Title: This is the End

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sammy finds himself in a bind, as David forces him to choose between his family, and the vampire pack. Post movie.

The bottom dropped out of Sam's stomach. He knew they hadn't killed the vampires that night a year ago. He had seen them around town after dark some nights. But that they would try getting revenge like this....

"But you can't turn me!"

David sighed and examined his fingernails in mock boredom. Why were people always so resistant? Paul had given him the same speil when David first turned him. It was getting old. New vampires always tried to plead with him for their humanity. It didn't work a century ago, it wouldn't sway him now. However he decided to humor the human for now.

"Why not?"

"Because! I don't wanna be some freak hybrid! Those always die in the comics!"

That was new. David blinked and looked at the younger teen oddly. "What are you talking about? Half vampires aren't hybrids. You must have read the Frogs bullshit comic book on us."

"I'm a werewolf! I would be some freak blood-sucking wolf or something!"

Not many things could take the new head vampire by surprise. This confounded him. He stared at the kid, trying to see it. He nearly laughed. This was news to him; the boy didn't even look like he could harm a fly, let alone turn into a savage beast every full moon. But you never know. So little Sammy Emerson wasn't quite as human as he and his family would like to believe. David always figured the odd air about the boy was because he was a flaming fairy. No person with sense would dress like that. Aside from mall rats and people with no fashion sense, he amended.

He continued gazing at Sam thoughtfully, tuning out the kid's hysterical rant about vampire-werewolf hybrids and their mortality rate. Looking at him now, with this new knowledge, David was surprised he had missed it. Usually though, the wolves around town had a distinct look about them. Then again, he knew the werewolves in his territory tended to stick with each other and stay away from humans. Sam was raised by humans. The entire Michael fiasco suddenly made perfect sense. The human hadn't seemed too terribly shocked at the news that vampires existed. His brother was a creature of the night himself.

"-Body stealing, green ooze eating worms!"

David's eye twitched as he tuned back into the werewolf's diatrab. He swore he could feel a few brain cells die. Apparently some sixth sense kicked on and warned Sam of his impending doom, because he suddenly fell silent and locked wide eyes on David. The vampire closed his eyes and stealed himself for a long, headache filled night. That is, unless he could end this meeting quickly.

Max had ordered him to turn both Emerson boys. Michael had been a flop, and now Sam couldn't be turned into a vampire. Perhaps he could at least follow through with one of the old head vampire's orders. A werewolf in the pack could be a good thing. He and his boys needed a day time protector, and hellhounds were too unpredictable. The incedent with the Frogs made that abundantly clear. It was a wonder he and his boys had survived. Quite frankly it had scared David. Not that he would ever admit it. Paul was still healing from his wounds, even a year later with feedings every night. Max hadn't survived. No vampire could survive total incineration. Or dismemberment AND incineration. David had watched from afar as the old man put the remaining bones through a wood chipper.

The vampire leader would honor Max's last wishes. For old times sake. Plus it would kill Michael knowing that his brother would fill the place in the pack that he had left vacant.

"This changes nothing. You can still join the pack. And you will." The hopeful look slipped from Sam's face. The blonde paid him no mind. A dark look took over David's features when the werewolf opened his mouth again.

"Please, no! What about my mom, and Michael? I can't just leave them! And what would the Frogs think? They would hunt me down and put a silver bullet in me!"

"You'll do as you're told!"

David's face morphed and he stepped forward, shoving close to Sam. He was satisfiedwhen the teen flinched back and looked meek. He lowered his voice dangerously. He hoped to drive the point home fast, so he could go about the rest of his night in peace.

"If you don't join us, Sammy, you won't have a family left to go back to. I'll kill them all, while you watch. Then I might have mercy and kill you too."

The boy flinched back violently and gave David a wounded look. The vampire didn't care. He would be more than happy to follow through with this particular promis. He still might, even if the wolf did join them. It would please him greatly to rip Michael's spine out through his chest. The thought cheered him up. He smiled, knowing it would unnerve Sam.

"You have until tomorrow night to say your goodbyes."

He turned and sauntered off to harass a group of tourists grouped outside the Giant Dipper. Tonight had turned out all right for him. Sam stumbled off to do as David suggested. He knew the vampire woudl make good on his threats, either way.