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5 weeks later

Gibbs put his arm around Abby who was holding little Jennifer Talia Gibbs in her arms and opened the door. It had been a full five weeks since the birth and finally she was to be brought home for the first time. Abby's face was a mixture of pride and delight as she stared down at the small red headed child in her arms. Her hair confused her, as both Gibbs and she had dark hair. It must be a sign, she thought, Gibbs was always fondest of red heads.

"Do you want toknow why abs," he said turning the key. She looked at him confused.

"Why what"

"Why I like redheads"

"Um yeah sure," she said perplexed.

"My mother was one"

She didn't quite know how to answer this. It was such a random turn in the conversation, so instead she didn't say anything and just kissed his cheek.

"I love you."

"I know Gibbs," she told him, smiling and walked into the house.

When they walked into the nursery Abby's breath caught in her throat. Gibbs had done so much in all the time that she had been in hospital with Jenny. The whole room was filled with the beautiful, intricate furniture that Gibbs had made for her. It looked amazing.

The cot was smoothed off and he had obviously spent hours carving the baby's name into the headboard.

"Oh Gibbs" she breathed

"Welcome home Abs," he said, taking the baby and placing her in the wonderful crib, padded with soft yellow blankets and a patch work quilt.

She looked at the man she loved with their child in his arms, and all her fears about Shannon and Kelly immediately melted away. It was clear that he loved Jenny in her own right, and nothing was ever going to change that.

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