a wreck in Tsunade's arms. "Obaa-chan, what am I going to do?" he wept into her shoulder.

Tsunade's initial surprise was quickly replaced as her instinct kicked in. The thought that this was the first hug she had ever received from her grandson flitted through her mind and then was gone as the need to comfort and protect him took over. "I'm so sorry Naruto. You know I will never be anything less than proud of you. And don't worry. Granny has a plan." She smiled at the boy as he sniffed and lifted his eyes to meet hers.

"Really?" The in-suppressible boy brightened. "OK lets hear it granny!"

The older blond set the younger on his feet and walked to a nearby table. The table was covered in scrolls, files and papers of all description. The floor under the table was consumed with scroll racks. The documents seemed to be sorted into jutsu scrolls on one end, personnel files in the middle, and mission documents reports on the far end. Occupying a seemingly auspicious place on one corner of the table a thrice-sealed book drew the eye of the young shinobi.

"What's this?" asked Naruto picking it up with no fear or even caution, for that matter.

"Careful kid!" Jiraya exclaimed. "Those seals are set to blast you all the way to earth country if you are not the right person trying to open them!"

"Oh." as Naruto tried to set the book back he fumbled and tried to catch it. He grabbed the cover and the book flopped open on the table in front of him. He quickly leaped over a nearby couch and covered his head. "Am I alive? Is everyone OK?" He peaked his head over the couch, looked left, looked right. "Well this doesn't look like earth country. Why did you have to scare me like that ero-sennin?"

The shocked women just stared but the white-haired Sannin looked on quizzically. "I wonder why it didn't blow?" he pondered aloud. After a few seconds the answer came to him. "The seals are set to the DNA of the Hokage's past and present. If one is released the others follow with a little chakra. But the kid is filled to the brim with Hokage DNA so it just released all of them even without chakra or code words."

"Great." the current Hokage scoffed. "The secrets of the village are totally free to a thirteen year old with A.D.D."

"Hey! I can pay attention to stuff." Naruto professed as his eyes wandered to a dust speck floating by.

"Well anyway." Shizune began, seeing the lull as an opportunity to get down to business. "These are all the documents we will be taking with us. The jutsu scrolls will help further your education, and the mission reports can be used as leverage against the village. The personnel reports serve much the same purpose but in a more focused capacity."

"So kid I'll get all this sealed up and you go pack anything you can't stand to leave behind." Jiraya instructed the now confused looking boy.

"I'm leaving and I'm going to steal secret documents and jutsu on my way out? This is your master plan old lady?" Naruto looked worried.

"Listen here punk! You should show the Hokage and your grandmother more respect. And it's more like we." Tsunade scolded.

"What do you mean we?" The worry on Naruto's face had turned to confusion.

"We are leaving the village and taking all this with us. And a couple other things." The devious grin on the woman's face spread to the other blond as he began to formulate ideas.

"Cool" was his only response, as Tsunade handed out mission assignments and shopping lists with official decrees from the Hokage.


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent gathering supplies and making ready for the journey the three of them would be taking in two days time.

Jiraya taught Naruto how to make a storage seal and sent him home to pack. On the way Naruto turned a corner and ran into a lavender-eyed girl.

"Oh, sorry Hinata. I was thinking about something and didn't see you there. Gomen." Naruto said as he grinned and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"N-no its my fault." the girl responded meekly. She was now far enough away she could keep from fainting, but the fact he was talking directly to her still made her blush and look down at her fidgeting fingers.

Naruto quickly ran through his situation and made a decision. "Hinata. You have always been so nice to me. I want you to know how much that means to me. Really, thank you." The smile he gave her was filled with warmth that couldn't have been faked.

"N-Naruto? I...I... " she was dumbstruck. She meant something to him?

"I don't know if you heard what the council is saying about me, but I have to leave and I'm really sorry I didn't get more of a chance to talk to you and spend some time. Anyway thanks Hinata, and goodbye." He gave a slight bow and began to walk away.

The shy girl had heard but didn't believe anything the council had released. She watched a few steps that seemed like slow motion to her, as Naruto threatened to walk out of her life. She knew that it couldn't happen. She wouldn't let Naruto go without telling him how she felt.

"N-Naruto! W-wait!" she called after him. "I I I d-don't want you to go." she blurted, knowing that if she stopped to breath she would lose her nerve. "I will miss you if you go and I will be sad and you are the nicest person I know and I know the council is lying you couldn't do those terrible things and... and... And I like you." the last sentence was almost a whisper, and then the girl passed out.


Hinata awoke in the hospital. There was a nurse next to her bed filling a glass of water and after a cursory examination and a little re-hydration Hinata was released. She walked down the hall passing Sakura on her way to visit Sasuke.

"Can you believe Naruto." the pink-haired girl questioned. "I'm not surprised though. He's always been jealous of Sas..." her bout of gossip was cut short as Hinata darted two fingers into the space under her lower lip. With a quick twist of the body Hinata spun and brought the other hand under Sakura's chin, sending the stunned kunoichi off her feet and onto her butt with a sudden puff of air. Hinata looked at the girl, nodded at the completion of her task and walked away.

Sakura opened her mouth to yell down the disappearing form but no sound came out. Hinata hit the street outside of the hospital and didn't stop running until she was at the Hokage's door.

The very busy Hokage addressed the young Hyuuga as she entered. "What can I do for you Hinata?" the older woman asked. She was holding the semblance of normalcy as Shizune packed and Jiraya raided the houses of the former Hokage.

"I...I want to turn myself in." The shy girl sat with her hands in her lap, looking down.

Tsunade was confused but intrigued. "What could you possibly have done Hinata?"

"I a-assaulted a fellow ninja. I a-am willing to accept any pu-punishment you see fit. Even if it is b-banishment." the girl was afraid but resolute.

"Tell me the whole story and then I will decide if something as extreme as banishment is necessary." The patience of the Hokage was commonly known. Only in the case of a certain orange-clad gennin was she unreasonable.

"I struck Haruno Sakura twice using jyuuken. I disabled tendons and injured the function of one of her organs." The young kunoichi explained in a low voice.

"Why would you do that Hinata? How badly is she injured, and which organ did you shut down?" The story was getting to interesting for the Sannin not to hear the end of.

"I removed her ability to speak by disabling her tongue. She is not permanently disabled but it will take about a month for her to heal." Hinata explained.

"You still haven't told me why." Tsunade pointed out.

The girl muttered something inaudible prompting a "What?" from the Sannin.

"She insulted Naruto." the girl stated within human range this time.

Tsunade smiled. A girl with class liked her grandson. Ideas began to spring up in her head as well as memories of the rumors of life in the Hyuuga compound.

I think I'll like having this girl around,thought Tsunade. I can make it my personal mission to toughen her up a bit.

"OK. Banishment it is then. Pack your things and be at the gates at midnight tomorrow. You can be escorted out along with Naruto who is also banished." Tsunade was going to enjoy the blushing cheeks when all of this worked out.


At he appointed time Hinata approached the gates of Konoha. The site that greeted her was not what she had expected. Naruto was dashing from pack to pack inspecting each one. Shizune was going through a list and occasionally leaning over to Tsunade to ask one thing or another. Tsunade herself was standing hands on hips tapping her foot in obvious perturbation.

"E-excuse me." the girl approached meekly.

"Ah! Hinata. good good. Just have to wait on that old lecher." Tsunade greeted and glossed over the girl in the same breath.

"Hinata? What are you doing here?" Naruto questioned.

Oh yeah. Thought Tsunade.

This is going to be interesting.

"She is my new apprentice and she is going with us." Tsunade grinned

"OK?" Naruto was confused but a part of him was happy too.

"Hokage-sama? I th-thought I was being banished with Naruto." The girl questioned.

"Oh?" the older woman questioned. "Well change of plans. We are all leaving the village and you are coming with us. I'll explain everything once we are out of the village but for now Jiraya is coming and we need to hurry." Tsunade was preoccupied as Jiraya jumped down from a near by roof.

"Got It." he proclaimed holding up a large scroll.

"Perfect!" Tsunade smiled. "Any last good-byes anyone?" she questioned.

"Yeah I got one." Naruto looked up from the bag he was hovering over with a device that looked like a walky talky in his hand. A grin grew across his face until it was a giant smile. He depressed the button on the top of the device and turned to face the Hokage monument as explosions rocked the mountain.

"What did you do?" Shizune nearly screamed at the boy.

The side of the mountain containing the faces of five Hokage was shrouded in dust. When a slow wind ran across the sky the faces were all still present with a notable addition to the right of the others. The smiling face of Uzumaki Naruto was revealed giving the whole village his trademark wink.

"Two years of climbing that thing and placing paper bombs. Totally worth it!" the boy beamed with pride.

"Got to admit, the kid is inventive." Jiraya nodded admiring the boy's handiwork.

Tsunade just laughed.

Believe it. She thought holding her sides as she laughed.

"Well with that we should head out in a big way." Tsunade suggested getting nods of approval all around.

"Wait!" Naruto requested, getting an idea. He turned to Jiraya and whispered something is his ear after puling him down to his height. The Sannin smiled at the boy and nodded. The boy hugged him and then ran out of the village the kunoichi behind soon catching up and heading off into the night.

Jiraya waved and called "I'm right behind you kid." Waiting till the group was out of earshot to wonder "How did he guess? I suppose a kid can't hang out with his grandpa for this long and not put two and two together." He smiled at the thought of the boy. He then leered at the memory of Tsunade and had to hold a sleeve to his nose to stop the blood.