Ch. 1

Haven't I gotten enough??

Chris POV

"Demons!" I called after my brothers. My brothers and I have been power full witches with special powers that we use to kick some demon ass since I was 16, Wyatt is my bigger brother he is a year older then me and he's the most power full witch of all times, Melinda is two years younger then me, we share the same power as witches but I'm more power full then her because I'm half whitelighter so I have more power then her.

Wyatt orbed in with Melinda, and blown up the demon right next to me. At the same moment I was send across the room from some other demon I didn't even recognized, but before I hit the wall I orbed out hoping to find some help, but instead I hit my head on something hard and cold.

When I woke up, there were four persons around me and I heard another couple talking over in the other room.

The four in the sofa with me were all pale white with light colored eyes, like gold, and they all looked like they were super models.

"Hi!" The one with sort hair and looked like the smallest said. "I'm Alice, what's your name?"

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