I came up with the title of this poem while I was listening to "Memory" from Cats. It began with the word "midnight," and I decided to go along with it. I also figured that midnight would be one of the Phantom's favorite times.


Midnight, my time of guile and reign,
My time to roam my magical domain.

Midnight, freedom I find in candles and stars.
I will let my imagination pound free and true.

Wandering, always wandering,
My mind is never at rest.

See and hear what others cannot.

My mind's voices, combine with my voice.

Pondering, always pondering life's mysteries,
Embracing dreams and fantasies,
Panting and heaving desperately,
Breathing barely and gasping heavily,
My blood dreams of beating in ecstasy.
My veins cannot stop flowing and pumping.
My roaring soul desires to rage…

My mind, dwelling in residing depth,
Deep thoughts must always be flooding,

My mind must always be learning.

Thinking, always thinking about the world,
And how it could have been different,
If only I had been accepted
Instead of being tormented and tortured.

Midnight, why fear the darkness?
The shadows are my friends.
Gleaming moon, rise up, and never set.
Beaming moon, defeat the truculent sun,
So it will never rise again.

Midnight, possess my very essence!
This is my kingdom; my will is rule!
Let everyone tremble before my presence!
I shall discharge my boiling vengeance;
Pour out my pain, for I am justice!!!

Midnight, my time of peace,
Light my glowing torch of life,
And let me bear it in power and endurance.
Midnight, my companion I trust…