A/N: Hey guys! Thanks to all you who read Brothers in Arms! It was really fun to write. I'd been mulling that song over for a while before then.

I've had some requests for added chapters to Brothers in Arms. Apparently, you want to hear more of Jasper's story. That's great!

I'm sorry to say I won't be adding chapters to Brothers in Arms though. It will remain a one-shot.

But I am playing around with the possibility of doing Jasper's story, like I'm writing Carlisle's story. Or, at the very least, going up to when the family moves to Forks. I'm still playing around with it though, so I can't guarantee you guys anything, really. I have to do some research, obviously, since Jasper's past is sort of twisted up in there with the rest of the Cullens'. It isn't clear cut like Edward's or Bella's, or even parts of Carlisle's.

But I just wanted to tell you guys that. If you think I should go for it, send me a PM or something or an anonymous review. I'm willing to write it, but I need to know I'll have readers' support, otherwise I don't want to put in the time it would take.

So tell me what you think!


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