Chapter 20

In her bedroom in Sunnydale, Buffy felt a shiver run down her spine upon hearing the name of the teacher who had been a victim of Angelus. Buffy always held herself responsible for Jenny Calendar's death, because it was her fault that Angel lost his soul and became Angelus. Everything Angelus did, Buffy blamed herself for and Jenny's death was the biggest burden she would carry from that time.

After a few moments of silence, Buffy finally thought to ask, "H-how do you know that name?"

Faith heard the quiver in her girlfriend's voice and realized she would have to tread lightly here. "Um, it's complicated. Can you just tell me what she has to do with Angel?"

Buffy sighed, wishing that Faith was in front of her so she could explain in person and not over the phone. She could sense there was something that Faith wasn't willing to tell her just yet. So Buffy decided to give her the basic facts.

"She was a teacher here, she taught computer science. She was also aware of our world, vampires and slayers and all that. She helped us out a few times when things got a little hairy. When Angel was...around, they met and worked together once or twice. Mostly she helped Giles with research." Buffy was reluctant to mention the romantic link between Giles and Jenny just yet, wanting to know what Faith's interest was in Jenny Calendar.

Faith took that in and realized there was more that Buffy wasn't saying. Faith knew she'd have to come clean to get the rest of the story. Faith looked around and found a bench nearby to sit down before she took a breath and said, "I just found out that Jenny Calendar…was Kennedy's mom. So is there anything else you wanna tell me about Jenny and Angel?"

Buffy laid back on her bed in shock at the news that Jenny was Kennedy's mom. Buffy's guilt over her death, as well as the knowledge that if it hadn't been for her, Jenny might still be alive hit Buffy again, hard. She needed a moment to process it all. Buffy cleared her throat then said, "After Angel…lost his soul, um, s-she told us who she really was, about being sent to Sunnydale to keep an eye on him. She also, apparently, started trying to recreate the original curse to get his soul back. We didn't find out until much later that she had succeeded and was almost ready to recast the curse…but Angelus killed her before she could. She never told any of us about that and we didn't know about it until Willow found the computer disk she had saved it on." Buffy paused to let Faith think about that, and also to try to decide if she should also tell Faith about Jenny and Giles. Something was still holding her back from revealing that bit of information.

Faith closed her eyes at Buffy's words. This just got really complicated. Her girlfriend's ex-boyfriend killed her sister's mom. Faith shook her head as she thought about how that would sound on Jerry Springer. Faith needed some time to think about how she was going to handle the situation, especially after she told Kennedy about all of this. She needed to make a plan. "Hey B? Can you do me a favor?"

Buffy was surprised at Faith's question but she recovered quickly, "Anything. What do you need?"

"Can you, keep this between us until I can get back to town? I just need some time to tell Kennedy about this and I don't want anyone else knowing that Jenny was Kenn's mom just yet. Please?"

"Yeah no problem. You'll be back tomorrow right?"

"Yeah. I'll see you in the afternoon. Maybe you can bring Willow with you and we can meet at my place to talk about…everything. I get the feeling there's more to know and Kennedy will probably have more questions that only you two can answer."

Buffy nodded even though she knew Faith couldn't see her "Sounds good to me, just let me know when you're back in town."

"You got it. I gotta go now, I left Kenn in the hotel room while I went to get food and call you. Talk tomorrow?"

"Yeah…of course. If there's anything else you need until I see you just call ok?"

"Okay, thanks. Bye."


Buffy hung up the phone and took a moment to think about what had just happened. This was big, and it was complicated and she still had to figure out how to get the adults to stop acting like teenagers. Buffy put aside the problem of Jenny Calendar and Angelus for the moment and went back downstairs where Willow, Xander and Cordelia were waiting for her. She had taken the call from Faith during a break from their mini celebration after defeating Lurconis and capturing Ethan Rayne. Buffy just hoped the effects of the cursed candy wore off soon…she wasn't in the mood to see her mom and Giles together again.

Faith closed her phone and stood up from the bench. She glanced around and quickly got her bearings before she turned in the direction of the hotel. She had passed a few restaurants as she was talking to Buffy so she knew she could get something on her way back to the hotel. She hoped that Kennedy had taken this time to rest and process what they had learned about Kennedy's mom.

Faith's head was spinning with all the possible scenarios that could play out when they got back to Sunnydale and Kennedy came face to face with Angel. She knew it wasn't going to be pretty. Her little sister had slayer training but not slayer strength and reflexes but she also had anger on her side. Faith knew that once she got over the initial shock of seeing her mom on that tape, Kennedy's anger where her mother was concerned would re-surface and this time it would have a viable target: Angel.

Faith was determined to not let that happen, to help her little sister through this without resorting to putting her life in danger by attacking a vampire…even if that vampire was Angel and, according to Buffy, had a soul again.

After Faith left the hotel room Kennedy went into her bedroom and sat on the bed, thinking about everything she had just learned about her mom. It was a lot to take in and deal with and Kennedy didn't know if she could handle it without hitting something.

The usual anger she always felt when she thought about her mom began to bubble up inside and Kennedy began looking around for something she could hit that wouldn't result in property damage or broken bones. Just as her eyes landed on the pillow on her bed, her cell phone rang.

After a moment of internal debate, Kennedy reached over and picked up her phone, smiling when she saw who was calling, "Hey Cordelia, what's up?"

"Hi Kennedy, nothing much, just missing my friend and curious about what you and Faith are doing in L.A." Cordelia had noticed something off about Buffy when she returned to the living room. Once Buffy confirmed she had talked to Faith but would say what they talked about, Cordy decided to call Kennedy to see if something bad had happened to them in LA.

Kennedy heard the tone in Cordelia's voice and she wondered if Faith had called anyone back in Sunnydale to tell them about her mom. Kennedy wasn't too sure how to feel about that so she pushed it to the side and said, "We came out here to meet our aunt on our dad's side. She seemed pretty cool…for a cop."

Cordy smiled, glad that Kennedy didn't sound like she or Faith had been hurt. "That's great. When will you guys be back though? SATs are coming up soon."

Kennedy chuckled, ever since Cordelia had learned that Kennedy was something of a big brain, she had been adamant about studying together for the SATs and seeing who got the bigger score. The older girl had turned it into a friendly competition. "We'll be back tomorrow afternoon, plenty of time for me to kick your ass on the SATs."

"Phht…yeah right. I have this thing locked. Enjoy second place." Cordy loved their back and forth teasing and joking. There were few people in her life who would understand that this was how she bonded with people.

"We'll see who's sitting in second place after the scores come in." Kennedy paused a moment then she said, "Thanks Cordelia."

Cordy felt her heart get warm at Kennedy's sincere gratitude, but was curious where it came from. "For what?"

Kennedy shook her head lightly, "Just…for being you, I guess."

"Oh…anytime." Cordelia didn't know how to respond to that so she just fell silent.

Kennedy let the silence stretch for a few moments then she took a breath and said, "anyway, I got to go, Faith should be back soon with some food. See you tomorrow okay?"

"No problem. Have a good time and when you get back, we'll hang out and have fun, sound good?"

"Sounds great, thanks. Bye Cordy."

"Bye Kennedy."

Kennedy hung up the phone and laid back on the bed, smiling. The anger she had been feeling before the phone call was gone, replaced by the joy of knowing she had friends who cared about her. Even if her mother had abandoned her, she still had people in her life that wouldn't leave her. Faith was one for sure, but also maybe Cordelia and if she ever got up the nerve to make a move…maybe even Willow.

Faith walked into the hotel room carrying bags of takeout from a local Italian restaurant a few minutes after Kennedy's conversation with Cordelia. She noticed the silence of the suite and she wondered if Kennedy had fallen asleep or if she had left the room.

Faith put the bags down on the coffee table and then walked to Kennedy's bedroom to see if her sister was still there. She opened the door and smiled when she saw Kennedy just lying on the bed smiling. "Hey Kenn, I got the food. You hungry?"

Kennedy's head shot up and towards the door, "Starving actually. What'd you get?" Kennedy quickly got up from the bed and began walking towards Faith.

Faith chuckled, "I got pasta and chicken from some Italian place down the block. Come on, let's eat." Faith threw her arm over Kennedy's shoulders as they walked together to the couch.

Kennedy felt her heart grow lighter now that Faith was there…somehow her big sister was always able to lift her spirits.

As they sat down and began to eat the food Faith had brought, Kennedy thought about lucky she was to have Faith in her life.

Faith was thinking about what would happen when they got back to Sunnydale and Kennedy found out the truth about her mom and how she had died. Faith only hoped that the fallout wouldn't destroy the friendships and relationships they had both built so far in Sunnydale because if she had to choose between her sister and anyone else…Faith knew the decision wouldn't be as easy now as it would've been back in Boston.