Summary: What if Marian's father died before Robin returned from the Holy Land? What if she had accepted Guy's early attempts at courtship? Robin returns to a changed Nottingham. How will their story play out now? A rewrite of the series. AU. GxM. RxM.

Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC. I only own the idea.

Note: This prologue gives a brief insight into how certain circumstances in Nottingham came to be as they are at the start of chapter one, and is told from Guy's POV.

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In the first year, Locksley left her.

During that first year, her heart was broken. He stayed in the shadows, having learned from experience not to force his hand, always there, but only ever to be seen if she wanted to see him.

In the second year, she suffered further heartache. He came out of the shadows, offering her the shoulder to cry on and sympathetic touch that Locksley should have been there to provide as they laid her father to rest.

In the third year, she smiled. Her countenance lit up when he entered the room. She sought him out, there within the castle, as he did her. They found each other in the cold stone and harsh circumstances.

In the fourth year, she wore his ring. He took her to the altar on Midsummer's Day, a beautiful blushing bride, the ghosts and heartbreak of her past finally laid to rest as she surrendered to the wonder of a new love.

In the fifth year, she gave him a daughter. He felt that nothing would stir the old wounds, nothing could disturb the happiness of the familial life that they had only just begun to enjoy.

Until, in the sixth year, Locksley returned for her.

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