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The Last Sunset

Chapter 2. And So The Chase Is On

We were walking to class the next morning when Maya said she left one of her books in our dorm. "No its fine, you go to class, can you tell Mr. Barker why I'm late?" "Yeah, no problem, see you in class." I said and she ran off back to the dorm. When I got into Mr. Barker's class I explained that Maya went back for her books and took my seat. It was half way through the class and I was starting on my report on Genetic Mutation. "You would have thought that would be easy for someone who has wings" I muttered under my breath when Mr. Barker walked up to me "Renée, can you please go and find Maya, and tell she has a detention with me for missing most of class."

I got to our room and walked in, Maya's room was a mess. I didn't think she was that bothered about a text book. "Maya, come on, forget the book, Mr. Barker asked me to come look for you. And you have missed like nearly a whole lesson" but it wasn't Maya who answered.

"Hello Renée Cassidy, or should I say Zahra Simmons, I'm Maggie, from the institute." She said it as if I should know what she was talking about, which I didn't. "I don't know what you're talking about, where is my roommate?" was all I could think of saying. "Ah, well you see, we know you're Zahra, and we would like you to come with us. As for your friend well lucky for you, we just missed her, but don't think we won't find her if need be." "It's always the ones with the bad names, Maggie." I smirked at her. "But of course, what if I were to find her first." I said with a grin, she knew what was coming as I ran to the door, but when I opened it the bell sounded and hundreds of pupils and staff were walking the corridor. Not only couldn't I fly but it would take me ages to find Maya. And the woman knew that.

I flung myself out of the door running as fast as I could shouting at the top of my lungs "Maya, Maya, where are you?!" I stopped when I saw her, with a familiar man standing next to her showing me his gun. He smiled menacingly at me as I walked towards them.

"What's going on Renée?!" Maya was probably about to burst out crying and screaming. I turned to the man as he said "remember me" in a low, husky voice. Then I remembered. He killed my family; he tried to kidnap me, now he wanted my best friend. "I'll kill you the first chance I get." He smile dropped slightly "If you get the chance, names Phil by the way." "Renée, please tell me what's going on." Maya was now crying and cringing at Phil holding her tighter "I'm sorry, I can't now, I'll explain later when this goon lets go of you and we get out of here."

Obviously Phil had no intention of letting her go and began walking back to my room, and we were joined by the she-devil herself, 'Maggie'. I felt a rush of worry wash over me when we walked past our dorm and to the car park, I struggled to stand next to Maya so at least if he let go of her I could grab her and get her as far away from here as possible.

"Right, in you go." The she-devil said. That was when I least expected it, that angelic voice I heard 5 years ago but never since. "Whatever you do don't get in the van, get out of there, take your friend and run!" The same as before no one else heard it. And once again I did what it said without an argument "do you think were idiots, we talk here or we don't talk at all. And you don't want me making a scene now, do you?" I threatened and she knew what I meant by making a 'scene', but I felt awful that Maya had no idea what I was talking about. "Renée are you insane, do you want them to kill us?" I turned to her and took her hand and said "I'm sorry Maya; there are some things I didn't tell you about the night my family was murdered." I hated to see her in this state "what, kind, of things" she asked in a cautious tone "I mean what could be so bad that now I'm involved, and these people want to kidnap us?!" she was almost full blown screaming before Phil had a gun to her back.

I thought it was now or never, either I get out and Maya dies, or I stay and we both die. "I'm so s-s-sorry" I managed to spit out while I cried, knowing that the decision I just made, meant she had to give her life if my plan didn't work. I pulled her into a hug; I pulled out my wings without warning and knocked three guys' old cold. Maya, gasped but I knew she would have seen them sooner or later anyway.

I jumped into the air and took off with helicopters in tow, but I shook them off with a few moves that seemed to upset the voice in my head. "Are you trying to kill yourself?!" but no matter what the voice said it was always perfect. Maya had started crying once in the air and I guessed she never took a glance in the sky let alone flew, since her parents died. "Maya, it's okay. I'm sorry I would have told you sooner but I was worried-" she cut me off "worried what, that those people would come after me as well. Well it's a bit late for that don't you think."

"Look Maya you have to understand that I lost my family because of those people and these, things. I didn't want to put you in danger; I thought if you didn't know anything they would leave you alone. I'm sorry" the tears that had only just stopped in that moment started again. "I'm sorry about your family Renée but-" this time I cut her off, I couldn't not tell her about the name change. "My name is Zahra Simmons, not Renée; I had to change it or they would have found me sooner." I think that really did it for her, and she stopped talking to me after I said that.

It was getting late and I was really tired, flying all night was one thing but with a passenger for who knows how long without a break, I think anyone would be tired. "Maya, I'm going to have to stop soon, I'm exhausted." She looked up at me. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have ignored you, I understand what you went though." She tried to fool me with a small smile and said "And I would like to stop as well, I don't really like flying." She would have to get used to it, but I thought it best to keep that to myself. We got to the coast line in matter of minutes and I scanned for anything that would get us through the night. After a while I spotted a few beach huts and landed in the darkest area I could. We walked to the first and looked in the window, it was full of junk and wasn't the best place to sleep. We scanned all the huts and only found one that was 'suitable'. It had children's things in, lie-lows, toys, chairs thankfully it also had some boxed foods stacked in the corner. I pried the door open and moved some of the things out of the way and laid out the lie-low for Maya, and I sat in the chair and fell asleep in minutes.

After I woke up I got some of leftover food and woke Maya up. "You know, you act more like my mother than my best mate sometimes." I wondered if she remembered what happened yesterday she seemed like she forgot, then "Ow, it wasn't a dream then" she said as she took in the small beach hut scenery and the lie-low she was lying on. I shook my head whilst handing her the food. "So what else haven't you told me about?" apart from the obvious, "nothing." She didn't look convinced. "Well okay. I knew about the wings when I was 9. But most of my life I had this sort of bond with animals. I have bird like 'senses and abilities' I suppose you could say, that kind of came with the wings." "Such as?" "Well I have vision like a, hawk, I think, really fast, and sometimes I get this gut feeling when I should run." I tried to sound calm unlike the voice in my head "like now for instance!" "Yes, alright" I replied out loud by accident "what?" "um, tell you later, we have to leave here." I turned to open the door when it caved in, curtsey of Phil, and Maggie shouted "NOW!"

"Sorry" I turned to Maya, gave her an apologetic look and unfolded my wings smashing straight though the walls on both sides. I grabbed Maya and flew straight up and didn't look back until Maya became suddenly heavy and screamed. They had her by the legs and she was slipping out of my hands, before I could do anything they had her. "She will be okay, they need her alive to get to you, you will save her, I promise" this voice in my head was promising me the hardest thing I had to walk away from since that night. I had to do it again. "Run" I knew it would say that, "I will come back for you Maya. I promise!" I shouted as loud as I could so they knew I was coming for her, and then I flew as fast as I could, without her. The last piece of happiness I had in the world was in danger. And I was running.

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