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"All right my faithful students, today we'll be learning a new technique called the Tsuchi Kiretsu no Jutsu." Kakashi announced cheerfully, his visible eye curving up into a half moon. "Although I must warn you that this jutsu can be highly unpredictable if you mess it up. So…don't mess it up!"

"Which means the dobe will mess it up within five minutes," the raven teen lounging nearby replied with a smirk at his blond teammate.

"I will not! Take that back you-"

"Ma ma, settle down you two," Kakashi reprimanded lazily.

"Yeah Naruto, shut up and stop being so annoying!" the pink haired girl snapped from where she sat, "And stop bothering Sasuke, he's got better things to do than waste time on you."

His pink haired teammate didn't notice the blonde's flinch at her words, although it was quickly masked by a sheepish grin. Sasuke, who did notice the recoil, raised an eyebrow at him and received a glare in return.

"All right, now watch closely, because I'm only going to show you this once." He moved through a series of complicated hand signs rapidly.

'rat, tiger, dog, horse, ram, pig, rat, tiger…'

"Tsuchi Kiretsu no Jutsu!"

A massive fissure opened up in the ground, swallowing trees and boulders in its path before finally ending after spanning half of the training ground.

"Alright, there you have it! Sasuke, you're up first!"


Sasuke repeated the motions and the fissure once again formed, taking out everything in its path and earning an admiring cheer from his pink haired teammate, Sakura.

"Yeah! Sasuke, you're the best! Whoo!!!"

"Very good Sasuke," Kakashi said, motioning for the raven to return to his seat.

"That's nothing! Watch this!" Naruto yelled, hopping up and starting to form the seals as well.

'rat, tiger, horse, dog, ram, pig, tiger, rat'

"No you dobe, you mixed-"

A cloud of thick smoke surrounded Naruto, completely obscuring him from view.


"Oh dear…"

Sasuke walked toward the dispersing cloud of smoke, waving the smoke away from his face as he approached the barely visible orange bundle on the ground. "Oy, dobe, you still alive?" He reached out to shake his shoulder only to withdraw his hand quickly as the smoke cleared enough to see that there was no one in the clothes.

'Great, the dobe is running around somewhere naked…how did he manage that?!'

A muffled squeak sounded from the pile of clothing and the pile moved slightly.


Sasuke pulled back the bright orange jacket, revealing a very small and scared looking Naruto.