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It was a moment of intense pleasure. A moment of uncensored ecstasy as his breath hitched and he bit his lips to hold back the grunt signalling his release. Breathing heavily he kept his face buried in the crook of her neck, his senses overwhelming him. He felt her rapidly beating heart slow down and her bare chest beneath him fall into a rhythm that matched his own. It was as if he was suddenly aware of her sweat slicked body against him after the act, which was ridiculous since in the frenzy, his objective was to end up just the way they were. Her delicate hands which had been pushing, pulling and tugging him towards her as she cried out, were now released from his hair and back. He didn't want to admit the mistake they had made. But, what they had done was over, and he suspected, never to be discussed or repeated. Pulling away from her, he hovered over her body for a few seconds, drinking in her flushed skin and toned body, her arms were inadvertently covering her breasts, a sure sign that she was embarrassed. He tried to fight the urge to throw something in anger. No one ever regretted being with him. No one. But here was the exception, and a part of him couldn't really blame her. Her eyes avoided his, and she tried to move her legs away from him, the same legs which were caressing against him just a few moments ago. It was over. Now was the time for the repercussions. Fighting back a sigh, he rolled away from her, and didn't miss her jumping off the bed instantly as if she was burned from the contact. They hunted their clothes and changed quickly, and most importantly, silently. He never really remembered them not communicating. It's the one thing they had. They never failed to speak their mind. Naturally, silence was not something he was currently comfortable experiencing when it came to her.

Without so much as a glance towards him, she left his bedroom hurriedly, her head hanging shamefully. Feeling frustrated, he ran his hand through his hair before pulling on his t-shirt. He needed a drink, bad.

He sat on his bed and waited. She was probably grabbing her bag at that moment. He checked the clock on his bedside table. Two minutes had passed. She was probably out of the door by now. Another minute. It was safe.

He walked out of his bedroom and stilled at the scene unfolding before him. She was still here, and she was with him.

"Derek!" His eyes snapped away from the brunette to grin uncomfortably at their guest. Although technically he was no guest, considering he lived here. "My man!" The guy slapped him on his back. "You really never stop bugging her do you?"

Derek's brown eyes met two crystal-blue nervous ones. "Never." She looked away from him, and he noticed her playing with the straps of the purse in agitation.

The man slipped an arm around her waist, causing a flashback of only a few minutes back where he had lightly licked and bitten her side, causing a rustic moan to escape her lips as her fingers tangled in his hair. Derek suddenly felt very protective as his glance zeroed in on how his roommates' hand was caressing her slightly visible skin between her jeans and top.

She looked at him meaningfully. "I was just telling Ben that the reason I was so out of breath when he got here was because you grabbed my purse and I had to chase you all over the apartment to get it back."

Ben shook his head side to side humorously. "You two act like such kids. Cant you do any adult activities like other step-siblings?"

If he only knew. Her face reddened under his intense gaze, her eyes trying to focus on the man holding her to him.

However Ben, the always oblivious one grinned at their discomfort, thinking wrongly that it was based on how uncomfortable they were around each other. He was half right. Although what they just did in his bedroom couldn't be said to be uncomfortable in any culture around the world. "But that's alright. I guess it's more entertaining for me" Ben laughed as he dragged her with him so he could easily toss his other arm over Derek's shoulders. "Just think guys, two days from now.." He looked down at the girl in his arms. "You will no longer be Casey McDonald, but Mrs. Casey Campbell. And you.." He turned to Derek. "Will not only be my ex-roommate, but my best man and brother-in-law."

Derek's eyes again met Casey's, and he understood her look.

He felt like throwing up.