The Thank You Kiss

She peered out from behind the curtains only momentarily. She forgot about what a rush it was to be waiting to take the stage. Honestly she owed Simon and the captain for even letting her participate.

A blown capacitor and a few shorted out wires later, they had practically crash landed on the tiny moon. If it hadn't been for her quick piloting, the ship would have surely been blown to a million pieces. Kaylee said with a layer of optimism, "We're gonna have to stay put for a lil' bit, Cap'in. Don't worry. I'll get her back 'n shiny again!"

Mal had frowned and asked flat out, "How long's a 'lil' bit'?"

She bit her lip and fidgeted with her wrench, "Um…a month or so."

River went crazy being kept inside. After finding out about the dance company, she asked if she could try out. It took some arm twisting and convincing, but both the captain and her brother agreed and there she was.

Simon wasn't there to see her dance. He was injured after attempting to help Kaylee with the repairs. It was strange to be about to perform without him there. He always came, even if their parents didn't. He was front and center. Now she had no one supporting her.

She peered out once more and her eyes found someone else. Malcolm Reynolds.

Her heart skipped a beat. He actually came. She told him when and where it was, just because he asked. But he was there. She wanted to run out and thank him, but it was almost show time.

After the show ended and she got out of her costume and into her usual clothes, she darted out to find him. He was walking around the lobby like he was lost. She caught his eye and they exchanged smiles. She flew at him, hugging him tightly.

"What are you doing here?" she laughed rhetorically. He answered anyway.

"I'm here to see you. You were great."

She blushed. "Didn't you have a job today?"

"Yeah well…Zoe's handlin' it. I wasn't really needed on it anyhow."

"You blew off a job and came all of this way to see me?" she gaped. The dance hall was about an hour from Serenity by shuttle.

"Yeah I did."

She pulled him down and kissed him roughly. "Thank you, Captain."

He grinned, slightly breathless from the sudden attack. "Don't mention it, darlin'."

(This one is for Patrick Roberge, the shiniest guy in the 'verse. He literally did this for me. It was just too gorram sweet to not be made into a fic, and I don't think that I did it justice…)