What Do We Call You?

Summary: Takes place right after Yin Yang Who. Yin and Yang ask Master Yo an important question.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Yin Yang Yo.


"Yang how many times do I have to tell you you're 'Blocking The TV'!?" Master Yo yelled. "Now go finish your chores!!"

"But Yin and I have a question to ask you." Yang stated.

"If it's that 'who's our mother' question again. I will ground you." Yo Warned.

"As much as we would like to know, we have a different question." Yin informed.

"We want to know what to call you?" Yang finished.

"What do you mean 'what to call me'? "

"Well do we still call you Master Yo or do we call you dad now?" They both asked.

Yo sighed he had known the question would eventually be asked. He just hoped that they wouldn't ask it because in all honesty he hadn't really thought about it. He looked at both of their faces only to see the cute look they we sending him. The look just reminded how much he hated that look.

"Children it's up to you. You can call me dad or Master Yo if you want just as long as you do your chores, and let me sleep."

Both Yin and Yang hugged Yo and said "Thanks Dad."

"Alright get off of me and go do your chores!"

Once Yin and Yang had left the room Yo looked around the room to see if his children weren't hiding in the room to see him smile. 'How did I end up with such great children… ?' Yo's thoughts were interrupted by…

"Dad tell Yang it's his turn to do the laundry."

"Like Foo it is. It's Yin's turn."

'Then again they can be a big pain in the neck.' "For the love of Woo Foo both of you work together. If I have to get out of this chair you two will regret it."


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