"Onyx and Vampire"

Chapter 1: "Darkness Dragon and Vampire"

Disclaimer: Rosario + Vampire belongs to Akihisa Ikeda and Viz Entertainment. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight belongs to Steve and Michael Wang and Adness Entertainment. I have no connection to either property except as a happily entertained consumer, and I make no money or other material compensation from this story.

Author's note: This story fuses the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Rosario + Vampire universes to create a unique reality, one where Kamen Rider Onyx – speculated to be the traitorous original Dragon Knight – takes Tsukune's role in the story of Rosario + Vampire.

Why Kamen Rider Onyx? One, he's a blank slate. Two, we don't exactly know why he betrayed the other Ventaran Kamen Riders; knowing how Dragon Knight has portrayed its antagonist Riders so far, it's probably more complicated than it seems. Of course, since my explanation most likely won't be canon, that makes this story an A/U.

Why am I doing this? For craps and laughs, man, for craps and laughs; that's the only good reason to write stuff this crazy. Thank you, Kamen Rider Chrome, formerly known as ZK Chromedragozoid, for inspiring me to do this with your wonderful story, Rosario to Kiva. Let's ride.

A young man with sandy hair of a shade somewhere between brown and blond, sat in a moving bus, watching the world as it passed by. He wore a black leather jacket with silver stripes resembling tire treads down the sleeves and sides. Underneath the jacket, which he wore open, was a tucked-in white dress shirt with the top buttons undone to expose the collar of a black T-shirt and khaki pants. His name was Adam, formerly Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and now Kamen Rider Onyx . . . the cursed black dragon. He was a monster, he knew; Ventara was damned by his cowardice, along with the Kamen Riders he had fought beside. That was why he had no choice but to leave; he was not welcome on Ventara, nor would he have a home on Earth.

Thus, he was coming to Yokai Academy, the only place a monster like him would be truly welcome, and a monster he was. He looked at the cell phone in his hand, the phone his Earth alternate and replacement Kit had given him. It began to ring, and the identification shown on the screen was Len, otherwise known as Kamen Rider Wing Knight.

Adam looked at the phone, wondering whether he should answer it. As much as his heart was relieved that Len still wanted anything to do with him after what he'd done, he also knew that he didn't deserve Len's forgiveness, or that of any of the other Kamen Riders. It was at the moment he was about to choose to answer or not answer that the bus passed through a tunnel. The phone immediately stopped ringing when that happened.

When the bus came out of the tunnel, Adam was confronted with a strange new world. It looked kind of like Earth and kind of like Ventara, except darker and more foreboding, somehow. The trees had no leaves on them, their branches stretching out into the sky as if to strangle the clouds. "You're going to Yokai Academy, right?" the driver's gruff voice broke the silence.

"Yes," Adam replied.

"Sure you're gonna be all right here?" he asked.

"Whatever fate I suffer here will be richly deserved," Adam answered darkly, as the driver came to a stop.

"We're here, kid."

"Thanks." Adam took his things and stepped out of the bus. He looked around and saw a forbidding forest in front of him. "I'm going to need a ride."

To that end, Adam explored this other world he'd found himself in. During his wanderings, he found strange creatures of various shapes and sizes, some more humanoid than others, walking around. They hardly seemed to notice him or care all that much about him, one way or the other. Spotting a motorcycle shop, he walked right in, noticing that it had varying types of motorcycles, from cruisers to sport bikes to dirt bikes to ATVs to street bikes.

"You like that one, kid?" the shopkeeper asked.

Adam turned and found himself staring at what appeared to be an ogre. "You mean this one?" he asked, gesturing at an EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition sport bike, colored black with hints of silver. "Yeah. I like it. Just show me the form and I'll sign it."

"You sure? It's kinda expensive."

"I'm sure."

"Your yen."

After signing the form and giving a down payment on the motorcycle, Adam rode away to Yokai Academy on his new black-and-silver EBR sport bike. Riding into the forest that surrounded Yokai Academy, the self-exiled Kamen Rider wondered just who he would meet and what he'd have to do to survive in a world full of monsters. A pink blur on a bicycle darted into his field of sight, interrupting his musings . . . and he couldn't stop in time. Not only did he hit her, he knocked himself over as well.

"Damn it," he groaned, throwing his helmet off and crawling on his arms over to her. "Are you all right?"

"I . . . I'm sorry . . ." she whispered. That was when Adam got a good look at her face.

Cute . . . he thought, almost blushing as he caught her bright green eyes. Out loud, "No, I'm sorry. I should have watched where I was going." He looked at her, noticing that she wore an outfit similar to his but with the traditional green blazer and a short tartan skirt in place of his leather jacket and khaki pants. Then there was the rosary cross dangling from a leather choker wrapped around her neck. "Are you going to Yokai Academy, too?"

"Yes," she replied softly. "What's your name?"

"I'm Adam. Adam Taylor. You?"

"Moka. Moka Akashiya."

He smiled at her and helped her to her feet. "Nice to meet you, Miss Akashiya."

"No, just call me Moka," the girl replied. She looked at Adam's pants leg, which was stained with blood. "You smell . . . nice . . ."

"So do you," Adam answered, and it was no lie. He'd been close enough to smell her, and she had quite the fragrance.

"I'm sorry . . ." she murmured as she moved closer to him. "You see, I'm a . . . vampire."

And then she bit his neck, her fangs puncturing the skin and the vein beneath. Adam had expected it to be painful, but it felt more like a small pinch and then . . . a warm sensation passed over him, as though he were simply being kissed rather than having the blood drained from him.

"Moka . . ."

Was that his voice? He didn't quite recognize it; it sounded far too husky to be his.

Moka pulled away, and his wound immediately healed itself. "I'm sorry. I should have asked you first."

"It's all right," Adam replied. "You're a vampire. Vampires need blood to survive."

"I hope you don't hate me . . ."

"I don't. Being a vampire doesn't make you bad. Being a lot of things doesn't make you bad."

Moka squealed with joy and hugged Adam tightly to her bosom, a bosom that he'd noticed wasn't exactly small, not that he'd remark on it aloud. "That's great! Because you see, your blood tastes so nice, like a human's, but even better! I think I'm in love. . . ."

Well, this is going to be interesting, Adam thought.

Once Moka managed to dislodge herself from Adam, they went their separate ways. Adam didn't think he was going to see her for a while, but he would be proven quite wrong about that.

After he entered the Academy halls, he exchanged his shoes for a pair of soft slippers so that he wouldn't scuff the floor. Once that was done, he searched for his classroom . . . and it turned out to be Class 3 for Year 1 students. He went inside and took the nearest available seat, noticing, much to his suspicion, that everyone inside looked perfectly human, unlike the people he'd seen outside.

The teacher standing at the front of the classroom was a honey-blonde woman in a short-sleeved white shirt left open over an orange sundress. Adam noticed that her hair was styled with two tufts that vaguely resembled cat ears, prompting a curious look from her.

"Hello, everybody!" the cat-haired woman announced energetically. "I'm your teacher Shizuka Nekonome, and this place, Yokai Academy . . . will teach you all how to blend in and peacefully coexist with humans! For that reason, you'll be taught the same things humans are taught in their schools, and you'll all have to maintain your human forms at all times!"

Just then, an imposing student with long brown hair, a rough demeanor, and piercings on one ear spoke up. "Why can't we just eat them?"

"Because they are more numerous than we are, Mr. Komiya," Nekonome-sensei replied. "And that sort of attitude has been the death of many yokai when encountering human assassins. What they lack in power, they make up for in creativity."

Saizo Komiya scoffed. "Whatever. I still think we ought to eat them. And use the cute girls as we please before we eat them, too."

Adam snarled quietly. This bastard was a complete and utter thug, no better than some of Xaviax's replacement Riders.

"Hell, I think I smell a human right in here . . ." Saizou remarked.

"That's impossible!" Nekonome denied. "Humans can't come to Yokai Academy; they'd be executed upon discovery!"

"Still smell a human . . ." Saizo sneered, looking right at Adam, who glared right back.

"Got a problem?"

Just before a fight could break out, a most welcome figure arrived: Moka Akashiya. "Sorry I'm late; I got lost looking for my classroom," she announced herself in a shy voice.

Immediately, the male students went into a small uproar.

"So cute!"

"So gorgeous!"

"So hot!"

"I'd go lesbian for her in a heartbeat!" Obviously enough, that was a besotted girl, not a besotted boy.

"That can't be a disguise!"

"She's just too . . ."

"BEAUTIFUL!" the male students, sans Adam and Saizo, chorused.

Moka was instructed to take a seat, and she did . . . right next to Adam. "Adam!" she squealed, practically tackling the young man into an embrace.

"Moka . . ." he greeted with an amused smile.

Cries of "Aw, man!" and "No fair!" and "Why him?" rang out through the classroom, cries that only increased when Moka and Adam were seen walking together in the halls of Yokai Academy. A particular repeated cry was, "How does that gaijin punk get a girl like that?"

After the school day ended, Moka and Adam went to the vending machines to pick up something to drink. As they walked, they passed by the living quarters for the student body, which made Adam shiver internally at the sight of a virtual glut of grave markers. "That's a lot of dead people," he murmured.

"Isn't it lovely?" Moka asked.

"Sure," Adam replied automatically. Internally, he mused that it wasn't nearly as bad as Ventara had looked after Xaviax had gotten through with it.

They eventually made it to the vending machines, and while Adam was working the one closest to them, Saizo took the opportunity to accost Moka. "Hey," he said, "why don't you ditch the loser and come with me?"

"No, thank you," Moka replied. "I'm with Adam now."

"That weakling?" Saizo let out a derisive snort. "No way. You need someone stronger, someone like me."

Adam stalked over to Saizo and Moka. "She said no. Even you can't be so stupid that you don't know what that means."

Saizo immediately grabbed Adam by the front of his jacket and slammed him into a vending machine. "You little punk. Stay out of the way of us real yokai. A weakling like you doesn't deserve Moka."

"And you think you do?" Adam retorted. "You're a complete jackass. What girl would wanna go out with you?"

Saizo slammed him harder, while Moka shouted, "Leave him alone!"

Adam just smirked darkly at Saizo before thrusting his fingers right at the imposing boy's eyes. With that feint, he forced Saizo to drop him, allowing him to use a leg sweep to knock Saizo's legs out from under him. He stood over the momentarily fallen Saizo and stared grimly at him.

"Weak but skilled beats strong but dumb any day."

"You . . . think so . . . bitch?" Saizo snarled, just before grabbing Adam and throwing him into a vending machine headfirst. Adam managed to twist in a way that caused him to take the brunt of the impact with his shoulder rather than his head, but the whiplash still bounced his head against it. Moka rushed over to Adam's side, while Saizo walked away, convinced he had made his point.

Later that day, Adam stood next to his motorcycle on the cliff overlooking the strangely red ocean below. "Is this more trouble than it's worth?" he asked himself.

Just then, Moka walked up to him. "Are you going to leave?"

"Maybe," Adam replied.

"Where will you go?" she asked.

"Back to the human world. Maybe I'll find a decent school there."

Moka panicked. "You can't go!"

"Why not?"

"Because . . . you're . . . important to me. You're the first person . . . who's ever wanted to be my friend, and the first person who's let me suck his blood . . ." Her blush was almost luminescent. "A girl never forgets her first time."

Adam started to blush himself, the mention of "first time" making him think of something else. He sighed. "Maybe I'll stick around, but what's so wrong with human schools, anyway?"

"I went to a human school, and it was horrible! They didn't believe in vampires, and so they mocked me for saying I was one! I never had a friend there! I can't bear to see you go to such a place where you'll only be mistreated!"

Adam looked at Moka sadly. "What if I told you . . . that I was human?"

"You? Human . . . ? But that's impossible! How could you come here if you were human?"

"From Ventara, actually, but it's more like a parallel universe, kind of like this. Might have confused the barrier enough to let me through."

"I can't . . . even if your blood tastes nice . . . I can't be friends with a human."

"I understand," Adam whispered sadly. "I wasn't expecting to have friends, anyway. Someone like me . . . doesn't deserve friends. Goodbye, Moka." He got on his motorcycle and rode away, leaving Moka by herself.

Moka stared out at the ocean, thinking about Adam. He had been nothing but kind to her . . . even if he was human, or some strange variant of human called a Ventaran. She thought of his face when she'd made that statement to him, how heartbroken he looked, even though his expression carried traces of resignation. She'd . . . she'd been the cruel one, not Adam.

With that thought fixed in her mind, she ran in the direction Adam had gone, hoping against hope that she could find him in time before he was gone from this world for good. As she ran, she encountered Saizo, who seemed to be malingering in the forests surrounding Yokai Academy.

"Hey, I see you changed your mind about me," he greeted.

"I'm looking for Adam," Moka answered.

"Why you want anything to do with that punk is beyond me," Saizo sneered. "Come on, why not go with a real yokai . . ." He began to transform, growing larger and rather spikier as he revealed his true form. ". . . like me!"

"Saizo!" Moka shouted. "We're not supposed to transform!"

"Sorry, this is just what happens when I get nervous around cute girls like you," Saizo growled menacingly. "Besides, it doesn't matter; we're not on school grounds anymore. Come on, Moka, show me what you really look like." He lunged at Moka with his abnormally long and thin tongue, wrapping it around her. Moka screamed in abject horror from the feeling of his saliva leaking into her clothes and skin.

As Adam rode, he heard a scream. Moka?

He pulled a U-turn immediately and began riding toward where he'd heard Moka's scream. Once he'd gotten close enough, he saw a transformed Saizo with Moka wrapped in his tongue. Gritting his teeth with rage underneath his helmet, he rode faster and removed a black card case with a black dragon crest in the center. When he thrust the case out in front of him, it generated a burst of electric black energy that formed a belt with an empty buckle that seemed to serve as a holder.

"Kamen Rider!" he called out as he approached them, sliding the case, his Advent Deck, into the Advent Belt. Immediately, a ring of black energy surrounded him and his motorcycle and it folded up into two rings that formed a sphere of black energy surrounding him and his motorcycle, transforming them both.

Adam was now in a suit of black armor with harder and somewhat metallic reinforcement over his chest, shoulders, forearms and hands, and his shins. A gunmetal gray helmet with a grilled black faceplate vaguely resembling a dragon's head viewed from above covered his head, while in the dark, bright red eyes peeked out from the grill slits of the faceplate. He also wore mismatched gauntlets, his right arm bearing silver plating over his forearm and hand while his left arm bore a black-and-silver dragon-headed gauntlet.

His motorcycle had changed, too, from a black-and-silver sport bike to a sleeker gold-accented pitch-black model with a grilled headlight and designed to vaguely resemble a dragon. Not only had it changed in appearance, it had accelerated and seemed to be developing an aura of flame the faster it approached Moka and Saizo, the latter of whom seemed to realize just what the transformed Adam was aiming to do.

At the last second, Adam jumped off his motorcycle and tackled Moka away from Saizo just as the bike crashed into the transformed brute. The tackle had come with such momentum that he'd knocked them both over the edge and down the slope. Adam immediately rolled over onto his back while still holding Moka so that he, being better-armored than she, would take the brunt of the damage.

"I'm sorry . . ." Moka whispered as she looked into his masked eyes. "I used to think, that maybe . . . just maybe . . . I could find that special human who'd be willing to accept me, who wouldn't be repelled by me just because I was a vampire. But now, even if I have, the differences are just too much!"

"No, they're not," Adam whispered, his voice somewhat distorted by the helmet he wore. "I'm nothing special at all, Moka. Just . . . just a bastard. But if you'll have me, I'll stay. I'll stay for you. I may be a human. You may be a vampire. But in our hearts, we're not so different, and I want to stay with you, for as long as you'll have me."

"Isn't that sweet?" Saizo shouted as he came after them. "But just because you have some kind of flashy armor doesn't mean you're gonna last long against me!"

Adam straightened up to his feet while helping Moka up. "Don't worry, Moka. He's not going to touch you."

He stalked toward Saizo and withdrew a card from the Advent Deck lodged within the buckle of his Advent Belt. He slid the card into the left-handed gauntlet that served as the scanner for his Advent Cards and a mechanical voice could be heard.


A black-hilted dao descended from the sky and Adam caught it, while Moka looked at him in amazement. "What . . . was that?" she wondered.

"If your puny little motorcycle couldn't finish me, what makes you think a flimsy toy like that's going to do it?" Saizo taunted his black-armored opponent.

Saizo got his answer when Adam seemed to blur out of sight . . . and then he saw a long gash in his chest from what could have only been a sword. He whirled around to find Kamen Rider Onyx, Adam, standing with his back to him. Onyx turned his head to look at Saizo, a taunting stare aimed at the brute through his grilled visor. "Do you need me to demonstrate again?" he asked.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!"

Saizo charged at Onyx, who jumped over Saizo's head and twisted around to kick him in the back. Saizo stumbled from the force of the kick, only to turn around with surprising speed and slug Onyx in his armored stomach. The punch came with enough force to still hurt despite the protection Onyx's armor afforded him and enough force to throw the Kamen Rider over by Moka.

"Don't worry, Moka," Onyx hissed. "I'm not out yet."

Moka reached for Onyx, as Onyx attempted to steady himself. As he finally summoned the strength to stand, he heard something snap off, prompting him to look at his free hand . . . and see a rosary cross in it.

"Sorry about that," Onyx said. Beside him, Moka gasped at the removal of her rosary . . . and from the power that was welling up inside her, which became visible as a dark pink aura.

"What the hell is this?" Saizo questioned frantically.

When the dark pink glow faded from Moka, she looked absolutely different from before. Her pink hair had turned white, her wide green eyes had narrowed and turned red with slits for pupils, her skin had turned paler, and she had gotten considerably curvier.

"This power . . ." Saizo uttered. "Unbelievable! You're an S-class yokai! A super-vampire!"

Super . . . vampire? Onyx thought. He looked at the "new" Moka, finding her to be rather attractive, in an intimidating ice queen kind of way. Even so, this ice queen was still Moka . . . and he would treat her as such.

"So you're the one who awakened me from my slumber," the new Moka remarked in a coldly measured tone. She turned to Saizo and smirked at him. "Well? Weren't you the one dying to embrace me? Come on, then. Give me a hug."

"A vampire! My reputation will spread far and wide after everyone finds out I beat you!"

Saizo charged Moka with what had to amount to an insane level of overconfidence. Moka merely raised her arm and blocked his fist with her much smaller hand, looking more bored than anything else. Beneath his helmet, Onyx gaped at her in surprise. How powerful is she?

"Is this all you have?" she asked. "How pathetic."

Just then, Onyx withdrew a card from his Advent Deck bearing the symbol of his Advent Beast. He slid it into the Drag Visor, his card scanner, and the mechanical voice spoke again.


"You intend to finish him off?" Moka asked Onyx. "Very well. He's too pathetic to waste more time on, anyway."

Onyx's Advent Beast, a black dragon, emerged circling him as he charged up for his final attack. He levitated into the air, carried by the dark aura the black dragon was emanating and throwing himself into a flying side kick boosted by the dragon's black flames. At the same time, Moka had leapt into the air for an acrobatic axe kick.

Saizo had just enough time to think to himself, "Oh, shi –" before the two flying kicks impacted against his chest, knocking him off the slope and into a sizable crater.

"Learn your place," Moka spat.

Onyx looked at the rosary cross still in his hand. "I suppose you want this back."

"Yes," Moka confirmed. "I can't be out all the time."

"Thanks for backing me up," Onyx said.

"I was merely looking out for my favorite snack," Moka retorted. "I'm not like the sentimental Moka you've taken such a shine to." She took back the rosary cross from Onyx and began affixing it to her choker. "You'd better take good care of her . . . or I won't be happy."

Once the rosary cross was safely affixed to her choker, Moka began to change back to what Onyx had thought of as her "normal" self. Her hair brightened from white to pink, her eyes changed back to green from red, and her skin took on some color again. As she changed back, so did Onyx, a vertical ring forming around him that pulled apart, taking his armor with it and revealing Adam.

Moka collapsed into Adam's arms and Adam sat down against a tree with her still lying partly on him. "I promise, Moka . . . I'm staying."

The next morning, news of Saizo's defeat had spread throughout the entire school. According to one tale of how he'd been defeated, Adam had transformed into some kind of black dragon and scorched Saizo with his unholy flames. According to another version, Adam had turned into a "black swordsman" and "cut Saizo up." Pretty much no version of the story had mentioned Moka's – or specifically, her inner self's – role in defeating Saizo.

At the very least, Adam's transformation into Kamen Rider Onyx had forestalled some of the questions about his "monster identity." That was a good thing, he mused to himself as he walked toward Yokai Academy for another day of classes. Just then, his musings were interrupted by Moka nearly knocking him over with her half-tackle, half-hug.

"Hi, Moka," Adam greeted.

"Adam . . . it doesn't matter to me what you are," Moka whispered. "You're my first real friend, and I don't want to lose you."

"You're my first friend in a long time, Moka," Adam admitted. "I don't want to lose you, either."

"So we'll stay together . . . won't we, Adam?"

"We will, Moka."

Almost like in a romantic fantasy, Adam and Moka stared soulfully into each other's eyes, thinking of nothing except each other. Moka leaned closer to him, and Adam, thinking she was going to kiss him, leaned closer to her. As it turned out, she did kiss him . . . just not on the lips.

Her lips found their way to his neck, accompanying a bite with her fangs to access his blood. Adam winced in slight pain, only to shortly be overcome with a warm, pleasant sensation. "Aaaa . . . Moka . . ."

Moka pulled back. "Sorry . . . I can't help myself when I'm near you. I think your blood just might be addictive!"

"It's fine, Moka," Adam said, feeling his wound heal.

This is certainly going to be an interesting experience. Sure, the school's for scary monsters trying to blend in with humans, even if some don't really want to . . . but Moka's nice enough. It shouldn't be that bad.

Little did Kamen Rider Onyx know that it could and would get "that bad," and also . . . "that good." However, that tale would have to wait another day, as Adam and Moka walked into Yokai Academy arm in arm to begin another school day.

Next: Succubus and Onyx.

End Notes: There you have it, the first chapter of my Kamen Rider Dragon Knight/Rosario + Vampire crossover. It'll become clear in due time just how Onyx found out about Yokai Academy, why he wasn't vented by Kamen Riders Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, and Siren for his betrayal, and just why he betrayed the Riders in the first place. Of course, given that the answers I'll be putting forth will most likely not be canon, this story is an A/U, and I hope an interesting enough A/U for you all to enjoy it.