Sonnet of Yearning


I look beyond the sinking sun,

And all I see is your shadow.

Did you have a reason

To leave me behind and go?


That question remains on my mind.

A raven flies high;

My thoughts are not far behind.

I can't understand your reasoning,

And I probably never will.

But I'm left here imagining

If you're well or ill,

If you're happy or sad,

If you're stronger or weaker,

If you're calm or mad,

Will you soar higher?

Or will you drop to the ground.

Is your mission accomplished?

Are you coming around?

Have you changed?

My brother I wish you could see me now,

I wish you could be by me,

I wish for your presence, but how?

How will I find you, how can I see?

That you are far beyond my reach.

But I will still strive to be your friend,

And I want to beseech

You to never leave me far behind.

My heart desire you,

My soul yearns for you.

How I wish I could see your face,



Just a short sonnet dedicated to Naruto and Sasuke's friendship. Also my first attempt at poetry, feel free to leave a comment, if you want.