Hello all you lovely readers,

We told you that we would be back. We decided to delete the chapter we had posted for the contest just so you new readers would be completely shocked when you get to it.

We are so excited about this story. This is a true collaboration between the three of us. You will probably be able to see a little of each of our styles throughout the chapters. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have had developing the story line.

Before we start down this crazy journey, let's get some things out of the way.

One: None of us are Stephenie Meyers. If one of us eats a native herb and magically switches places with her – you guys will be the first to know.

Second: This story will have some themes that you may not like. So after chapter three, if you feel like crying, screaming or all around bitching us out- remember we warned you.

Third: We realize that there are a few stories just coming out that have some of the same basic ideas as ours. Goldentemptress has a great one that is similar BUT NOT THE SAME!!!! We have been working on this since before the contest started. We even said it was going to be a full story. So don't get your knickers in a wad – just read them all and enjoy. We all are creative enough (and obviously) smart enough – to have found an idea that several different people thought would make a great story. It is just by pure coincidence it is around the same time. I guess that little Forbidden Love contest got everyone's evil thinking caps going!!

Finally: This story will have SMUT! This is a fact!!! Lots and lots of lovely smut…and angst…and suspense…and fuck it's gonna be great. But please only read it if you are mature enough to handle it. We like sex, and foul language and playing around with ideas that even in real life we don't deem acceptable.

So sit back and get ready for… How to Save a Life.