The colours of my moods – A Six Feet Under fanfiction

Summary: Billy thinks through his rainbow moods

Disclaimer: I own nothing



Red is my angry, passionate colour.

Red is the light in my dark room;

it's the colour of my blood and of my heart.

It's my special colour.


Orange is my exuberant colour.

It's the colour I see when I close my eyes after a day of absolute happiness.

Orange is the rarest colour and the one I crave the most.


Yellow is my cowardly colour.

It's the colour I use when I want my art to look scared;

like it's shying away from the harsh critics of this cold world


Green is my jealous colour.

It's the colour I see when Brenda walks away from me to see Nate,

or anyone else for that matter.

It's the colour of my dreams as I watch my reasons for living slip into another's hands;

a person who has no idea how lucky they are.


Blue is my sad colour.

It's the colour of my tears and the walls of my room.

These things are joined so deeply because Bren helped me paint my entire apartment;

even when I started screaming halfway through,

she just calmed me down and kept on painting.


Indigo is the colour of my darkest days.

It's the colour that I feel when I stop my medication,

and every thing's going wrong with the world.

When I feel like I can't even cope with the universe,

I just think of indigo and float away.


Violet is Brenda's colour.

The perfect marriage of red and blue,

of anger and sadness.

It's the for all the times she's held me while I cried,

and picked up the pieces after one of my bad episodes.

It's for all the times she saved me from myself.

It's my colour of thanks.