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McGee had been back at work for a month, and already felt as though he had never been away. The only exception to this was Abby and Gibbs. He had trouble talking to both on a personal level now. He was scared that if he did he would blurt his feelings out about the two of them. He had also noticed that since Gibbs and Abby had announced themselves, that Ziva and Tony had gotten a lot closer.

He sighed. It was just him now. Everyone else was with each other, including the only girl he had ever loved. He really wished he could bring himself to accept that Abby was with Gibbs, and be happy for them, but he simply lacked the ability.

"What's up McGoogle," asked Tony, walking into the office with his usual strut.

"Nothing," he replied moodily.

"Come on Probie," Tony jested, "We mustn't have secrets from each other"

"I said I'm fine Tony."

"Ok ok no need to get nasty"

"Well then why don't you leave him alone DiNozzo," said Gibbs walking into the office.

"Yes boss, sorry boss"

Gibb's phone started to ring then. He answered and then listened for a while.

"Homicide on Dewing Street," Gibbs told them, "Gear up"

"On you six boss," said DiNozzo, just like always.

McGee sighed and grabbed his bag. Just like old times, but he wasn't sure that he wanted it to be like old times anymore


Gibb's knew that McGee still wasn't quite right with him and Abby, and did everything he could to make things easier for his agent, but everything he did seemed to aggravate McGee. He knew it was very important to Abby that McGee accepted them and their baby, but he couldn't see it happening it any time soon.

Ziva was already at the crime scene when they got there.

"Ah Gibbs," she welcomed.

"What've we got Ziva?"

"Not sure yet Gibbs, Victim seems to have been hit on the back of the head."

"McGee witness statements, DiNozzo, Ziva, bag and tag"


When they were back at NCIS Gibb's delivered the evidence they had collected to Abby. Even though she was off caffeine she was still as hyper as usual, on account of the fact that she had a scan that day and was going to find out the sex of the baby.

"I'm so excited Gibbs," she told him, "oh I don't care what it is just along as he or she is healthy."

"McGee's still not happy with it" Gibbs told her.

"I know, he's barely spoken a word to me since we told him,"

"He'll come around Abs"

"If only there was something we could do."


It wasn't long until Abby and Gibbs were sitting in the challenger on their way to the clinic. Abby couldn't stop talking all the way there, while Gibbs listened in his usual way. He wasn't really listening to what she was saying but to the sound of her voice.

The pulled up outside and went in. They had been there ten minutes when they were called in. Abby lay down on the table and watched the radiographer squirt the cold jelly onto her belly. She watched the screen and looked at her unborn baby in the machine. She couldn't believe it. There was the person who was living inside of her, a part of her

"Would you like to know the gender of the baby?"

"Yes!" yelled Abby, hyperly, knocking the poor radiographer off guard.

"Ok then," she continued, composing herself, "congratulations you are the parent o a baby ..."

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